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Justice Department formally moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug in historic shift
  • I'm not your bro, and I don't believe you're arguing in good faith. This particular clumsy mix of buzzwords certainly doesn't make you sound like a human being. I'll address this one more time, and then never engage with you again.

    Your argument , you entire refusal to hold Democrats accountable by being critical of them and withholding your support to force them to come to you, it's why we're in this mess.

    My decision to vote for the only viable candidate who doesn't obviously intend to dismantle all democratic institutions hardly constitutes a refusal to hold Democrats accountable. Those are the stakes in this particular election. The direct result of the action you're advocating would be to hand power to an aspiring dictator.

    YOU are the white moderate MLK warned us about.

    You argue like a fash—completely unsupported assertions bolstered by oafish emotional appeals. I'm done with you.

  • Justice Department formally moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug in historic shift
  • people who pose as leftists while advancing a fascist agenda.

    So Democrats?

    Oh, no, this is embarrassing. It's you. I was talking about you. Sorry, I thought that was clear. The mistake dipshits like you always make is this emotional appeal:

    You are fucking delusional if you think Democrats are working on your side.

    No shit, a political party is not "on your side." This kind of rhetoric betrays such a childish approach to politics. That's not how any of this works.

    It's a binary choice, and you're shilling for fascism. It's anyone's guess whether or not that's your intention—but that really doesn't matter to anyone but you.

  • Relatable
  • Yeah, I was a big fan of lotr and the hobbit growing up (the books). I thought the lotr films were excellent, overall. Of course, they couldn't include everything, and there were some minor deviations, but pretty damned good.

    The Hobbit movies were hot garbage, imo. They diverge wildly from the book, and are very often indistinguishable from video game cut scenes.

  • Justice Department formally moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug in historic shift
  • Republicans have gotten more done in minority positions than Democrats have when in majority position over the past 20 years.

    Accepting this premise, the things Republicans have gotten done have been objectively detrimental to humanity. The direct result of not voting for Democrats is electing more Republicans. This is the reality that currently exists. No amount of self-righteous rhetoric will alter that. So if you're going to continue disseminating this ill-considered garbage, just face the fact that you're effectively a Trump supporter.

    Honestly, I have more respect for maga types than for people who pose as leftists while advancing a fascist agenda.

  • All those YA books lied to me
  • Yes, that's what I'm planning on. Big adventure at 50, find a magic ring that slows the aging process, hang around home living large on my riches and telling tales of my exploits for another ~60 years, then skip town on my eleventy-first birthday to go chill with some elves until it's time to sail for Valinor!

  • Reading through the Project 2025 PDF is insane
  • It was explicitly a hypothetical thought experiment. Starmer has already said they wouldn't go through with the Rwanda plan, even if it did somehow prove effective. That's all stated plainly in the article you linked (from the Telegraph!). It really seems like you're just doubling down in the face of the evidence, rather than admitting to having made an incorrect statement.

  • Reading through the Project 2025 PDF is insane
  • The Rwanda asylum scheme is and has been a Tory plan from its inception, and has never been endorsed by Labour. I'm not familiar with the TrashFuture podcast, but can recommend Pod Save the UK if you're in the market for UK politics pods.

  • I think I'm autistic
  • I just wanted to say that I've seen you post some things that I strongly disagree with, but I think this is an excellent analysis and I appreciate it. One of the things I'm starting to like about Lemmy is seeing the same people around a lot, leaving different sorts of comments. It gradually gives you a more nuanced impression of them, and makes them harder to "other." I guess it's a good argument for not being too hasty in blocking people.

  • Quicksaves...
  • Yes, if you're at that point in the main story, it's a great time to take a break and do a bunch of side quests. Come back to it when you're better prepared.

    So I shouldn’t be that upset that 1v1 bandits are very hard and anything more is actually impossible for me?

    Nope, totally in line with my experience. It takes a fair amount of practice before Henry can consistently beat anybody, and you always have to be careful fighting groups of enemies. I would suggest picking a weapon type you like, and training with Bernard until you can consistently execute a perfect block. That's a real game-changer in any fight. If you run out of stamina, you're going to die.

    Mace or axe paired with a shield is probably the most forgiving style. You can bash your way through any fight, provided you keep your guard up, and don't let anyone get behind you. For taking on groups, you have a few options, but you'll generally want to string out the enemy so you're not taking on more than one or two at a time.

    Archery is very powerful if you get good at it, but it takes a fair bit of practice just to get to competent. Get yourself a decent pair of gloves or bracers that you like, and you can use the contours to help line up where your arrow will go. Don't try to use a bow that you're not strong or dextrous enough to draw yet. Once you can hit the bullseye at the Rattay archery range pretty consistently, work on hitting the moving targets on the river up in Ledetchko. Hunting game in the woods is also a good way to practice. Just make sure you bring plenty of arrows!

    Stealth is often very handy, and once you skill it up a bit, you can do silent takedowns with a dagger. In this way, you can carefully clear out bandit and Cuman camps at night, and scoop up lots of gear to sell. Several of the millers will be able to train you in stealth and lockpicking.

    If you steal anything expensive, your best bet is to stash it in your chest at home until it no longer appears stolen. This will take longer for more valuable objects. If you're desperate for cash, the millers will fence it for you at a steep discount. Invest in some good saddlebags as soon as you can—you can find them at the stables in Merhojed, Neuhof, and Uzhitz.

    Be especially careful in the western part of the map; some of the bandits you'll encounter there will be very well-equipped and well-trained mercenaries. Sometimes you'll stumble upon a small battle between bandits, cumans, and/or local guardsmen. These can be opportunities to scoop up some loot without doing the fighting. Just be careful; guards won't look kindly on you stripping their comrades' bodies. This can also be a good way to deal with groups of enemies; make them chase you into a guarded settlement.

    All I can think of at the moment—hope it helps!

    ETA: just remembered one thing I wish I'd known early on. While the vast majority of quests aren't time-sensitive, some are, so pay attention to the quest text. Also, minor oblique spoiler: >!a few quests related to your friends from Skalitz will turn out differently depending on how long you put them off.!< The game doesn't really tell you this, and it can be a real gut-punch down the line.

  • Success of Fallout proves video game adaptations have gone mainstream
  • I mean, they made the emoji movie. And fucking battleship. Nothing's too far-fetched. A family drama based on Connect 4? Why not! How about Dwayne Johnson stars in an action movie based on Hungry Hungry Hippos? It's all too plausible now.

  • Quicksaves...
  • Yeah, I thought that DLC was well-written, but it is a bit of a slog, especially doing it right off the bat. I would say training with Bernard is very helpful for learning to fight. Lots of people took issue with how difficult the archery is, but I kinda love it—YMMV, obvs. There are lots of mods for it if you want a reticle.

    You definitely don't need to master weapon combos to win (although they're pretty fun when you can pull 'em off), but you'll want to unlock Perfect Blocking asap. You can unlock it training with Bernard, and it lets you block without losing stamina, if you time it right.

    A lot depends on how you want to rp Henry, but I'd recommend heading to Uzhitz, and learning to read from the scribe there. Once you're literate, you can take advantage of skill books that you'll find here and there. The combat is pretty difficult until both you and Henry know what you're doing.

    Pay attention to the stats on gear, and build a set of low-vis, low-noise armor for skullduggery. Also a suit of fancy clothes for impressing people (try and keep it clean!). If you're feeling undergeared, do some treasure hunting; you can find good gear in most of the various buried chests.

    Alchemy is super useful, and once you skill it up a bit you can auto-brew potions. Hope you have as much fun with it as I did!

  • Quicksaves...
  • I remember at the beginning of KC:D, there's a bit where you're fleeing headlong down a rocky path. I stopped at one point to look behind me, and was immediately struck down by a soldier who'd been chasing me. It definitely heightened the tension; it would have been totally immersion-breaking if the urgency was contrived, and so many games fall into this trap (and not just in the intro). Now, depending on the genre, immersion is going to be a different priority; it's hardly the ultimate yardstick for gaming. But I do love a game that pays attention to it, and KC:D was great at that. Apparently I'm pretty hyped for the sequel.

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