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California says restaurants must bake all of their add-on fees into menu prices
  • This has been the case forever. Itemizing receipts for hotels is always a pain and at least my company's expense tool has buttons for more than 7 different tax fields each night. It's like filling out a whole spreadsheet it the nightly rate varies.

  • China launches world’s largest electric container ship with 50 MWh battery
  • True but efficiency is not the same and not as simple to compare since we don't know how much of the ship's battery is converted into motion. Similarly we don't directly know it's mass. ICE cars can use ~20% of the energy in fuel while EVs 90%+ of the energy in a battery. But now much can that ship effectively use? I have no idea how efficient boats are or aren't, hence the roundabout method above.

  • China launches world’s largest electric container ship with 50 MWh battery
  • It's still not a lot of energy though. Some rough napkin math for how far this would get you is below:

    Typical medium size cargo ships in the Panama Canal travel around 25 knots burning 63000 gallons per day of fuel with 5000TEU of cargo. That's roughly 600mi/63000gal or 1142miles per ton gallon. That Silverado EV somehow weighs 4 tons (totally safe to be driving at highway speeds), so this is the equivalent of roughly 285.5mpg per Silverado. The Silverado is 67mpge on its own, so the ship is just over 4x as efficient (and slower which is ignored here but would impact the vehicle efficiency).

    So using the Silverado's 450 mile optimal range we can say it has at most an optimistic 7 gallons equivalent fuel in its 200kWh battery. 50 MWH would be enough for a theoretical 1750 gallons equivalent if efficiency were the same. But for the efficiency difference this corresponds to a 4.2x improvement to 7350 gallons equivalent. Therefore this is enough to run that typical ship above for 2.8 hours. So with 65000 tons of cargo in the above ship to do a 200 mile route this ship would need roughly 3x as large a battery. More likely it will just carry ~1/3 the cargo or have charging stops en-route.

    The 19.4km/h top speed of this ship suggests they're well aware of the extremely limited range this will have for its size and it sounds like the Shanghai to Nanjing route will be pushing it's limits despite being less than 200 miles.

  • [not a meme] anyone I should add?
  • Posy has many videos along the lines of technology connections with incredible macro footage as well as lots of other random interesting stuff.

    mitxela for well documented high quality projects blending mechanical and electrical engineering.

    The Tim Traveller is basically Tom Scott if only covering strange historical things. And unlike Tom Scott he's still making videos.

    Cathode Ray Dude does a mix of long form content like technology connections, but focusing on relatively modern computers.

  • Apple argues in favor of selling Macs with only 8GB of RAM
  • Part of the difference is that the Apple silicon Macs aggressively use SSD swap to make up for limited memory. But that's at expense of the SSD lifespan, which of course isn't replaceable.

    I'd never recommend a Mac, but the prices they charge to get a little more RAM or SSD over base are crazy. The only configurations offering any "value" are the base models with 8gb RAM.

  • Microsoft reveals costs of Windows 10 end of life security update — and it might be more than you'd expect
  • This is just going to lead to people using outdated Windows 10 for various reasons. I don't use Windows much but have it installed. The trackpad gesture customization is basically gone in Windows 11 but was at least serviceable in Windows 10 (to change virtual desktops and volume easily).

  • Retirement crisis looms as Americans struggle to save
  • Employer sponsored 401k plans usually don't give that much choice in how you allocate the money.

    That being said our whole economy is tied to the stock market, in my opinion to the point it's "too big to fail" (at least catastrophically). Betting against it on the order of decades would be a very bad idea as our whole economy relies on inflation of the dollar.

  • Retirement crisis looms as Americans struggle to save
  • Although it doesn't solve the problem long term it buys enough time to not deal with it for another generation. Ethically applying a tax to all but the wealthy doesn't make sense anyway, so the public backlash for this option should be much lower than all others proposed with this level of impact.

  • Aldi plans to open 800 new locations in the US as Americans feel pinch of high food prices
  • Maybe it's just variable location to location but if you haven't been to one over the last 5 years they have really stepped up their game in my area. The selection certainly isn't quite as good as the normal supermarkets but the quality well above Walmart for a lot less money.

  • How often do you change your mobile phone plan?
  • Every other year or so, but only because there somehow keep being better deals. Over the last 8 years mint mobile has been consistently good pricing even for returning customers provided you're willing to pay for the whole year up front. That's my baseline. From there other small carriers come along offering unlimited for less and you join for a year or two until they go bust. Right now I'm on Spectrum mobile since it's free with even the cheapest home internet available to my address (for 12 months).

  • What are your top 3 purchases of all time?
    1. Quality electric toothbrush. I can't get my teeth feeling clean without one anymore.

    2. A rice cooker. Doesn't need to be fancy, but it lowers the barrier to cooking substantially given how many dishes use rice.

    3, A phone with a camera that's at least mid-range, as it's the camera you'll have on you most. I used to always use phones from cheap brands like Umidigi and although some of them did perform quite well others left me with gaps of my life where none of the photos I took have any detail.

  • Roku TV bricked until agreeing to new terms of service
  • This is referring to the Roku built into many TVs. So you have no choice but to deal with it at least a little bit for switching between your HDMI/PC inputs. The reason this case is so bad is that it literally prevents you from using any input or device until you find the Roku remote that came with the TV and click accept. The TV is a "brick" until you do this.

  • Ente: Open-Source, E2E Encrypted, Google Photos Alternative
  • And exactly this is why I use Google Photos in addition to hosting Photoprism. Google photos is too big to disappear overnight, but over the years I've seen nearly every open-source app I use go through the cycle of lost development interest. Eventually a dependency breaks and you're back to searching for a new open source alternative or coffee to manually use some outdated dependency which from a security standpoint isn't great.

  • TIL personal credit scores only started in 1989
  • They should write it as "you must allow targeted advertising at least once every 5 years before submitting a new opt-out request for the next 5 year period".

    So dumb this is legal, I just sent my email.

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