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That’ll be Why the Median is Barely Over 40
  • Ok, I see what you mean. In my education, average and mean we're used interchangeably.

  • That’ll be Why the Median is Barely Over 40
  • Well, not anything... It's pretty recognized that in most cases, median provides a more realistic and representative measure than average for this very reason (outliers).

  • So...
  • I'm divorced, it was amicable and there was no property to divide. Not everyone is living in your sad little world. For example, the people in the comic. Which I thought we were talking about.

  • So...
  • Im not a nihilist. I didn't say nothing matters. There's no -objective- meaning. I create my own. What matters to me is education, sex, music and freedom. I want to create a society where people don't need to stay in bad marriages to survive.

  • So...
  • Lol why? what moral ground are you coming from to suggest that other people should be serious about what you think is serious? Nothing is serious, we're all just meat bags. If you want to get counseling go for it. For most people it's better just to divorce quicker and not prolong your dissatisfaction because of some weird social or pseudo-religious adherence to norms.

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • Huh

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • Also not having kids is not the same as being alone. In fact not reproducing gives you a lot more time for sex, hobbies and friends...

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • Actually yes. That's the whole philosophy behind the voluntary human extinction movement, whose motto is 'live long and die out.

  • It's a respectable university
  • rip to the horse the hippo is riding

  • Sovcit is looking for solid proof.
  • He said case closed, how are you still arguing with him??

  • Everything means everything
  • You mean..thrash? Or is there a new genre with Oscar the grouch

  • Everything means everything
  • Incredible song, not extreme though. NOT KVLT AND FROSTBITTEN!!! FREEZING MOOOOOON

  • This makes it seem much worse than it is
  • A watermelon radish I think

  • Don't
  • I support the conscientious objectors who managed to get out of serving in Vietnam. In fact I feel relieved for them - and immense empathy and sorrow for people who did go, whether drafted or volunteering thinking it would be an honorable way to serve. If you read some Tim O'Brien it can help to paint the no-win picture that was that horrific war. Support your vets and also policies that minimize wars.

  • Whatever
  • It's not too late. Suck a dick, it's fun. Or if you're a lady, lick a pussy. Also fun. Can verify both.

  • Sick Rule
  • Hahahahaha, ummm, that doesn't really do it for me, but I did appreciate the image.

  • Sick Rule
  • I sometimes get off just to audio of men moaning shrugs

  • I caught a big fish!

    This was my first time catching a perch and eating it too.


    Do posts "remember" upvotes when you go back?

    Hi all, this might seem like a dumb question, but when I upvote a post in the comments and then go back to the feed, it doesn't show that I upvoted it. Does it remember that I did? What happens if I click it again?

    Thanks for any answers. LOVE THE APP


    is the Pixel just bad?

    I've had the Google pixel 6 for almost 2 years. Lately it seems like it just breaks everything. It has issues with multiple apps, it doesn't want to connect to WiFi, the list goes on. Everything I Google, it's like yep, me too, known issue. Is this a bad phone? What should I upgrade to?


    Why do some Spanish/English words share the same multiple meanings?

    For example, in English the word right (opposite of left) and right (privileges, as in human rights) are homonyms. In Spanish, derecho/a also means both of those things. Don't the concepts behind those words predate the cross-pollination of the two languages? Why do they share this homonym quality?


    can't see posts at all

    Under my profile, it says I have 3 posts. But I can't see them :( reasons why? I'm on which I know is buggy, but it's been like this for weeks


    hide read posts?

    In Connect you can hide read posts automatically and scrolling past posts counts as read. Is there an option to auto hide read posts? I hate seeing the same post twice.

    guinea pigs Bunnylux

    (oc) freshly bathed pig

    he was dirty

    guinea pigs Bunnylux

    it's foot out Friday