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Wife discovers browser history
  • It was first featured in the Flemish magazine Humo. In Dutch of course. He changed a lot of subscripts to English so his jokes and cartoons could travel the world. Always very dry humor, but Belgians love that.


    If this is your jam. Do pay a visit to his site. He's got a lot more in store.

  • Instagram hides Israel’s Rafah carnage, bans and removes content
  • I'm just stating that not every post regarding the horrible bombing is being deleted.

    Why would Meta care about a country that contributes almost nothing to Israel

    Belgium has a massive diamond stronghold in Antwerp, that is mostly controlled by Jewish families. I can assure you there are a lot of companies and financial links between Belgium and Israel. Even now Belgian government chickens out every chance they get to openly support Palestine, because of the liberal prime minister.

    Belgium small and insignificant, US big and important, got it. Don't have to rub it in, buddie.

  • Spear-thrower (atlatl)
  • Is this the technique they used to pierce mammoth skin? I always wondered how humans could penetrate such thick skin by throwing spears. To me it looks like it should hardly do any damage.

    I don't know shit about prehistoric hunting times.

  • Unequal Enforcement is the Point
  • Who the flying FUCK fires nine fucking bullets at a guy in a MOTORISED wheelchair because of a shoplifting accusation? How was the police officer in any danger at any time?

    And he's not charged for it? Only in America.

  • Internet Detective Only Destroys Three Innocent Peoples’ Lives Before Never Actually Solving Case
  • It's been so long, can someone remind me how this fiasco turned out? You can ELI5 if that makes it easier. I remember it having to do something with a bombing during, was it the Boston marathon? And then this blurry picture of a guy's face kept popping up in threads for years.