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Does anything truly get better than moving soldiers around on a little map?
  • Yeah, though I'm learning about Japan's history and, as much as I don't like how things went in European history, it could have been much worse.

    Like one big moment for me was when I realized that the whole seppuku ritual thing was actually rational and intended to prevent an even worse outcome.

    A European King (or church) could only kill so many people even with trials before unrest would start up. A Japanese Lord could just politely request subordinates kill themselves at their earliest convenience.

  • Evidence.
  • Yeah, it was very clearly written by people who didn't know that much about how the world worked but did know that they could trick others into believing they were experts. And in the very first story, they added a warning to try to prevent others from figuring out things and proving them wrong: the original sin was eating from the tree of knowledge.

    How that doesn't scream, "Stay ignorant so I can continue to control you!" to everyone who reads it and isn't a child who still trusts everything, I can't understand.

  • You got the cheese, the ham, the... wait
  • They are unwrapped and sitting pretty close to some meat and cheese. Feels like that's just asking for disrupting vaginal health balance. Plus I'd be suspicious of holes poked in the condoms. Unwrapping them is such a weird thing to do.

  • Does anything truly get better than moving soldiers around on a little map?
  • It's a logical fallacy, aka a debate trick for stupid people. Appeal to authority (something can't be true unless it's said by someone with the authority to be right) plus a claim that source doesn't have the authority to be right. Another version of this is when someone acts like citations are proof (or a lack of citations is a disproof).

  • The Christian right is coming for divorce next
  • Marriage rates have already been dropping and divorce is an available option. Removing that out isn't going to increase people's confidence about going into marriage.

    And as the nightmare stories come out about the guys (and probably some girls, too) who change overnight once the marriage license is official (or annulment period ends or whatever becomes the "now you're locked in as long as I don't get caught cheating"), it'll only go down further.

    There will also be a reaction to the women who decide to just stop being loyal once they are done with a marriage but can't get out.

  • Paradox Interactive has completely cancelled "Life By You"
  • I did see an announcement earlier this year that they were folding some DLC into the base game for either CK3 or HoI4 because it was difficult to balance the game with all of the different DLC permutations possible. I think it would be smart of them to do this in general, maybe after a DLC is past a certain age, pull it into the base game.

  • Accurate.
  • Imagine evolving awesome feet that let you stand upside down or climb nearly anything then some fucking human comes along and glues their inferior footwear over that, places a mic to listen as you try to get them off your feet in a panic, says "hmmm, well that's what it sounds like", posts it on the internet, then later on says, "ok yeah that is pretty annoying" as you're starting to accept your new inferior life and squishes you.

    Or even worse, puts you outside so that the bugs that once feared you laugh at you before a bird cautiously pecks and you to see if the things on your feet are traps then swallows you before choking on the tiny flip flops.

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • Yeah golden parachutes are such a joke in this society that likes to pretend to be a meritocracy.

    Though on that note, I'd love to see a law that limits golden parachutes to the lowest paid position in the company. Hell, I'd be ok with that being scaled to full time. Not because disgraced executives deserve even that much but because it would give some incentive to increase pay rates across the company. I've also long thought that executive compensation should also be limited by some multiple of the lowest pay. And yeah, I'd include stock options and grants in that (for both employee and executive compensation).

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • IMO a fumbled and later recovered launch is different from the enshitification of video games like P2W, MTX in general, lootboxes, releasing what should be patches as paid DLC, invasive DRM and anti-cheat. I'd file all of those under bad design, while a bad launch is more of a bad execution. There can be overlap, like if they fully intended for early players to fill the role of beta testers.

    The way I approach it is I try to avoid the bad design stuff entirely but just avoid buying new games at release and definitely never pre-order. I'll also support games in early release if I really like the concept and want to give them a better chance at being able to pull it off, but I go into those with the understanding that it's not complete right now and there's a chance it never will be. But I don't see any reason to hold anything against the games that have messy launches but later recover.

    Though I've learned to not jump on the hype train and that makes it much easier to not take any of this stuff personally.

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • If they can't keep their committed date (or fold entirely), then the source goes open. If every copy happens to get deleted during the bankruptcy, treat it as criminal fraud by the top levels of the company and go after everyone that could have decided to improve backups and other IT methods of avoiding that but didn't. That's assuming it was accidental, higher penalties if it can be proven to be deliberate.

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • I've also been avoiding playing games that involve some third party launcher or login. I'm not perfectly consistent with this and have bought some games before realizing they had this, but even steam games can be subject to a company deciding they don't want to support their game anymore (which IMO is fair) and just killing the game off entirely, which isn't fair. I'd like to see a requirement that other steps be taken to keep it going without their active support. Like opening the source and relinquishing all copyrights on that code. If they want to keep parts of it, then pull it out into a library that they continue to maintain.

  • Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • Putting all the eggs in the solar basket has risks, too. Like a large volcano eruption that reduces the amount of light that reaches the surface for a few years would be a double whammy, affecting food production as well as electricity production (which we'd need to rely on to try to offset the food losses). If we're instead facing brownouts or full blackouts, that's a recipe for a complete loss of stability. I suspect less solar energy reaching the surface would also reduce total wind energy (less localized heating would mean lower pressure differentials, but I could be missing other significant parts of this equation).

    I'd be most comfortable with a nice mix of energy sources combined with mothballing instead of decommissioning some capacity as renewables are able to take over more and more of the day to day energy needs so that we're prepared to deal with an emergency like that.

    I'd also like to see more food production moved to vertical farms that can be powered by electricity rather than relying entirely on the sun and weather. But I do understand that the scale of food production would make doing that with a significant portion of the food supply very difficult. But with climate change (plus nutrient depletion of the soil), keeping so many eggs in the "just keep farming" basket also doesn't seem like a great idea.

  • Electricity prices in France turn negative as renewable energy floods the grid
  • I wonder if people will soon realize that that rage they have for scalpers is just directed at the amateurs and that the upper class is full of people doing pretty much the same thing just in less obvious ways.

    Your employer (if you work for a private for-profit company) pays you x for your labour and then takes the proceeds of the labour and sells it for y where y is (generally) much higher than x. A business is profitable when the sum of all y is higher than the sum of all x.

    If it's a non-profit, then the difference between y and x must be put back into the business in some way, which could be an investment into an expansion of its scope or it could be a raise for some or all of the workers (payroll is not profit, it's an expense). And that could mean just the CEO gets a raise, because some of the leeching is via different pay levels for different people that isn't based on just the difference they are directly making to the income.

    Public services can vary. If the service is profitable, then the profit goes into the budget of the government entity(s) that run it, as determined by legislature. So everyone is acting as the middleman there. If it's not profitable, then it's covered by taxes, at cost. There's still varying salaries but it's subject to government oversight, so things shouldn't get as unbalanced as they would in the private sector, at least in theory. Though even in the public sector, there's this assumption that promotions should come with big raises, regardless of how the workload changes, so you can still have people at the top making orders of magnitude more than people at the bottom.

  • Truly though, it is a nice smell.
  • Maybe your fan is broken. Do you notice any wild performance variations?

    Though if you're used to loud fans by desktop standards, the Steam Deck is pretty quiet compared to that. Like yeah, it's audible, but I'd describe it as loud as a loud exhale. Some desktop fans were referred to as jet engines from how loud they got.

  • Truly though, it is a nice smell.
  • I assume it's like the new car smell. Pleasant or not, it's from inhaling plastic and paint particles and other chemicals as the excesses evaporate and loose pieces come loose and become airborne.

    Steam Deck is probably similar. Plastics, anti-corrosion coatings on heat sink fins, trace metals and solder, inks from the PCB, maybe the occasional ion leftover if there's any micro-arcing.

    I'd guess it lasts a long time because the cooling airflow continually erodes whatever is in its path, while new cars don't have that continuous erosion so eventually all the particles that were going to escape do and the ones left over are more stable.