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Blessed Pear
  • I'm playing on Steam on my PC! And it's available on Switch as well. If you're ever curious to play. It's not the most innovative metroidvania ever made, but the art, setting, and story are fun.

    And yeah, I guess I can totally see an owl being the big bad villain of any forest from the perspective of a creature like Ori haha

  • Moth-like
  • Do they serve any sensory function the way antenna do? Or are they just decorative?

    (They are cool, gotta admit. I love the classic GHO look)

  • Blessed Pear
  • Ok, now I am never going to be able to look at a barn owl again without seeing this lol.

    (Also, I'm working my way through the Ori video game series. Not sure how I feel about barn owls being used as the big bad... Barn owls seem pretty cool.)

  • Health insurers cover fewer drugs and make them harder to get
  • We've gone right back to the 1990s health insurance denying everything and covering nothing. What a ridiculous backslide.

  • Hiiiiiii!
  • Yeah object permanence is not strong with mine either. She'll go into another room, forget I exist, scream, I respond, she's like, "Oh hey, you're right where I left you!"

    Tiny fuzzy airhead.

  • Snug
  • How on earth does a photographer even see these in the first place?? Human eyes are incredible.

  • Teensy Weensy Screechie
  • He looks like everyone's drunk uncle haha

  • The US healthcare system is barbaric...
  • Not even that though. Like if my chronic medical condition is adequately treated, I'm able to work, be productive, pay taxes, contribute to the economy, hopefully contribute to my community.

    But that would eat into an insurance company's profits, therefore they'd rather opt to let me die and replace me with a new unit that can pay premiums longer without needing any actual medical care.

    The only entity that has a positive financial incentive to pay for the medical care that keeps me healthy is the government.

    Medicare for All, now.

  • Tanning
  • Mine is definitely in the trees across the street from me. But that doesn't narrow it down much haha

    You have been blessed by the owl gods with your own guardian, it would seem! Highly appropriate

  • Arizona toddler rescued after getting trapped in a Tesla with a dead battery | The Model Y’s 12-volt battery, which powers things like the doors and windows, died
  • I'm not reading the manual of the Uber I'm about to climb into. A firefighter isn't going to read the manual of a car they're trying to pry me out of.

    I DO read the manual on the Kia I actually drive. To read about the recommendations for the tires. To read about replacing fuses. To find the load hauling capacity. Not how to open the fucking door.

    safety shouldn't influence artistic choice

    Did you really just string those words together in all seriousness without a hint of irony? And that folks is exactly why we need the NHTSA.

  • Effects from the Heart Break Law
  • You're my new favorite person. Thank you for this.

  • Arizona toddler rescued after getting trapped in a Tesla with a dead battery | The Model Y’s 12-volt battery, which powers things like the doors and windows, died
  • A child isn't going to find that. A rescuer who isn't familiar with Teslas isn't going to be able to find that.

    I couldn't even figure out how to open a fully functional door from outside the first time I got in a Tesla. I'm an adult who's been driving my entire life.

    That's not innovation; it's a safety hazard for the sake of the aesthetics of a handle that doesn't stick out. I don't view that as a reasonable trade-off.

  • Everything old is new again.
  • Uber wouldn't have been able to keep customers if big name, well-established taxi companies had really tried to compete with them. Middle aged adults (like me) would not have been inclined to jump into a stranger's car no matter how cheap it was, if it was just as easy to get a licensed cab.

  • You're too slow!
  • I can walk to CVS from my house. That's the main reason I stay at this pharmacy. The staff there know me and I like them. But fuck the corporation for real.

  • Everything old is new again.
  • Multiple companies could have pooled resources to fund developing an app that they all used. They have existing inventory, employees, local government connections. They definitely could have outcompeted Uber if they had been able to get their heads out of their asses and even try.

    Instead they ignorantly tried to kill Uber by suppressing innovation and service improvements that everyone wanted, which was doomed to fail from the start. They dug their own graves on this one.

  • Everything old is new again.
  • Only took the cab companies ten years to catch on to what they should have done as soon as Uber came on the scene. If cab companies had innovated like this, they would have killed Uber in the cradle.

  • Tanning
  • Omg what an absolute goofball. Makes me want to stalk my neighborhood GHO. I need to see what it looks looks now.

  • Housing Upgrades
  • It's good to know they don't just set and forget these houses

  • You're too slow!
  • My CVS went through a period at one time where even in person prescription, they would ask me to come back later to pick it up. CVS treats its employees like trash, but apparently customers got mad enough that they finally hired some more people because that hasn't happened in a while.