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Federal judge temporarily halts Biden plan to lower credit card late fees to $8
  • Well just hold on there a minute, if they raise interest or charge higher fees on things that doesn't disproportionately negatively impact poor people then it might be less predatory... And we can't have that, we gotta keep punching those that can't hit back.

  • Why is replacement for home device controls so complicated?
  • Obligatory if you install HA on a raspberry Pi. Use the SSD option as you will wear out an SD card or usb key pretty quickly since those devices aren't intended for constant writes from things like logging and generally don't have any wear out leveling.

  • The US has so much space
  • All these guys are posting crossing their whole country, but as Texas is one state, it's fair to say that's the same as a province.

    Shared route From Windsor, Ontario to Kenora, Ontario via ON-401 E.

    23 hr 6 min (2,190 km) For the best route in current traffic visit

    Staying only within Ontario, Canada it takes almost one full day of literally non stop driving.

  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is "underperforming", says industry analyst
  • This is where I'm at. I played remake on my steam deck and I won't buy a console to play it our any other exclusives.

    I really appreciated that they started releasing games on PC too but waiting a couple years is annoying. I greatly enjoyed zero dawn, and am finally enjoying forbidden west but having to wait years was annoying (not enough to get a ps5 though, and if they choose to never release it on PC I would just never play it ever).

    Right now I'm also waiting for Ragnarok since God of war was great. But again I'm not buying a ps5 so I'll be waiting until it comes to PC if it does at all.

  • Next on the hydraulic press channel!
  • Respectfully, you are not required to get any information in a format that you don't want it. But also I don't have to provide anything in a way that would otherwise inconvenience me for a random stranger who doesn't even have the decency to say please.

    If you don't have less than 2 minutes for a video then don't take the time to watch it.

  • To those with 2+ monitors on your machine: What's your use case, and how much does it actually boost your productivity?
  • At home I have 4 screens, 3 in a row and one over top of the center.

    The bottom ones change based on what I am doing. Games, browser, IDEs, consoles, terminal windows, etc.

    The top is always a better in the left 2/3rd mostly playing music or videos. The right third is Element/Matrix which bridges in all my other chats (FB, WhatsApp, signal, telegram, Discord, gmessages, etc) so I can see them in one tidy spot.


    At work I have 8 screens 6 in a 2 tall by 3 wide config, a big one on the side, and another touch screen on the other side. Which is all used for control and monitoring... And often feels like not enough when things get busy.

  • Parents Should Pay Higher Taxes
  • I read it as we should tax OP more for all the years that they were a drain on society to make up for all the tax breaks that they got.

    As it is people like this should consider that "paying taxes to support other people's kids" is really just them paying everyone back for when they were a kid.

    But yes society needs people of all ages and without young people there would eventually be a collapse.

  • Ford government to reverse controversial urban boundary expansions

    "Minister Calandra's latest flip flop makes it abundantly clear; we have only scratched the surface of the damage this government has done."