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Poop in the Seine, Packed Trains, Convoluted QR Codes -- Is Paris Ready for the Olympics?
  • Similar experience. The food was amazing, the louvre and notre damme were crowded, musee dorsay was great, streets were gross and grifters everywhere.

    Then I went to Kyoto. It was everything Paris is supposed to be. Absolutely amazing place. Incredible French food actually, wasn’t expecting that.

  • Even in the slowest lane
  • But when there’s only one lane on a mountain road and someone is going slow because they are scared of the mountains or scared of a tunnel for some reason…. Like dude pull over and let people pass

  • It's exhausting...
  • She wasn’t disliked because she was a neoliberal, she was disliked because 1. Woman 2. Huge history of political baggage going back 30 years 3. 5 year long intensive republican smear campaign

  • Pls someone make this reality
  • Whatever a red car is still a car.

    It’s dumb to say it isn’t a planet just because it hasn’t yet cleared its orbit. The decision to make it “not a planet” was also made by astronomers, not by planetary scientists. Like people with “Star” in their name know more about planets than people with “planet” in theirs.

    Anyways it’s extra silly because if you have “real planets” and “dwarf planets” then what is the higher group containing those two? “Things that orbit the sun”? No, they should both be planets.

  • I’valways wanted to grow drag fruits. How long do they take to fruit?

    Just came across this. I used to live in Hawaii and would pick dragonfruit on the roadside regularly. Can I grow them indoors, and how long until it produces fruit?