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Sid Meier’s Civilization VII - Official Teaser Trailer
  • Armies in 5 and 6 are kind of underwhelming. Maybe a compromise of having terrain have unit capacities, with various units taking up more space.

  • Gameplay mechanics were also a lot better with more replayability.
  • They were also much simpler and smaller back then with often extremely limited specification variations. And DRM existed back then too, with some fairly egregious and infamous physical DRM checks.

  • What was Capcom thinking?
  • One of the DLC is just a better version of the camp item that you can't find in-game.

  • Critics must rescore Dragon's Dogma 2 in light of microtransactions
  • Wait a minute, hold up, this wasn't in the game unless you have that?

  • Dragon's Dogma 2 launches to "Mostly Negative" review bombing after microtransactions reveal, and man, what a bummer
  • Oblivion's Horse Armor was probably the start of DLC though, maybe. At least with consoles?

  • Dragon's Dogma 2 launches to "Mostly Negative" review bombing after microtransactions reveal, and man, what a bummer
  • The availability of the item in-game doesn't matter. If anything it's availability in-game being "not that big of a deal" just showcases further the scumminess of it all being that purchasable item exists only to scam people by tricking them into thinking any modicum of money is worth a one use item.

    And even then, if nobody complains about it, then they'll still continue on as they will. They'll do so regardless, of course, but at least you can say that there was pushback of some kind.

  • Dragon's Dogma 2 launches to "Mostly Negative" review bombing after microtransactions reveal, and man, what a bummer
  • There's a mod right now that adds the item you need to change appearances to a vendor for like 10 gold, so I'm not really sure what cheats it's preventing exactly.

  • Dragon's Dogma 2 launches to "Mostly Negative" review bombing after microtransactions reveal, and man, what a bummer
  • The problem is that those two things look exactly the same without the added context that you can't fit into an easy title and people won't read the details anyways.

  • Why do they still dye the rivers green for St. Patricks Day? It's not a good look for downtown Chicago.
  • In what capacity is it anymore disrespect than doing literally anything else?

  • Oh boys here we go again
  • With the exploration thing, I get "W"-anderer vibes or something along those lines.

  • [GameSpot] Helldivers 2 Review - Starship Bloopers (9/10)
  • You don't need that degree of anticheat for MTX.

  • Top 20 games played on Steam Deck in the January 2024, sorted by playtime.
  • In comparison though, it was basically one and done. Assassin's Creed is a fairly long running franchise, God of War and Mario too technically, paired with bits of nostalgia. Palworld can always improve and still get attention past the first month.

  • What is something small that you do that confuses other people whenever they see you doing it?
  • That's not even strange, the spoon is just the perfect utensil.

  • Palworld - 2024/02/01 Update Patch v0.1.4.0
  • It's the same version, just different numbers. The update for Xbox should be out by now, I noticed there was an update for it a few hours ago.

  • Steam has a new hit game, and it’s Pokémon with guns
  • And it doesn’t run as dogshit as ARK proper

    Or even Pokemon proper.

  • Steamworks Development - AI Content on Steam
  • Isn't that practically the same as all games in general?

  • What is a nifty little feature modern gadgets have lost?
  • You don't think it'd still be the same even with the headphone jack still there? Wireless headphones and converters for wired headphones do exist, they just don't care.

  • Pick your poison. Dystopian style
  • Big city taxi companies now have all the same features as Uber

    But weren't they saying above that big city taxi companies were basically the only decent taxi companies already? Them getting better doesn't solve what Uber is providing an alternative for.

  • What's up with Epic Games?
  • Not to mention that Steamworks DRM is practically non-existent anyways (and that it also wasn't necessary to use, it's rare, but some games just don't protect their game with any DRM).

  • I never learn my lesson
  • Isn't that largely just the case for competitive games?

  • Oshi no Ko ED but it's the Overture Teaser

    The Overture Teaser: Final Feast editted to be similar to the Ending of Oshi no Ko. I made it a while ago but never actually posted it anywhere.

    Watching it back, as proud as I am for it, there's definitely things that could be improved.

    0 Starfield Community Patch

    Starfield is almost here! We can't wait to join Constellation and explore the stars on 1 September and we're even more excited about the potential for mods the game has. Sim Settlements in Space? Yes,...

    Starfield Community Patch

    Members of Nexus staff and Modders announce a community-driven unofficial patch for Starfield.