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  • A Social Democrat believes in a mixed capitalist economy, with strong social welfare to support the people. They aim to achieve this reform from within the democratic system of governance.

    A Democratic Socialist is similar but with some added much more Socialist leanings. They believe in social ownership, a socialist economy, worker/public ownership of production means. Democratic control of the workplace. And lastly some Dem Soc's believe in a revolutionary approach to change rather than working from within. A "Throw it all out and start over" approach if you will.

  • Reuters denies reporting that Israel will attack Lebanon
  • Oh I know, what I mean is when the major US outlets just say "A Reuters report says (XYZ)....and WE say that means ABCD!" like that is hardly good journalism, that's more along the lines of glorified op-eds.

  • Israeli soldiers who drove with wounded Palestinian tied to their vehicle 'violated orders', military says
  • This is almost "navy seal" level copy pasta. PLEASE tell us more about how much smarter you are than us or how you empathize with the IDF murders

  • Based
  • I say this again for the hundredth time, FDR was a SOCIAL DEMOCRAT and not a Democratic Socialist. Two very and completely different things

  • Reuters denies reporting that Israel will attack Lebanon
  • What's really frustrating is how many American news outlets are just taking AP and Reuters reports, and rehashing them with their own news readers.

  • Where McDonald's places it’s allegiance
  • And this isn't taking into account all the franchises I bet you.

  • That 16% is used for union busting
  • That 16 percent is used to help in lawsuits to try and make the NLRB "unconstitutional"

  • Ruins of the Incan royal estate of Ollantaytambo
  • So beautiful, having climbed dozens of Mayan ruins, there's something of an artistry just to the masonry of these structures, it's so amazing what humanity has done for so long. And to think, in the case of Mayan buildings at least I'm not familiar with Incan structures, but the Mayans would have plaster like finished on the outside with vibrant color pigments and cloth and plant based decorations everywhere. Just imagine the beauty of these sites in their prime

  • Yahoo News Australia: EU approves start of talks with Ukraine and Moldova
  • Who gives a single fuck what Russia wants or is okay with. Ukraine is a sovereign nation and can decide for themselves who to align themselves with.

  • The Thin Blue Line and Gadsden Flag Mandalorian Meme
  • I love this, I have a no step on snek window sticker on my car and men approach me thinking I support their libertarian right wing bullshit, no dude, I'm making fun of your stupid ass flag

  • Two Lovers- Reza Abbasi, Persian miniature painting on paper (1630)
  • Such an interesting art style, reminiscent of both east Asia and India but all the way over in Persia

  • This is what freedom is about
  • lmfao, I eat very healthily, I work out every other day pretty damn hard. And I would chow the fuck down on this thing. I LOVE food, it is the sole reason I spend most the time eating healthy and working out, so that I can indulge on wild shit like this and not feel bad about it.

  • Good = Boring = No Corporate News Story
  • Good for you! ⭐ Here's your star, move along

  • This is what freedom is about
  • You can occasionally enjoy things like this and not be obese

  • Signs promoting Biden’s infrastructure may break the law, Cruz alleges
  • That boy ain't right, but he's got it where it counts

  • What is this bug I saw in Texas?
  • Google lens is suggesting maybe Rice Ear Bug

  • Mayo woman set to become first Irish person in space
  • Kinda fucked up to call an Irish woman a "mayo woman", they're not THAT pale

  • Just saying
  • Why are we having some random stock photo guy hold someone else's tweet?

  • This Day in History BigFig

    April 25th

    1792 - First guillotine is used to execute a highway robber

    1859 - Construction begins on the Suez Canal

    1915 - ANZAC troops land at Gallipoli during World War 1

    1959 - St. Lawrence Seaway construction is completed

    1990 - Violeta Barrios de Chamorro is sworn in as President of Nicaragua

    1990 - Hubble Space Telescope begins operation


    Summaries: (these are not robust or containing all important details; Don't @ me)

    1792 - The guillotine was invented by Antoine Louis and Tobias Schmidt as a means of capital punishment that would quickly end a life and inflict as little pain as possible. The first execution using the guillotine was the death of highwayman Nicolas Jacques Pelletier, which solidified its place as the only execution tool for decades to come.

    1859 - Construction began on the Suez Canal and would not be completed until 1869.

    1915 - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) troops landed at the beaches of Gallipoli within the Ottoman Empire, beginning the Gallipoli Campaign. The goal was to continually advance North to Istanbul and take the Ottoman Capital. The campaign was a massive failure for the Allies, resulting in 56,707 Allied deaths (31,389 British, 9000 French, 8709 Australian, 3431 New Zealand; estimated) and 56,643 Ottoman deaths.

    1959 - St. Lawrence Seaway is completed, linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes allowing much larger ships to bring cargo in and out of the Mid-Western states and Canada. It is one of the largest feats of engineering ever finished.

    1990 - Violeta Barrios de Chamorro is sworn in as President of Nicaragua, making her the first head of state in Central America. She served from 1990 to 1997. This marked the first peaceful transfer of power in Nicaragua in over 5 decades.

    1990 - Hubble Space Telescope was placed into orbit by the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery. It would later begin its service May 30th, and continues to operate today.

    This Day in History BigFig

    April 20th, 1912 - Detroit Stadium & Fenway Park Grand Openings

    April 20th, 1912 Grand Opening of both Detroit Stadium and Fenway Park. Detroit Park would later be renamed Tiger's Stadium and close in 1999.

    This Day in History BigFig

    April 20th, 1914 - Ludlow Massacre

    Beginning in September of 1913, 10,000 workers for the Colorado Fuel and Iron company went on strike to protest low pay and poor working conditions. Workers constructed a tent camp housing 1200 workers near the company town. On April 19th, 1914, the Colorado National Guard deployed a machine gun overlooking the camp and demanded that the strikers give up. On April 20th, they opened fire killing 25 people, 11 of whom were children.


    Previous Stray

    This is Penny, I've posted her before a little bit ago. She is the opposite of the new one. Looks cute and cuddly and is instead an absolute bitch. But we feed and love her anyway.

    Shes about 3 now


    Personal Milestone

    I just wanted to share that today I ran a 7:38 mile. This isn't huge, this isn't a record. But for me it's the first sub 8 minute mile I have ran in about a decade and I feel fucking PUMPED.

    Anyone who's out there struggling to meet what they used to be able to do easily, it's okay. We all feel that at one point or another. What matters is setting goals and working to get there no matter how long it takes.


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