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House Parties
  • Did you not read my post? No one stole anything I'm just not naive enough to think I can recognize if someone is struggling with a pill addiction. It's very easy to keep those under wraps.

  • After ~10 years, I think my heart has decided ... I much prefer Community over 30 Rock
  • I love them both, but 30 Rocks got me with a million little ear worms. I was stuck thinking about Tracy Jordan's "inscrutable" license plate this morning (ICU81MI?), and I also sing the "brush your teeth! Brush your teeth! When it's time for bed you gotta brush your teeth!" Song all too often. That's twice just today and I haven't rewatched it in maybe two years?

  • Does vigilantism and baiting child predators seem immoral to you?
  • I know someone personally that was outed by a YouTube channel. Guy was definitely in the wrong, I think he was 24 chatting up a "15" yo, maybe even "14"? The guy has a slew of mental health issues including schizophrenia. He definitely should be in trouble, and not allowed to use the Internet. My point is, it was really awful for his family when he was outed. Definitely real.

  • House Parties
  • Even when you do know everyone.. I threw a house party last month, and before it I went around and made sure any prescription drugs were locked away. You just don't know who secretly has a pill problem..

    I think people always stole shit though.

  • [Discussion] What is your price range when you get a new phone?
  • Once my phone breaks, I spend $150-250 on a "new" old pixel. a couple gens behind, but honestly when I get the next one, it's always basically the same, so I don't know why I'd buy new. My current 4S's battery is pretty shot, so it's about time to upgrade again, but I'll be sad to lose the tinier size and headphones jack. I never use the jack, but I like that it's there as a backup.

  • Women of lemmy - do you feel like you watch more or less porn than men, generally?
  • As so many others have stated here, I watch much less porn than men, but that's because I read porn. And I read it almost every time I take care of myself. Often a picture here on Lemmy will get me turned on and I'll decide it's time, and then I open lit erotica on Duck Duck Go

  • Antinatalism Rule
  • I mean.. with all the negativity in this thread, every single person here is consenting to be alive every single day. While there are a number who choose an early exit, the vast vast statistical majority overwhelmingly consent to live another day every day. With such stats I feel like it's fine to assume the default status is consent in this context.

    Plus, speaking of morals, we're just dumb little apes. You give us too much credit if you think we can fight the greatest biological urge of all life over something we've completely invented in our minds : morals, and the morals of the unborn is like double hypothetical.

  • Anon is anti drugs
  • I quit caffeine over a year ago. I still think about it almost every day. Every day I'm so tired, and I think, "there's an easy fix for this, just give me a cup of half-caf." It's never an option for me to think, no, I'm done with that. I always just tell myself, "you can have it next month if you still need it then" Addictions suck.

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • It's almost like our collective experience is so boring and gloomy and so stressful for our little bodies and brains that we as a species are prone to mercurial outbursts where we act recklessly as a way to prove our existence to ourselves

  • What's looking up for next week with everyone?
  • After a year and a half unemployed, my husband has finally gotten a job he's excited about. Total career change. I'm home alone with the baby for the first time, but I'm really glad he's found something!

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • I think a big part of it is that they're dangerous. It's fun to experience just a tinge of fear from how big they sound, or even just from being near the little street versions. It's a (relatively) safe way for us to experience something that would otherwise be terror inducing explosives.

  • A cool guide Men’s dress codes - Decoded
  • Self respect doesn't make you dress uncomfortably to grab milk, it's respect for others. People now a' days just realize we don't need to be so formal to still treat each other with respect.

    Though honestly, I see plenty of people misbehaving/behaving rudely in public, maybe we should go back to collared shirts? If that keeps people from yelling at cashiers?

  • Issue where commenting refreshes post

    Is anyone else having the issue where you're 30 comments deep into a post, you reply to a comment and when you submit it refreshes the whole post making you lose your spot in the comments?

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

    I'm on a Google Pixel if that's relevant.