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376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • During the summer BLM protests, police were using excessive force constantly, shooting people in the head with rubber bullets/beanbags, beating people nearly to death, gassing everything... it was pure hatred from the thin blue line.

    When protesters were calmly walking wearing their rifles, police were mysteriously real polite. Funny that.

  • 376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • You used to be able to purchase brand new military machine guns right off the wall until 1986, yet I struggle to prove that more than 3 people have died to civilian-owned machine guns. Semi-automatic rifles were widely available for decades before anything really happened. Here is the question: what changed between then and now that started the trend of mass/school shootings?

  • CDC warns of disruptions to ADHD meds after $100M fraud arrest
  • Not being diagnosed with ADHD until my 30's, I was concerned about taking stimulants... Man did they ever highlight all the ways I had adjusted my life to try and cope, and all the self-medicating I was doing with caffeine and energy drinks. While some adjustments were still necessary, I could finally do things like:

    • wash the dishes without wanting to peel my skin off
    • regularly cook meals instead of eat garbage
    • get my work done in a normal 8 hour day instead of taking 12 hours and stressing out all day about the time I was wasting and ultimately having no time for my chores

    Considering how damn hard it is to get meds now because everyone else is abusing them, I'm off them more often than I'm on them. Back to negative performance reviews, stressful days, viciously hating what should be boring or mildly annoying tasks for anyone else. Only difference now is I don't hate myself because I finally understand what parts of this are and are not my fault. I mean that helps me live with myself but I'd really rather just have meds again.

  • About the us election
  • The real path forward to fixing voting in the US is going to be a long one. People need to find or form grassroots organizations to replace as many local and state positions as possible with actual candidates. Essentially a takeover of the Democrats starting at the lowest levels and moving up from there.

    Some might be demoralized by how long this will take. Others realize that this actually isn't that hard with teams of motivated people.

    On the Republican side: look at Brandon Herrera and his battle with Tony Gonzales. A youtuber nearly beat the incumbent (lost by 407 votes). The man tapped into people's anger and very nearly got it.

    Where are lefties on this? Nothing out of the unions? People want change, help them get it.

  • Not Likeable
  • The Democrats will never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Up against Trump the loser, they're pitting... a once-great retirement home escapee. Come on guys in a country of several hundred million people, surely you can do better than this.

  • Many such cases
  • In the first paragraph of JSON5's site:

    It is not intended to be used for machine-to-machine communication.

    YAML is not supported by a lot of enterprise software (example: Azure pipelines supports it but Power Automate does not). JSON, XML, CSV, or failing that Text are the safe bets. We use a few options for reading or building presentation layers quickly. Ultimately the idea is to move data around in a way that is friendly to our current and future applications.

  • Microsoft is reworking Recall after researchers point out its security problems
  • Having been the guy in an org shouting not to do something only for it to come back to us this way, the finger-pointing that begins is nuts. Often the people who tried to stop the "feature" from rolling out are the first to get blamed for it being shit.

    Classic CYA, make sure everything you said is in writing somewhere.

  • 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects
  • They say knowing the requirements before you start loads to a higher chance of success. Agile projects are more likely to fail because you're more likely to use Agile when you don't have a clear map of the requirements and want to be able to pivot quickly. Working as intended I would think.

    All that is assuming your shop actually knows what Agile means and isn't just doing Waterfall with stand-ups.