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Michigan middle school coach allegedly choked student with shirt in incident caught on surveillance video - ABC News
  • Any news article reporting on such an event must use the qualifier “allegedly” until the perpetrator is convicted of a crime. This is just literally correct as until they’re convicted they’re only alleged to have committed a crime. Media complies with this because even if they have a video maybe the case goes south and the guy in the video ducks the charge. Then he could bring legal action against anyone who definitively said he did something as opposed to using allegedly.

    The article is scarce on details but it sounds like police and public prosecutors have woken up to the case and are investigating avenues of prosecution. Definitely not a lawyer, don’t believe anything I say at face value.

  • No one should have to “grow a thicker skin”: Valorant studio commit to harsh penalties for harassment
  • I don’t buy games that run Kernel level software either generally but the two issues are tangentially related. This seems like a problem yesteryears algorithms plus monitoring staff could have solved. The problem is the latter cost money and doesn’t generate profit. LLM/ML makes this feasible again I suspect.

  • No one should have to “grow a thicker skin”: Valorant studio commit to harsh penalties for harassment
  • It is a commonly known issue that women avoid going on comms in games. For the simple fact that an incredible high percent of the time, doing so means being dog piled by the rest of the server. Sure plenty still do it anyway, but sometimes shockingly enough, some people want to play games to relax.

    Anecdotally it feels like they’re more present in games than ever but if only a small percent participate in the hobby and that small percent constantly deals with this type of behaviour, do you think that’s going to encourage more to join?

    People taking out their shitty days or personalities on others in gaming has been an issue overdue for addressing for a minute now.

  • No one should have to “grow a thicker skin”: Valorant studio commit to harsh penalties for harassment
  • “People are too sensitive today” types are deliberately missing the point. Online is pretty much the only place where you can get away with spouting slurs or psycho shit. You wouldn’t do it in public or get away with most of it in public.

    More to the point it's just tiring having these types come into a lobby. They generally don’t (or can’t) play properly or fuck around until someone calls them out. They then start on that person or spamming the N word.

    More often than not it feels like they try to frame it as “oh ho, people can’t handle my casual use of slurs, snowflakes”. When more likely is if you’re talking and behaving like that generally it means you’re obnoxious and disruptive to the game.

  • organic bicycles!
  • I could swear I remember representations with circle inside (that didn’t just use an O like this image). Maybe to represent the electrons from the three double bonds being delocalised? Like this.

  • Talking Point: Would You Watch A New Stargate Show? » GateWorld
  • I think more to the other person point is it being needlessly prioritised, seemingly at the expense of quality writing/characters.

    Disco is a pretty choice example. The main character is frankly unbearable. Super unlikeable, overly emotional (despite being Vulcan) and frequently fucks up because she won’t listen or acts out of emotion. She is pointlessly insubordinate in an attempt to write her as strong but it inadvertently makes her incompetent and entitled. Everyone seems to cry, a lot, in the later season. The gay couple felt cheap and even unhealthy at some point, I think in the ep where one of them nearly dies, but unfortunately I can’t remember why. Didn’t really feel like ST just a show wearing its uniform.

    Hey at least it was super diverse though. Although as you point out, it is largely the writing that boned disco. Just feels like these shows prioritise being as diverse as possible and then jump to racism the second people notice or criticise the shows for it or unrelated elements.

  • Star Citizen Pushes Through the $700 Million Raised Mark and No, There Still Isn’t a Release Date
  • I was a kickstarter for this way back in the day. I used to not feel bad about the delay until I realised I bought it a few years after high school. More than once I had completely forgotten about this game and that I had paid for it. Which obviously pretty drastically changed my view on it and the devs, especially after learning a bit more about Chris.

    That was years ago and before I learned about shit like the store page for ship pledges that’s hidden and only unlocks when you spend ridiculous amount on ship pledges. The $10,000 ship pre orders…

    I’ve gone full circle, now I just want the game to succeed so I can never hear about it again.

  • Anyone excited that companies are releasing hardware running stock OpenWRT?
  • Sorry for the delayed reply. I had a wrt3200x. I think a couple of years later they were acquired. One of the wifi radios had a driver issue that pretty much never got resolved because no one within linksys was willing to fix it on their end because it was a couple years old (and pre acquisition product).

    I also nearly went insane learning about VLANs whilst trying to implement them with this router. Which was required by my ISP. A couple really weird issues that I ended up spending way too much time on my end trying to fix. Nearly put me off openwrt tbh but eventually I realised it was a firmware issue. Radio issue was similar or related to mwlwifi or something.

    Thank god that model specifically had dual bios (amazingly handy feature) until I eventually even bricked that and couldn’t be bother fixing it via serial port.

  • Anyone excited that companies are releasing hardware running stock OpenWRT?
  • Man after my experience with linksys I almost didn’t ever bother with openwrt or anything to do with flashing a router ever again. Glad to stumble upon this thread and see others recommending glinet. Definitely the way to go if you want openwrt compatibility out of the box without all the fucking around.

  • Teen rapper accidentally kills himself on social media video after pointing gun at his head and pulling trigger
  • We learnt this stuff as kids. Not even from the US but grew up on farm. Well before we were ever trusted to touch a rifle we were told time and time again these stories about brothers (or friends) playing with a gun, one of them points the gun at the other and pulls the trigger; killing the brother/friend.

    It’s not on the kid(s), it’s on the responsible adult. If you have firearms around, even if they’re not intended to be used by everyone, everyone in proximity to them should be taught gun safety and the firearm stored securely.

  • U.S. governors urge Turks and Caicos to release Americans as Florida woman becomes 5th tourist arrested for ammo in luggage
  • Well you neither said this, and it was in response to someone explaining that they shouldnt be punished because it was an accident and thus a victimless crime.

    It’s implied with my previous remarks. It being an accident/mistake is synonymous with pleading ignorance in this instance.

    Of course it is up to local law enforcement. I've seen no one argue or suggest otherwise.

    People saying it’s harmless or a simple mistake are actively undermining local law enforcement whether they know it or not. I’ve seen this countless times before. People get charged with crimes overseas, some that perhaps they wouldn’t at home. Then rather it being a simple matter of if said person did what they’re accused of doing it becomes “oh this countries law are ridiculous, this person simply didn’t know, local law enforcement is corrupt” and so on. Whatever it takes to remove accountability of the person and blame the host country or its law enforcement either directly or indirectly.

    I guess what I’m arguing is if you can’t check your bags, read a foreign travel advisory or even pay attention to intercom announcements while you touch down; don’t come crying foul play to the consulate with your drug charge expecting to get a clemency plea. Just to be oddly specific.

  • U.S. governors urge Turks and Caicos to release Americans as Florida woman becomes 5th tourist arrested for ammo in luggage
  • My point is being ignorant is insufficient a defence for these type of offences. My opinion of whether they “deserve” it isn’t really relevant. The law is the law. If I get fucked up and drove; I could claim it was a stupid mistake and no one was harmed if I got pulled over and arrested. That doesn’t really matter and isn’t why it’s a law. I believe they should be charged and given lighter sentences and/or the US should apply for clemency on their behalf but my point remains it’s the discretion of local law enforcement.

  • U.S. governors urge Turks and Caicos to release Americans as Florida woman becomes 5th tourist arrested for ammo in luggage
  • I mean, you’re travelling internationally, check your damn bag. You think if a couple of Turkish dudes got caught with ammo in their luggage they’d do great in the states? Don’t like getting in trouble overseas? Don’t break the laws overseas.

    I think getting smacked with a cane for smoking weed is dumb. Still won’t catch me with weed in Singapore though. Best believe I triple checked my bags when I left Europe too.

  • ANU asks pro-Palestinian encampments to disband as students claim ‘witch-hunt’ taking place
  • Yes, that was clearly my issue, that your ad hominem insult weren’t prompt enough. I expect further insults to be real time.

    As opposed to your “no”, clearly you entered this discussion in all good faith and very much interested why I have the view that I do.

    University of Queensland will involve police and take disciplinary action against pro-Palestine student protesters after their conduct on campus allegedly resulted in assault and property damage.

    Peaceful except when they aren’t (which let’s be honest isn’t too frequently in the country fortunately). I don’t need to be yelled at by idiots who I already largely agree with. If they were pro Israel protesters or conservative activist camping out on grounds my opinions would be far worse.