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Casually Admitting to Buying a Candidate
  • Statistically campaign funding is a pretty good indicator of which side wins, iirc companies like cambridge analytica were even rumoured to offer money back garauntees if they couldn't win you the election.

  • Mom didn't go to school
  • Honestly as a non american I always thought the point of that statement was that its not guns that kill people its the way you hand them out like candy with the barest excuse for any kind of safety evaluation that kills people.

  • Drones are the new machine guns
  • EMPs fall off with the square of the distance, there's a reason the only ones with any kind of regional effect we've been able to produce were through the use of nuclear weapons. Even in the event that you had some non-nuclear means to produce them the cost of hardening your own equipment and producing the EMP would be way higher than the cost of the drones, and you'd also be putting a very high value target on the field to be taken out by artillery.

  • Poor Timmy
  • Illithids got it bad tbh, in at least one edition they're not innately evil but indoctrinated into a cult where they get mind controlled and ultimately eaten by a giant brain, that brain is the real villain.

  • Largest UK public sector trial of four-day week sees huge benefits, research finds
  • Honestly I don't think schools are ever going to truly work until we can figure out some way to not have people doing their primary learning while their brain is a hormonal dumpster fire. Which would probably require some kind of radical life extension so people can go to school after puberty or something.

  • Can we just skip this next part please?
  • Gene editings right on schedule for khan too, we have the rudimentary tools now and the first one being seriously investigated is re-activating a damaged gene that allowed our ancestors (like pre-human but the gene is still in modern humans in its damaged state) to produce their own vitamin C.

  • Some random topaz shard blast testing
  • Lowering recharge delay seems to work but its hard to sufficiently test its interaction with forced recharge since the amount you get from those sources is so overwhelming compared to a measly 10 shields.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • Probably dented for quite a while but Europe is already in the process of re-arming and there are no existential threats that could prevent it buffalo buffalo buffalo from doing so. Russia can't take all of the EU or European NATO countries at once and Chinas military and navy aren't set up with long distance power projection in mind. The only exception would be the US itself if they really went off the deep end on a second Trump term.

  • Some random topaz shard blast testing

    I'm sure we all remember when Topaz shards were utterly overpowered only to be nerfed so hard as to be all but abandoned outside secondary crit chance. Since then DE have said they follow the same rules Calibans lethal progeny ability, this howerver is incorrect and Topaz shards appear to be even more limited. They in fact seem to obey the following 2 rules.

    • Overshields cannot be generated.
    • Shields cannot be generated during ANY kind of recharge delay.

    The second point is important because any recharge delay includes the brief one every time you'r hit, even if you still have shields and haven't shield gated. The result is that Topaz shards cannot generate any shields while under fire.

    This in my opinion is likely an oversight as it renders them utterly useless since their only potential utility is when you're not in combat yet still able to kill enemies with a blast, a situation not only incredibly rare but also one where shields regenerate on their own anyway.


    Especially when its a low oxygen warning.


    Is this how it happens?

    So I've mostly been playing on Haz 3, I could swing Haz 4 and even did the EDDs with a friend but Haz 3 was my comfort zone. Then I got around to doing the haz 5 unlock assignment, I wanted to do it solo because it felt right and my initation was graced with swarmageddon and duck and cover hazards, plus a surprise bulk in the kill 3 dreadnoughts mission.

    Afterwards I did a few missions on Haz 4 and it just feels... cozy. is this how it happens? Am I inevitably going to become one of those crazy dwarves who plays on Haz 5+ and still considers the game too relaxed? In Karls name is this my fate!?


    Jade: A warframe review

    So before I start here's my build for reference:

    Review So overall I think Jade is a cool concept, having a 'biblically accurate' angel warframe is a nice change from another speedster frame or whatever cali...something is meant to be. I know some people find the whole, well if you played the quest you know; thing a bit uncomfortable but in retrospect its a pretty masterful move by DE because a biblically accurate angel should be unsettling. Onto the review:

    • Lights Judgement: This is a pretty great ability, it effectively acts like blood altar but without requiring an enemy and with extra synergy with other parts of her kit. It does suffer a bit from the same issue as Trinitys 'well of life' in that despite being an objectively good ability its a bit overshadowed by the rest of her kit.

    • Symphony of Mercy: This is basically a 3rd aura, and honestly outright unbalanced compared to other support frames but it is fun. I like to use the strength buff before casting my 4 for the free boost and then maintain damage to buff my own glory weapon, occasionally switching to the shield buff to quickly recharge if I'm taking a lot of damage. Its worth noting that this scales with affinity range so it can benefit from PoE consumables and the Vazarin focus school. I also suspect the % shield regen could make for an interesting tanking method when combined with primed redirection but I haven't tried that yet.

    • Ophanim Eyes: Another strong one and Jades subsume the defense strip is not only good but also stacks addatively with corrosive projection allowing you to speed up armor strip by about a second. The ability also has slow but most enemies die before it can make a difference (The abilities own damage is not worth mentioning). On Jade only this can also revive allies but it really doesn't come up much.

    • Glory on High: Mandatory if you want to look like an awesome angel instead of a pile of wet towels this ability is also fortunately pretty damn strong. The drain isn't crazy and the weapon is also strong in its own right, 30-50% damage reduction is also icing on the cake; combined with aerodynamic and aviator you can hit abnout 75% damage reduction in this state.

    Glory: Once again here's my build for reference:

    Easily one of the stronger exalted weapons right now being somewhere beteen dex pixia and peace makers in terms of raw damage output while being easier to use than both. It can handily take down level 200 steel path grineer without any armor strip, and with range and sufficient enemy density it can maintain her 2 forever all by itself, particularly in steel path. It can also synergize with her 1 for a massive room nuke but honestly thats overkill.

    If you want more single target damage simply swap fulmination for pistol elementalist to roughly double its damage output.

    Conclusion Overall Jade is a really strong frame who's fun to use with a kit where every ability has its place and feels worth using... yet its feels vaguely dissapointing. Despite being good it doesn't really feel like Jades kit. Particularly with her 2 and 4 it feels more like DE took all the things they should have done to rework, Hildryn, Equinox and Titania and combined them all together to make a new frame instead.

    Overall I'm happy with jade but I think I would have been happier if Hildryn had a 4 that felt this good, if Equinox wasn't saddled with awkward limitations and uncapped energy drains, and if Titania (while still strong) just had a little more usability and synergy in her kit.


    PSA: Drillevator does not in fact have any restrictions on miniboss spawns

    These screenshots are both from the exact same drillevator ride in todays deep dive. Needless to say we had a good time.


    Cryo cannon feels slightly buffed in season 5.

    While there have been no statistical changes to the weapon the ice trails it leaves behind (just the default ones not the new overclock) seem to deal more cold damage than they used to as I've noticed them freezing enemies a lot more often.

    Perhaps a tweak that was made while they were looking at it for the purpose of the new overclock?


    Whats your favourite weapon for fun/flavour?

    E.g. I like the Cinta because its super pretty and has an interesting firing mechanic even if its not the strongest.


    Substitute Weekly Deep Dives Thread (regular only)

    I'm not sure where Cliff went but since I'm doing the deep dive I figured I may as well upload this (Missing your weekly post cliff!)




    (This is my first attempt at writing HFY, I hope you guys enjoy it)

    The k'tarr representative raised their voice over the hum of chattering dignitaries "Attention every, may I have your attention please! I understand we are all concerned but if we are to find a solution we must have order." As the chattering of dignitaries subsided they continued "As you all know we are gathered here today to discuss the ongoing attack by hostile species fourteen..." "What do we even know about species fourteen?" "Would the tyrl representative please allow me to finish before speaking. It is indeed true that we know almost nothing of species fourteen itself, other than that which we have been able to discern from the construction of the catalyst weapons used against our worlds." Catalyst weapons; the words sent a murmur through the arrayed representatives while the photocommunicators flashed with alarmed reds and sorrowful blues. Seated at the head of the assembly, the races of the afflicted worlds reacted with mixed stowicism, anger, and deep saddness. Struggling to maintain composure the k'tarr representative continued "I will now scede the floor to the honorable prince sheltaf of the mycorian republic who may be able to grant us further insight on the nature of species fourteen."

    Hobbling and assisted by a ceremonial bodyguard, sheltaf radix, third prince of the mycorian republic, ascended to the podium soft lines of pained yellow flashing along his side with each step. "I'm sure none of you here today know me, as a mere third prince my role in political affairs was minor. I do believe however that all of you knew my older sister the honorable diplomat rhelsha; it is my deepest regret to bring you news of her death, as well as that of the second and fourth princes, and my parents." Solemnity at once took the crowd as the last whispers and feint flashes died away. "As the eldest surviving member of the radix family it is my responsibility to take on her role as representative to the council, and to tell you how she died."

    "As many of you know our capital world was the first hit by the catalyst, though the exact events are murky and reconstruction is ongoing I believe we are now able to provide the council with an aproximate series of events." Behind him the council chambers screen lit up to display a diagram of a long elipsoid object reminiscent of a torpedo. "On the date of approximately 14/09/2358 [translated for readability] standard galactic time this object is believed to have been picked up by sensors entering the secure space around the capital world shala. At the time the object was dismissed as debris and recieved no further attention beyond the standard logging of such objects."

    The screen changed to display a real image of the same object, this time inside a biohazard containment chamber and bearing dents and scorching from re-entry. "It was not until the object subtly shifted orbit at the last minute and entered into a re-entry trajectory that the alarm was rasied, unfortunately for all of us it was already too late. Immediately preceeding and for some time post impact the object began dispersing a cocktail of various previously unknown micro-organisms, fungal spores, and seeds; the first response team on site had their respiratory systems completely overwhelmed within minutes." The screen changed once more, revealing an image of shala from low orbit, Even from orbit a pale green scar could be seen originating from the impact point, overtaking the pastel blue of the worlds native flora. "Before we knew what was heppening the foreign organism began overtaking our natural environment at an alarming rate, our forrests were broken down into slurry by alien bacteria, the air became choked with deadly spores and the most unfortunate were directly parisatized and consumed by aggressive flora; my sister..."

    As the last prince of shala lapsed into silence representative k'tarr resumed the podium and glanced at the head of the assembly. "I'm sure many of you have similar stories to share, at present twenty one worlds have been overrun by the catalyst bioweapon and trillions have died." There was a commotion among the assembled delegates as the lanian representative broke down and had to be removed from the assembly. "Thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of mycorian scientists, and many others from all over the union we do now have at least some information about species fourteen. Reverse engineering of the catalyst weapons themselves suggests their spaceflight is surprisingly crude as each one utilizes only the most basic and inneficient of blink drives, analysis of the alloys used suggests they were manufactured under a lower gravity than is standard for habitable worlds. Finally sequenceing of the genomes of some of the bioweapon strains shows they share a common base, though we cannot expect species fourteens natural ecology to be remotely similar to that of their bioweapons our scientists believe we can still uncover valuble information about their metabolisms and the likely atmospheric composition of their homeworld."

    The council chamber erupted in speculation as delegates considered the potential implications of such information and argued about how it should be used. As the chatter grew into a roar the delegate k'tarr once again had to raise their voice. "I'm sure you all have questions, even demands; before then I have one simple proposition. Scientsits from the mycorian republic working with the countil believe they have pinpointed the aproximate location of species fourteens homeworld. My government proposes a resolution to launch a covert expedition to this world in order to gather more information about our enemy in advance of a counterattack. If there are no objections to this proposal would the esteemed representatives please now cast their votes.


    Happyness is 4 good boys at once.

    I know they're pretty much the worst companions in the game but I really love my helminth charger, glad I can run around with four of them now.


    What's the use case for the snowball overclock? (Cryo Cannon)

    So its 25 ammo to instant freeze a praetorian with a 1.5s charge time... Except I can freeze a praetorian in the same time and with about half the ammo just using the regular cryo cannon fire. Am I missing something or is this overclock somewhat lacking in a use case?


    My first (non shoebox) starter house

    Tried to make this thing using only materials available at the start of the game: wood, stone, dirt, sand, iron and gel. Its got a full crafting setup, space for a hellivator and storage room. It also deliberately doesn't count as housing so NPCs won't barge in but I can still set my spawn.


    Found a badass helmet I think you guys are gonna love


    Update 2.0s been amazing so far but might still need a few patches...

    Just saw this exploded cop car driving around after sending not-glados back to delamain. Also had a whole cool car chase followed by a bike crash when taking that one cab slowly back to del though and another took me past the the car I'm driving so huge improvements overall.


    Even the goddamn parts descriptions are story foreshadowing! (Spoilers)

    All the frame parts for the default starter AC were made by RaD. Really love that little detail just tying back the whole deal with Walter and Carla right to the very first time we open the AC assembly. It was right there in front of me and I didn't even notice.


    Any way to get All-Minds head for the player?

    According to steam achievements I've obtained every single AC part but I can't help but notice the head piece used in the second stage of the final boss fight is absent. I'm really hoping its some kind of secret unlock and not just completely unobtainable.


    Am I doing this right?


    Legends Malanthrope looking like a must for big venomthrope units this edition

    So for a quck refresher the venomthrope statline is as follows: [M6" / T5 / Sv4+ / W3 / Ld8 / OC1] 70pts for a unit of 3 They have 5 attacks on an anti-infatry 2+ weapon.

    A malanthrope in comparison is 75 pts and otherwise identical stats excepting 10 wounds and Ld7, it also has a garbage weapon of its own.

    So why take a malanthrope instead of 3 more venomthropes? Well first of all it completely offsets its own weak attacks by giving the whole unit access to sustained-hits 1 and since anti-X weapons count as critical hits its immediately doubling the damage output of the acompanying venomthropes.

    The malanthrope is also bringing synapse to the unit and increasing foul spores radius from 6" to 9". As a final advantage its 10 wounds are in one model, a normal unit of 6 venomthropes would lose effectiveness for every 3 wounds lost however a unit of 3 venomthropes with an attatched malanthrope can maintain full effectiveness for 9 wounds before damage output begins to fall.

    Theoretically the benefits of a malanthrope only grow greater if attatched to a unit of 6 venomthropes as their fighting power would increase to that of 12 ordinary venomthropes for only 3/4 the cost.


    Who fights first on a charge?

    The charge bonus on the fight phase page implies that the charger fights first but I've also seen some reviews for 10th edition mention that the defenders actually fight first in 10th so I'm a little confused.


    What are everyones thoughts about the new spin off game by Paradox Ark?