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she/her, queer anarchist and enjoyer of video games, books, music, cool maps, history, cats, and probably other things. También busco una comunidad aparte de reddit en la que pueda practicar mi español. ¡Dígame!

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s ambitious Nintendo Switch port took 2 years of work, lead programmer reveals details
  • I had no idea there was even a Switch port in the works, super impressive they got it to run. Considering it was ported by the same team, I wonder if it looks anything like The Wither 3 did on the Switch. I was very impressed by that port, but it sure was blurry!

  • [KDE Plasma] Simple?
  • Pretty! I love the colours, and what bits of the wallpaper I can see. Would you share the wallpaper?

    Also, is that entirely emacs in the bottom screen, web browsing and ebook displaying?

  • Incredible article explaining how to use Helix Editor
  • You can configure Helix to behave a lot more like vim quite easily, beyond the default keybinds which are already quite similar. You can even revert to vim-style normal/visual modes, rather than Helix's "select by moving approach" if you really can't stand that.

    After being a vim then neovim user for many years, I fully made the switch to Helix, using some options from the config I linked, and there are only a few minor things I miss.

  • What a beautiful view
  • I come back to listen to this one every once in a while, especially when I'm feeling particularly down about my life or the state of society in general. It really helps put things in perspective for me, and I honestly can't listen to it without tearing up. Such powerful words.

  • Plans to pre-emptively defederate from threads?

    I just saw that has pre-emptively defederated from threads. Are there any plans to do that here? I personally want nothing to do with Meta/Facebook, and I'm sure that's not an unpopular opinion around here.

    edit: y'all, please pay attention to where you are when coming from all.

    edit again: kbin really ought to make a post's home instance more clear.