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The Daily Checkin for Tuesday June 4th - Just for Today, We are NOT Drinking!
  • How much is a 6 pack nowadays? $10? $15 for something nicer? Probably not a lot to work with but you could take that money and buy something for a hobby you’re interested in. Video game, cheap meal out, a book you wanted to read, go to a movie, rent/stream a movie and some snacks. Basically treat yourself to something your normally wouldn’t with the money you would spend on beer

  • I'm sick of my life and I don't know what to do
  • Download the meetup app, find a group for one of your interests or hobbies and start attending. Might feel a bit overwhelming and you might not have lots of motivation to do it, but you gotta put yourself out there. good luck!

  • The Daily Checkin For Saturday ... a Prophetic (Catharic?) One
  • Hey! It’s good to have you back posting and I appreciate your openness and willingness to share and be vulnerable. I’m proud of you! I have disappeared for a week or two at a time when falling off the wagon and have almost not come back at all. You came right back and owned it! That’s kick ass!

    I will not drink with you today!

  • Draw me like one of your…

    He’s absorbing heat and building energy to release it all in the form of zoomies and greeble hunting at 11pm and then 1am sharp.


    Nacho is a Dapper Man

    Cat sitting while our friends are out and my wife snapped this fantastic photo. Such a funny and loving guy


    Few days ago in Kyoto

    On my way to grab a late night snack from 7-eleven



    If you ever want to make your cat look super dopey, up close shots with a wide angle lens are fantastic.

    Also, see my other posts if you want to see what he actually looks like


    Nap Time!

    Any time is a good time for nap time… except when we go to bed, then he must zoom!


    My sister’s 16 yr old bengal, Tica

    She’s a cute old girl with a gruff meow but still truckin. My sister has twins and she unfortunately hasn’t paid much attention to her cats for a while. Understandable with twins but kinda sad.

    We bought Tica a toy wand with some feathers on it and she perked right up and turned into a kitten again and was chasing that thing all over. My sister was shocked Tica still had it in her and she and her kids were dying with laughter. we have since bought some more toys for her cats and have showed the kids how to play with them.

    Hopefully they get some more love and attention and bring out the kittens that are still inside them!


    When I see The_Picard_Maneuver’s total combined post and comment score on his profile page

    It’s over 1 million! Thanks for being a massive force keeping the fediverse moving!

    Also yours and stamets memes are a large reason my wife and I started watching TNG for the first time to see what we were missing out on and we are binging the hell out of it and having an amazing time, cheers!


    Aspen loving the Costco Sherpa throw

    It’s brand new, still fuzzy, and was right out of the dryer. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the blanket begins and her floof ends.


    Stitch’s new turtle neck

    A friend gave our boy a new turtle neck and he’s loving it! It has a snowflake on the side and is very stylish in my humble opinion, lol