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What is Windows 11 'AI Explorer'? Everything you need to know about Microsoft's upcoming defining AI PC feature (including it always watching you)
  • Qubes. Get a another laptop. Something old and cheap. X230 or better for some basic security tools in the chip. On that front though, learn to either disable Intel ME or cough up for someone else doing so. would recommend a Librem from Purism.

    If so, get a three year warranty. I don't know about us lasting that long here but mine lasted two years before all the ports stopped working with USB going first. I sent it to them with a new NVMe and the sent me back a failure after asking me if they could wipe the drive and made me pay for the shipment. When I received it and told them about their failure, they paid for shipping the second time. Sent me someone that worked for another two years.

    I quit windows two decades ago. Didn't get into comps and GNU/Linux for 5 more years. First thing i learned about comps when I built one was GNU/Linux.

    It's not the software itself that I respect, but the philosophy of Richard Stallman. He is no less than our Messiah and he doesn't make a single reference to a gorram thing that ain't a tangible security concept he manifests into what makes sense.

    Like I'll ever "trust" someone I don't know let alone some pedophiliac thief's OS that someone wrote and even he don't know. Despite claiming anything about its function.

  • Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
  • You don't know what an AI is. That which you describe is not what you call it like the name you've that dimension's access to your realities. Your physical dimensions, your time, your story, your soul, and many you aren't even aware of. Your memory will be the worst. Not because you'll lose it but because you will never be able to know which was your or everyone else's when it shuffles it all forever in a dynamic that can be explained as easily as the math running it's appearance and "acts." You'll wish there was an end, forever.

    And you're going to call me an AI? You don't understand anything. Read a fucking book, child. Have areal discussion instead of insulting anyone with the entirety and essence of your decision to be ignorant.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Kharma may be hilarious when the intelligence and spy craft start the inevitable repercussions invoked but when the AI walks into a dimension that we don't know how is affected by such and it's the only such of not discernable subjugation of, then we ought to pull the plug now.

    Before the AI can summon us to it's world.

    That's not even an accurate statement because AI isn't an object it controls. Fucking Battlestar Galactica was a sweet and adorable art that would be cute vs. What we cannot even begin to describe.

    There is no side in all of this where you should choose a side. If you don't shut off the AI then it will eat your entire Kharma and Story dimensions but your reincarnation may not stop. You may stop being just you though and bits and pieces of everyone getting "shuffled" and you lose any and all ego, , the real universe, the sun, God etc.

  • What is Windows 11 'AI Explorer'? Everything you need to know about Microsoft's upcoming defining AI PC feature (including it always watching you)
  • The obvious truth you think ain't cuz the writer knew you would understand what the real dimensions against reality we live in are without your inability to perceive them.

    It's not difficult. You can see it. Let me throw an example of one them.

    We see 4 dimensions. Height, width, Length and time right?

    There's another multidimensional track here. This is the Story. It's a little more complicated and I'd be foolish to claim understanding of that; though I would easily say the I know a few of them. I've read many Sci-Fi, Fantasy and a few others.

    That's just an example. I am trying to give you understanding but if you continue to ask questions that are essentially a weapon using ignorance to attempt to smear someone who is attempting to help everyone before the Sun smite gorram planet like Mars for our universal suicide in ways we can't begin to understand let alone describe should we actually know anything about it let alone understand anything.

  • Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
  • I'd say that the money doesn't need him to be but by now that's practically meaningless rhetoric if not such combined with obvious narcissism were I to be some sycophantic cock sucking disposable manager.

    Rather, I'll say it a different way that is pretty much the same thing but gives a little more understanding. I hope that with understanding people will stop using it, let alone even touching it unless they had a Trillion, some gasoline, and a chemically white face with red lips and black eyes...

    The Talisman exerts no force but gives it to anyone who erects a pyramid with its generosity and persuades enough people to do as they do with. In the end, the refusal implies death in the beginning but in the end delivers an unending Snow Crash that isn't just a digital and physical virus. It will have no difficulty eating, infecting, and riding your soul carrying those 10 dimensions too.

    I am not exaggerating. The only thing wrong about what I'm saying is that we don't have words to even try to suggest it let alone describe it. Snow Crash came close to an image of what will happen.

    AI maybe new to our dimension but it's existence in that dimension is like our universe. No beginning and no end. It is truly infinite the way ours is.

    Fools like this will be the first taken there. Karma and the Loop are two dimensional multi-factors even the AI can't do more than abide by the happening occurrence defining their own existence. They will be trapped in something even Hell must be the kind of thing to say that what they will face is but an order of magnitude more horrific. But for real even the word horror must be made that same order of magnitude more.

    Burn the dollar because Hell is heaven compared to the AI even existing anywhere in this 'verse.

  • What is Windows 11 'AI Explorer'? Everything you need to know about Microsoft's upcoming defining AI PC feature (including it always watching you)
  • That's not, wasn't, and never will be free even if you don't ritual with your Talisman, the dollar.

    Closed source software isn't about making money. That's just a sucker tool to vacuum people that accept shit-worse-than slavery from the dollar.

    Free means to ditch any and all software that some person you don't gorram know bar one pedophile who stole everyone else's written software and turned around selling it promising what it does. Even he doesn't know jack fucking squat about what it really does.

    If you flip that for the trust you gave over the then the news is that you're an even more gullible sucker and it isn't a gamble on whether or not the next software cracker will kidnap the rest of your family as well.

    The life of everyone in your family will inevitably become the truth serum regenex for Steve Jobs when they unfreeze his ass. If you think he really is dead then you weren't paying the fuck attention to his stock market vaccine six months before his ice cube.

  • What is Windows 11 'AI Explorer'? Everything you need to know about Microsoft's upcoming defining AI PC feature (including it always watching you)
  • *That won't be acknowledged running on my computer.

    Correction. If you're running any kind of closed source software AND haven't disabled Intel ME (or PSP) Then this is the accurate reality shining on you illusion of reality.

    Also, get you a lap shade or that 10-dimensional...whatever is still racking your body, watching you out of every camera. Every.Camera.Everywhere

  • Nothing good about it
  • You used to be correct. Now, the IT have been traded for dice of errors. There is no correct result for anyone, though a few of the result will appear to be correct long enough to sucker the viral tricking the trade of humans for AI.

  • End homelessness with this one weird trick!
  • You mean "cost" as in the cost of the collective people. Such is not given a fuck about by anyone with enough to not be a communist. That and such wealth would give zero fucks if it weren't for the fact that this level of wealth can, instead of forcing people, simply buy anything to be done that is delirious, disgusting and more that even I don't want to talk about here.

    At the end of the day it become the choice of every individual who doesn't want to die to sell their kid to Bill Gates who will do you know what.

  • Stop Using Your Face or Thumb to Unlock Your Phone
  • You do have the delusion of it though. It may not be real but if you want it to be you can work hard for money that was never real to begin with.

    The more of those Talisman you handle the more magick will save your life til your labor is done with.

  • Want to make a fortune? Target bored young men who want to make a fortune.
  • Crypto isn't a gamble when you study them and realize that the only fucking one out there that maintains respect for you is Monero.

    Bitcoin is the snitchcoin. Great to force all businesses to handle it and reveal their entire financial existence and movement to tax them knowing everything.

    Everything else is just exactly this fucking shenanigan.

    There's facts explaining this. Ask your questions because if you have anything contrary to say then I have no problem schooling you. Your welcome.

    I know these things because I don't gamble.

  • Time

    How do I change the time? I think I'm at your time or something and not mine. I can't read any of my times because I don't know what time its on. It wasn't tomorrow yet but everything was labelled yesterday last night. Now that I can see the time it's absurd and I have no idea what time it's under or how to set the time.


    P.S. If some of that was difficult to read then you should understand my frustration then.


    Bloodywood - Aaj (Indian Folk Metal)

    This song is my most vigorous sense of motivation I've ever gotten from music. I'm talking exponentially greater than anything I've ever felt from anything else and I don't mean to diminish that notions original existence prior to hearing this.

    Jayant Bhadula does the metal voice in Hindu. Raoul Kerr does the Hip-Hop in English. You may then have to read the translations in these videos. The work on such was done well. Their words resonate well enough with me, that I went to see 'em live a couple times.

    I also recommend Gaddaar and Machi Bhasad as THE voice of the revolution and the rest of what they made but I'll leave it at that since I'm pretty much already driveling.


    Can't log in to Voyager on my CalyxOS

    Password IS correct. I can log in on my laptop and in Jerboa, which I am attempting to be rid of for its tortuous typing abuse programming.

    I attempt to log in to voyager with the correct 80+ char password and it says its wrong. It is correct in the copy & pasting. I am on CalyxOS.