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Wrong organ
  • Woke ppl acting as it will be forbidden to talk/show something against it. Thats the fck problem. No sense of humor.

  • Wrong organ
  • Chill bro. It is only a joke. No need to be emotional. Take life easy. Many of "woke" are super serious instead of taking diversity in healthy non aggressive chilling manner

  • Challenge
  • Thanks Grandma ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Nice shoes
  • Best comment 😂

  • ʘ⁠‿⁠ʘ
  • Tacos?

  • Judgy asshole
  • He knows addresses from naughty girls...

  • MacGyver
  • No

  • Lol
  • Weathermaps were showed in your TV so you should report them for spreading misinformation not someone that is laughing at it. LOL

  • Lol
  • Reporting me: like typical brave german fascist in 1939. Freedom of speech is painful for close minded and brainwashed. I know. Again you proved it.

    Oh block me. So I don't have to see your Troll comments.

    Thank you

  • Lol
  • Not everyone has to think like you and be directly n.zi or right wing. That's your Germans problem to be extremely intolerant. You should have learned from the past and history of your country. You have had many great scientists and thinkers but also behaved as propaganda sheep blindly following ideology that is very dangerous! People were discriminated and killed because of it. Currently germans tend to be extremely leftwing oriented and aggressive against others. Maybe you are not aware of it but in both cases it is fascist and dangerous!

    So relax and don't be aggressive to others'meanings. Peace bro

  • Lol
  • Maybe in your mind. I think it is just funny how your german TV is presenting a similar temperature depending on political ideology or narrative. It is not a missinformation but fact. You are consuming it and being aggressive against some humor against it. Chill. Be open minded, friendly and kind and not rude as fascist german in 1939

  • Lol
  • To be fair, that is link I have posted to someone else in this sub: That's FACT!

    But your answers are just supporting your german problem. You are trying to frame people politicaly as right wing or Afd in every posible way. That's populism from being brainwashed. I think you are watching to much your german television. As germans you started WW2 because similar propaganda. Chill out bro

  • Lol
  • Lol, made my day 😂👍

  • Lol
  • I provided a valid link with facts and you call it a misinformation... No more questions, it shows your populism

  • Lol
  • I think you germans are mostly easy to be brainwashed. lol. In WW2 to right extremist, now to leftwing extremist. What you are missing as germans is healthy central mindset.

  • Lol
  • Bleh. Eating bugs. Bleh

  • Lol
  • It has nothing to do with your german Afd. What are you trying to frame here?

  • Lol
  • What is here rightwing for you? 🤦

  • Wtf?
  • Cold water will shrink your balls 😂

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