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Supreme Court Rules Against Women Whose Cars Were Seized by the Police
  • “Culley and Sutton’s argument for a separate preliminary hearing appears in many respects to be a backdoor argument for a more timely hearing so that a property owner with a good defense against forfeiture can recover her property more quickly,” he wrote. “But the court’s precedents already require a timely hearing.”
    Alabama has since amended its forfeiture law to allow owners of seized property to request expedited hearings.
    “Our decision today does not preclude those legislatively prescribed innovations,” Justice Kavanaugh wrote. “Rather, our decision simply addresses the base-line protection of the due process clause.”

    Seems like it's less about civil forfeiture and more about how quickly can they get their property back when civil forfeiture happens

  • USDA says it is testing beef for H5N1 bird flu virus
  •  “USDA is confident that the meat supply is safe.  USDA has a rigorous meat inspection process” and “multiple safeguards in place to protect consumers,” the agency said in a statement sent to media outlets on Monday.
    “We recommend consumers properly handle raw meats and cook to a safe internal temperature,” which kills bacteria and viruses in meat, the agency added. 

    Can you get avian flue from handling or consuming raw meat

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