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Need a little guidance on grinding
  • Yes the are local. I like supporting locally and ethically sourced as much as possible.

    I’ve been reading about people modifying them on forums and briefly considered adjusting, but decided against it. I was only «allowed» this machine because of the nice and easy to use UI. The missus doesn’t share my enthusiasm for playing with minutiae details, so I have to stick with pre weighing beans before grinding and fiddling with my own settings. She wants a full hopper and a button called Americano.

    Thanks for the advice and you taking the time though mate!
    Out of curiosity; what machine did you end up with?

  • Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • Right, but there’s nothing immoral about it either.

    I live in a place where the rich pay their fair dues to the benefit of the less fortunate. That’s where I think you need to focus on getting, not slandering every successful company out of envy.

    Thanks for the chat. You were nothing but respectful. Have a great weekend.

  • Need a little guidance on grinding
  • It’s starting to dawn on me that you might be right.

    I think I’ll keep trying different beans to test a lot of different coffee before landing on one variety and order that instead.

    I’ve gotten a lot of really good advice here today that I’ll use in my future brewing career.

    Thanks for taking the time, mate!

  • Steam Is Run By Fewer Than 80 Staff, Lawsuit Docs Reveal
  • Then what is the point?

    Why are they not allowed to create a good service and profit?
    Why are the competition unable to take marketshare with lower fees?

    It feels as if you have this number, >billion, makes a company evil. Why?

    I agree with you that no single person needs a billion, but having earned it doesn’t make them bad. They innovate and move everything forwards. I’d much rather see my money with Valve than with EA, Activision Blizzard or any of the other faceless giants out there.

  • Need a little guidance on grinding
  • Ok I just did a quick weight test and the difference is massive!

    The store bought beans are marked 6/7 darkness and gave me close to 60 ml of volume.
    The subscription without marking gave me <50 ml for the same weight. That's allmost a 20 % difference in weight even though they look very similar!

    I'll do another test with an exact number of beans to confirm, but I've learned a lot already. Maybe my 1:3,5 ratio wasn't half bad after all and what to actually expect from such a light roast.

    This is cool stuff! Much obliged again!

  • Need a little guidance on grinding
  • Appreciate you taking the time!

    I’ll do some volume/weight tests and see what the difference is. If it’s lighter than I thought, a higher ratio is what I should be going for anyways.

    Cheers mate!

  • Need a little guidance on grinding
  • These are quite dark. Other than that, I know very little about them.
    I’d go crazy and say similar roast to the supermarket beans I get great results with at 14 grind, if that is of any use?


  • Need a little guidance on grinding
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Sadly the tamping is integrated in this machine so I have no say in it really. No way to disable it and do manual only, so only more would be possible after the machine is done.

    My shot time now is 28 seconds static, just to have a baseline and adjust grind to match weight afterwards. All are medium to dark roasts. This is following James Hoffman’s review of the machine.

    Apart from the channel, the coffee tasted good. I am mostly concerned with constantly fidling with the grind to achieve a consistent result.

    What would you have tried in my case?
    Decrease shot time with coarser grind and ignore the lack of crema?


  • Need a little guidance on grinding

    Morning Gentlepeople.

    As a coffee newbie I am having some small issues while trying to improve my game. I have a Oracle Touch and subscrube to a local monthly coffee delivery, so my beans change weekly.

    My issue is that the grind setting is incredibly different from bean to bean. With my last bag, grind 14 gave a perfect 1:2,5 ratio. With a different bean today, I had to discard two cups before learning that grind size 3 gave me the same ratio. 14 gave me 1:3,5 which tasted rubbish.

    The problem is that I got channeling and very little crema.

    I guess the questions are: do different beans require completely different ratios or am I doing something very wrong? Should I accept a very high ratio to avoid channeling on certain beans? Or should my timer be lower on certain beans?

    Thanks in advance for any help and have a great cup this morning!

    Russia had no justification for invading Ukraine.
  • The only thing I disagree with is the last sentence. We should support majorly as the alternative, Ukraine actually losing, is going to potentially cost us so much more.

    If China knows we will send a little here and there, then abbandon it once it starts tickling our well filled wallets, it could very well motivate a hostile takeover of Taiwan. That would absolutely shock our way of life as practically all advanced silicone is produced there.

    That, and both China and Russia both not being particulary well known for their humane treatment of political and ideological enemies…

  • Are cars with AWD worth it compared to FWD.
  • I live in Norway and made it around with FWD/RWD on all my cars, untill recently. Moved to a house at the bottom of a steep hill and got an AWD.

    So while I am saying that you probably don’t need it, I am never going back after having had it for two winters. It’s just so superior once snow turns up.

  • Help me find Bronzie

    Looking for a Youtuber

    He makes short videos covering famous songs with both instruments and random items. I'm fairly certain he is bald and usually memes a bit with his sunglasses.

    I just can't find me guy and this itch is getting annoying.

    Thanks in advance!

    Any tips on dealing with people that don't like you?
  • Do they dislike me for no good reason? If yes: fuck them, I’m awesome!

    Do they dislike me because I did something dumb? Let’s talk and let me appologise if I cocked something up for you. My intentions are rarely malicius.

    This let’s me live a happy life knowing I didn’t ruin anyone’s day and ignore the rest.

  • Jellyfin AndroidTV 0.16.11 can't reproduce any video
  • Yeah Memmy still has some issues it seems.

    Happy you solved it though! I’m hoping for a new Shield when the new Switch arrives so I can ditch it myself. It works, but you can really tell it’s strugling on the higher bitrate files.

    Have a great summer mate

  • Ukraine Bronzie

    Ukrainian advances as of 11/6/23

    Several villages liberated in the Donetsk oblast. Hopefully the first major update of many.