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Am I the only one preferring low quality media over high quality one?
  • I do this with music. All of my library is stored as mp3s, which doesn't really make a difference quality wise considering I mostly just use a cheap pair of earphones. I'm not an audiophile anyways. In addition I also store a copy of my music library in my phone for offline usage, and that's where the compression comes in handy.

  • What can i do with an old netbook?

    First of all, if you think I posted this in the wrong community then feel free to point me to some other community where i can post this.

    I recently moved to another house and found an old laptop i had when I was 10 while looking through some old stuff. It's an old Acer netbook, specs are

    • CPU: Intel Atom N2600, 1.6Ghz
    • RAM: 1GB, DDR3
    • Storage: 320GB HDD
    • Screen: 10.1" lcd, apparently it has a resolution of 1280x1024 according to the control panel but windows 7 won't let me go beyond 1024x600

    I thought about installing linux on it, however I don't intend on using it for anything. I already have a good laptop and so does the rest of my family. The CPU is definetly too slow to do anything beyond simple text editing, and I'm sure it would explode if i tried going to the internet with it, so it's not really suitable for daily driving. Thing is, it still works, and I don't really feel like throwing it in the trash. Is there any possible use case for a machine like this? Can you suggest me some use cases for it?