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Let’s make games open source, so future generations can enjoy them
  • Only if they still sell the assets.
    I'm in favour of also dropping any copyright and intellectual property protections the moment a company stops selling the game. They evidently have no more commercial aspirations for the title, so it doesn't need any protection from technically feasible copy protection circumvention methods.

  • Meh [MoringMark]
  • Amity doesn't fly regularly. And not those high-G maneuvers.

  • [REDRAW] Chapter 201 [English]
  • So we're finally caught up with the redraws, nice.

  • Why are most "privacy" WebMail providers labelled as proprietary?
  • Yea, people mostly equate email to an electronic letter, but it's more like an electronic postcard. Anyone handling it can simply read it.
    So you'll want encryption, too. So either you get everyone to use PGP/GPG or get them to use a privacy-by-default provider.
    Good luck with the first option and I'm not sure how interoperable the various providers are, so in the worst case you'd have to rally everyone to the same provider.

  • PostmarketOS v24.06: The One With Over 250 Devices
  • Camera and baseband seem to be the general pain points. Somewhat unsurprisingly, given that both are complicated black box devices.

  • Gatze hilft bei der Arbeit

    Auf der Tastatur sitzen drückt Knöpfe. Knöpfe gedrückt halten macht warm. Happy Kitty.

    What pest is this?
  • From that angle it might be a slug.

  • Why would someone want to host their own Lemmy server?
  • The Fediverse consist of many separate servers, running different software. But they all communicate, they're a federation of different social networks. This way people on a Mastodon instance can comment on threads on a Lemmy instance, etc.
    But similar to banning offending users from communities, there are protections built into the federation. If, for whatever reason, an admin of instance A decides that a specific instance B should not be part of their Fediverse, they can defederate it. Meaning their instance A will no longer pull data (communities, posts, comments) from that instance B. They're effectively muting the offending instance B from their side.
    Users from that instance B can still post/comment on instance A, but users of instance A will never know, as instance A never requests that data. Users on other instances, federated with both instances, will still see it and can decide for themselves of they want to keep it that way.

    So if you insist on being a twat on the internet people may stop listening.

  • Why would someone want to host their own Lemmy server?
  • Then you simply would've been defederated.

  • Cryptographers Just Got Closer to Enabling Fully Private Internet Searches
  • The storage requirements might be ever so slightly prohibitive.

  • What is the upgrade path for Baldurs Gate3?
  • It's not about being helpful in the sense of just answering the question at hand. If OP just wanted the question answered they can just Google it. Instead I wanted to offer an alternative, low risk solution.
    While Ubisoft, EA and consorts can easily stomach some piracy and still crank out "AAA" titles in a 6-months interval, it hurts small studios relatively more. Buying and returning, on the other hand, offers a way to give feedback to the studio via the return reason and costs just as little as piracy.

  • Targeted Ads are a Cybersecurity Risk
  • I'm not saying it was always the case. Back when ads were just images hosted on the same machine as the rest of the page they were only annoying.
    But nowadays even so-called acceptable ads are delivered by third-party servers. So suddenly you have to trust not only the operator of the page you're visiting but also any advertising partners they use. And since all modern advertising uses a gazillion of metrics that necessitates JavaScript you end up executing code that neither you nor the page operator have any actual need for nor influence on, hoping that the ad network has some sort of vetting process so they don't end up unwittingly delivering malware.
    That's a tall order in my opinion.

  • What is the upgrade path for Baldurs Gate3?
  • ProtonDB says it's decent, the game is Steamdeck verified plus you can return it with under two hours playtime, so I'd just buy it.
    Any upgrade path with a pirated version should be completely irrelevant.

  • Targeted Ads are a Cybersecurity Risk
  • All ads are a cybersecurity risk, not just the targeted ones. The targeted ones just offer new and exciting vectors.

  • Streaming Pirates Are Hollywood’s New Villains - Illegal subscription services that steal films or TV shows bring in $2 billion a year in ads and subscriber fees.
  • Yup. You can pay Netflix for 4K, but you can only get 4K with Edge on Windows and even then only if you have the right hardware. Like, what's the point? On Linux you can only get 1080p by spoofing your just agent. Otherwise they only give you 720p.

  • Streaming Pirates Are Hollywood’s New Villains - Illegal subscription services that steal films or TV shows bring in $2 billion a year in ads and subscriber fees.
  • Yea, that's just plain stupid of them. I don't know how they expected that to go over.

    Oh yes, I bought that content, but sure, take it away. I totally understand that the licensing changed.

    – No one, ever

  • What is the upgrade path for Baldurs Gate3?
  • Buy it. Larian is a small studio that put a lot of effort and love into that game. If you like what they do, support them. You can get it DRM free on GOG, so you get to actually own it.

  • Streaming Pirates Are Hollywood’s New Villains - Illegal subscription services that steal films or TV shows bring in $2 billion a year in ads and subscriber fees.
  • To be fair, streaming was never buying. It was always paying entry to a library. If stuff gets removed from the library that's the way it is.
    That isn't to say I don't agree. Piracy is a service problem, as Gabe Newell so eloquently put it. Streaming started losing the moment it started splintering into cable networks.

  • BCG does the job every time, no fuss
  • Wouldn't that be obvious from the force required?

  • Last pizza Friday for a while 🥲
  • We're moving back, so the adventure is coming to a close. But we're avoiding some of the mistakes from the first move. Lot less baggage.

  • WIP Wednesday update

    Update since mid November. Finished the central panel of the cardigan. Started on the edge panel. 24 rows down, 488 to go.


    Andrew WK – Ready to Die Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Looking to transfer our lease in Petite-Patrie

    Looking for someone to take over our lease for a 3 1/2 apartment in Petite-Patrie (H2S) starting February 1st 2024. Lease goes until 31st of October 2024 with option of renewal. Monthly rent is $1665 including hot water and parking behind the house (electric bill is extra).

    The apartment was completely renovated in 2018 with new isolation, windows and doors. It is on the ground floor, very quiet and in walking distance to metro stations (Fabre and Beaubien), supermarkets, cafés and shops. The bedroom and office both have built-in storage closets. You have full access to the garden in the back and can use it as you wish. Cats are no problem but you will have to check for other pets. Appliances are NOT included in the lease and we bought them new in 2018 (Stove, fridge with freezer drawer, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer). All are good quality appliances (Whirlpool, Maytag) that work great and we'd prefer them taken over from us (price is negotiable). All our furniture is also up for sale.

    Please send me a message if interested.

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


    Disturbed – Another Way to Die

    Probably even more relevant than it was back then.


    Kmac2021 ­– Butterfly


    Ghost Bath – Golden Number


    Haken – Cockroach King


    Brother of Metal — Yggdrasil


    Soen — Martyrs

    I feel like the band doesn't get the recognition they deserve. The whole album, Lotus, is absolute fire and I love their lyrics.


    WIP cardigan

    Misread the pattern and now I get to redo 16 repeats of 16 rows of cabling plus some moss stitch. On the plus side I can fix the mistakes I made. And hope I don't make more…


    King Nothing as if played by Lamb of God - 331ERock and Leo Moracchioli

    I think it works remarkably well. And they both absolutely nailed it.