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Gypsy Woman With Baby - Amadeo Modigliani (1919) 🇮🇹
  • I'll be upfront in saying that I feel like I am being spoken over a little here and I'm not really asking for discussion on that either.

    I get the impression we are both gorgers and whilst I believe that it is important to check each other's privilege, I have a hell of a lot more trust for my GRT friends and community members to take the lead on that.

  • Gypsy Woman With Baby - Amadeo Modigliani (1919) 🇮🇹
  • First thing that I realized upon seeing where this image was from and when was that this woman would likely have been a victim of the Italian fascist genocide of gypsies. Things really worsened for them under Mussolini when he got into power only 3 years later.

  • Every damn day
  • A friend of mine had a job where she worked remotely most of the time. She would never interact with any other of her colleagues unless if she went offline on Slack for too long or didn't get her work done. She managed to make some pretty nifty Selenium scripts to do the whole thing for her and delayed it to her usual working speed. I'm pretty sure she spent most of her time working there playing OSRS instead and I think she did actually go away on an extended holiday too.

  • De-Google Your Life - Part 1 - YouTube LTT
  • I thought I should comment to highlight that LTT has not improved and has doubled down in their attempts to cover over sexual harassment in recent days putting out the following statement earlier in the week:-

    There were a series of accusations about our company last August from a former employee. Immediately following these accusations, LMG hired Roper Greyell - a large Vancouver-based law firm specializing in labor and employment law, to conduct a third-party investigation. Their website describes them as “one of the largest employment and labour law firms in Western Canada.” They work with both private and public sector employers.

    To ensure a fair investigation, LMG did not comment or publicly release any data and asked our team members to do the same. Now that the investigation is complete, we’re able to provide a summary of the findings.

    The investigation found that:

    • Claims of bullying and harassment were not substantiated.

    • Allegations that sexual harassment were ignored or not addressed were false.

    • Any concerns that were raised were investigated. Furthermore, from reviewing our history, the investigator is confident that if any other concerns had been raised, we would have investigated them.

    • There was no evidence of “abuse of power” or retaliation. The individual involved may not have agreed with our decisions or performance feedback, but our actions were for legitimate work-related purposes, and our business reasons were valid.

    • Allegations of process errors and miscommunication while onboarding this individual were partially substantiated, but the investigator found ample documentary evidence of LMG working to rectify the errors and the individual being treated generously and respectfully. When they had questions, they were responded to and addressed.

    In summary, as confirmed by the investigation, the allegations made against the team were largely unfounded, misleading, and unfair.

    With all of that said, in the spirit of ongoing improvement, the investigator shared their general recommendation that fast-growing workplaces should invest in continuing professional development. The investigator encouraged us to provide further training to our team about how to raise concerns to reinforce our existing workplace policies.

    Prior to receiving this report, LMG solicited anonymous feedback from the team in an effort to ensure there was no unreported bullying and harassment and hosted a training session which reiterated our workplace policies and reinforced our reporting structure. LMG will continue to assess ongoing continuing education for our team.

    At this time, we feel our case for a defamation suit would be very strong; however, our deepest wish is to simply put all of this behind us. We hope that will be the case, given the investigator’s clear findings that the allegations made online were misrepresentations of what actually occurred. We will continue to assess if there is persistent reputational damage or further defamation.

    This doesn’t mean our company is perfect and our journey is over. We are continuously learning and trying to do better. Thank you all for being part of our community.

    As you can see, they hired an outside legal firm to declare that they did nothing wrong in enabling said sexual harassment because there wasn't a paper trail, despite them admitting that the victim was told to talk it out with the abuser.

    They followed up by threatening the victim with a lawsuit for continuing to speak out.

    I feel that, as a woman and a victim of sexual harassment myself, its only fair that I must stand by other women that the patriarchy attempts to silence and ensure that those who wish to uphold a safe space for sexual harassment are held to account and not given an unopposed platform.

  • Are right wingers creating FUD around Signal?
  • It think there are a lot of factors at play. Musk wants Twitter* to be an everything app and has mentioned plans to add e2e encryption to the dms. Telegram already had an iffy relationship to people who look for encrypted platforms so he probably wants to set up that idea to get people onto Twitter instead, especially as the right's relationship to the platform is absolutely getting worse.

    A big chunk of far right Telegram has moved off the platform recently after quite a few of the groups that got their start from anti-lockdown demos had members get arrested for terror charges. They seem to blame the fact that Telegram is backdoored but they constantly fed-post in open unencrypted channels anyone can read anyway. The police probably do monitor those channels but if I were to guess how they got caught, my bet is honestly that they just put in reports to the cops about each other because being fascists usually goes hand in hand with being horrible people.

    I'm not sure how much he actually reads on far right Telegram but there is evidence of him at least following some channels where this sentiment can be seen. If I were to guess he saw oppotunity in bringing that audience back to Twitter.

    * I refuse to call it X

    EDIT: fix early accidental submission

  • Gnome blog from 2021 about libadwaita
  • Install gtk3-classic and force Xwayland by setting WAYLAND_DISPLAY= if you want server side decorations. If you want theming, install libadwaita-without-adwaita-git

    Whilst you shouldn't need a hack like this, it seems to be the best way to resolve blinding white applications in the middle of the night.

  • Anyone else doing the Loblaws boycott?
  • I'd love a UK based version for the major chains.

    I refuse to shop at Sainsbury's since they started having gates where yoy physically have to scan your receipt to leave. They have also started doing nectar card prices where they charge more if you don't want them to track you. Tesco does the same. I'm not sure about Morrisons and Asda. Waitrose just costs more no matter what.

  • Well that wasn't what I expected had happened to neofetch.

    A readme file for Dylan Araps from 3 days ago saying "have taken up farming" and the github page for neofetch has also been archived. Good for him I guess.


    Looking for peoplecs experiences with Systemd-less distros for a home server

    My household primarily runs Arch and Artix for our desktop OS and never have any issues with it, however we have had no end of issues with our home server* and it often ends up being related to systemd.

    I am ideally looking for something that can just be left and updated less frequently that can also run docker containers, ideally using OpenRC but can also occasionally run a package on the host system. I'd prefer something GNU as well.

    Please don't reply with any "systemd works fine for me" or "what is your problem with systemd" like most that a search turns up.

    Edit*: Probably should have mentioned that its been on CentOS, Ubuntu and then OpenSuse Leap


    Looking for a way to download livestream VODs as they happen where they will likely be privated.

    As said in the title really. Youtube-dl and forks seem to break when they catch up with the stream.