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People are having trouble following Harris’s campaign Twitter account
  • Weird right? You'd think they might check. Then they would be able to write something like this.

    An initial search for KamalaHQ on The New Republic’s X account also found that the campaign account is limited. The campaign account showed up in repeated subsequent searches, seeming to suggest the issue is being resolved.

  • Found these guys going to town on a few leafs on my Columnar Aspens
  • Are they on the leaves, or at the juncture of branches? Leaves, fall webworms, branches, tent caterpillars.

    Looks like webworms. They usually defoliate small areas of a tree. If it's healthy it shouldn't be a problem, it won't look nice though.

    There are some predatory wasps that eat or parasitize them.

  • Focaccia fail - TIL fresh garlic kills yeast
  • You can use fresh garlic, but only up to a point.

    When I do it I'm going to use a long cold ferment. A few days long.

    If you want to use it fresh you can peel and blanch it, or leave it in its skin and and put it in a hot dry pan like you do for some Mexican salsas. It will change the flavor though, you won't have that garlic bite.

    You can also try slicing it, since that breaks fewer cells.

  • installing awnings?
  • They are quite common in southern Europe too. Some are solid, and some are like these with holes for light and ventilation. They can also be lowered fully to block light and ventilation.

  • Yesterday in Kroger (a supermarket for you non-Americans) I saw a bunch of cans of potato salad. Why would someone buy canned potato salad?
  • A couple friends and I would get together for drinks, we all love to cook, one topic that frequently came up was 'stuff you hated as a kid'. Then we would meet the next week and present a good version of that dish. German potato salad was the only thing no one could make edible, it just sucks as a dish.

    So Kroger decided to make it worse I guess?

  • Hypatia FOSS anti malware app.
  • I very much doubt it's malware. This is from the same developer as DivestOS, Mull, Mulch, etc.

    It's offline except when you update databases. Nothing in firewall logs except when you update. App Manager scans look clean.

  • Why does Heliboard mark text as red in other languages?
  • Did you switch keyboard languages? If the keyboard language is set to something other than what you are typing in it will underline it (essentially throwing an error).

    As far as I can tell Heliboard does not have a global spellcheck, you can't add multiple languages and have it spellcheck anything but the selected language.

  • content-autofill.googleapis(.)com

    What is this, and why are there so many requests to it?

    I have searched and those lead to mostly stack overflow questions for developers, not users.

    I block all google and googleapi requests, this seems to slow the app down.


    Making your bed is a waste of time

    The only time I make my bed is when I change the sheets. That's once a week, and I only make it then because my mother instilled it in me.

    Not making it everyday saves time but more importantly airs everything out and deprives bacteria of moisture. That, makes it less stinky and lets my bedding last longer.

    I sleep hot, it doesn't matter what the ambient temperature is. Vermont in winter? Heating is off in my bedroom, and I have a leg out.

    Edit: seems like this isn't unpopular. It was a random thought that popped in my head. Everyone I have explained this to thinks it's weird.

    I understand the tidy thing, everything else in my bedroom is quite tidy, my life really, with the notable exception of my thought processes.


    Show community at top

    I really like this update.

    It's in settings> appearance

    Thanks for your great work


    Archive(.)is problems

    I use Orbot, and every browser I have tried, Firefox and forks, Chromium, Webviews, these links give me a captcha that cannot be completed.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

    Please link to source in posts and UnTrackMe/UrlCheck/Leon will re-direct. I appreciate that posters give archive links but I cannot read them.

    (Edit, word)


    {Discussion} Shitty Knives

    I really like cheap stamped stainless knives. In the photo are a Viking, a Kiwi, and something unbranded. Total was $8.20 USD. They are garbage, the handles are terrible, though the ridiculously small Deba has wood scales. They sharpen beautifully.

    While you huff and curse under your breath, I have owned custom made Japanese knives, vintage carbon steel Sabatier, as well as all the other stuff, Wusthoff, Global, evs. They aren't better, just much more expensive.

    I am happiest with a cheap carbon steel cleaver (bit of a misnomer as these are really slicers) or a stamped stainless blade. Not Victorinox though, they have too much Nickel and Chromium so they aren't as prone to rusting. It makes them a bitch to sharpen.


    Updated Fermented Hot Sauce

    I went to the lady I buy vegetables from and asked for some mild, flavorful chilies. Cutting the first one I could tell they were not mild. When life gives you 500 grams of the wrong chilies, you make hot sauce. The flavor is great, but wrong for the dish I was making.

    So, I rehydrated some dried chilies I had (which are very mild with a nice slight funk to them) and chucked it all in the blender with some garlic. It looks gross. In about 5-7 days there should be a sludge at the bottom, and watery goop at the top.

    Once it will strip paint it goes into a saucepan for about 30-45 minutes to reduce. Then I will add salt and vinegar. It should be delicious.


    Milo? What do you do with it?

    I was gifted a 900 Gram bag of Milo (I assume that's some shrinkflation crap). I love Malt and Cocoa, but this is bland and chalky. What do I do with it? So far I have tried it hot and cold on its own and mixed in coffee hot and cold. My next thought was using it in baked goods, something like an American Brownie.



    Pizza Hut Sorta

    For no particular reason except it popped into my head, a sorta pizza hut pizza for Christmas dinner.

    High hydration (maybe 70+%) same day ferment. Sauce was tomato paste, minced garlic, Basil, soy sauce, chili flakes, stock, and a splash of red wine vinegar. My tomato paste is kinda bland and sucky, and I was going for an umami bomb.

    Topped with Krakow sausage, Shallot, and French style chili oil.

    The bottom got nice and crispy, the middle was chewy and full of holes, a bit like a nice focaccia. So probably not really like pizza hut at all. Idk, I haven't had it in a long time.

    Anywho, I enjoyed it, and happy Santas birthday.


    (Discussion) 2 day cold ferment, underproofed, underbaked, Tomato and Olive Bread

    I cut 2 slices off, and they were terrible, as the title says. Gummy, flavor not fully developed. Exactly what I want. This is what I want from a sandwich bread. I will slice and toast this for the next few days. Toasting will firm it up, develop Maillard reactions, and allow any liquid to be sponged up. Marinated Pork Belly, pickled Red Cabbage, or both will soak in to the bread without making it soggy.

    The point of this is that bread does not have to be beautiful when it comes out of the oven, it just needs to be good when you eat it.


    (Discussion) Calling Garlic lovers

    Are you growing your own? At least for the greens? They go with everything.

    Garlic is self sterile in most cases like Saffron, you grow Garlic from garlic (like most Alliums, many Alliums are not sterile, but still grown from clones). In almost any climate you can grow it. These peeps are trying to revive the wild form.

    If you have a windowsill and a pot, really just a bit of dirt, delicious garlic can be yours at home.

    If you grow just for greens take your smallest cloves, not worth peeling, and stick them in the dirt. If you are growing for bulbs use the most flavorful and disease resistant.

    Like Saffron, plant it randomly for future generations , and let it spread, it is not invasive.

    Edit: tomorrow is Fajitas night, so some of these will die for the cause. Please pour one out for my dead homies.


    Most hated chilhood dishes

    For years I was in a bi-monthly cooking group. We usually met at a friends house and would make dinner there. One night all those terrible things your mom and your aunt Sally forced on you came up.

    Number 1 was Green Bean Casserole, for the uninitiated this is 1 can green beans, 1 can Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, topped with Durkee fried onions then baked. It is terrible, canned green beans are mushy and flavorless, cream of mushroom soup is also mushy and terrible with the added bonus of tasting like a salt lick. Durkee fried onions I will eat as a snack (I will hear no bad words about them, though they are also terrible in their own way. Don't start). The original recipe unsurprisingly came from Campbell's Test Kitchen as a way for working housewives to get dinner on the table with a minimum of fuss.

    We talked about it (argued) and half the group thought it could be a great dish, the other half speed dialed their therapists.

    The next time we met Green Bean Casserole was the main. Blanched fresh green beans were layered with crimini mushrooms simmered in cream and herbs, then topped with Asian fried shallots. It was a hit, and ended up in rotation. It is actually fantastic when made fresh.

    No.2 was Fish in Aspic. No one could do anything with this, the dish just sucks.

    No.3 was Fondue, which I hated as a kid then had good versions of. Porcini (Cepes) with Beaufort and sourdough, Beef loin with carmelized onions and red wine reduction, etc.

    What are yours? Have you recreated any horrible dishes and made them delicious?

    p.s. great aunt Beth you almost put me off Turkey for life...

    ETA: I know we're supposed to tag posts, I don't see a way to do that in Voyager. Anyway, Discussion


    new update 1.16.0

    Thanks for your excellent work, photo uploads are working again.



    I just updated, thanks for your great work.