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Michigan Republicans' bill: Make AR-15 state's official rifle
  • What kind of connection does Michigan even have with the AR15? The only think I can find is the wife of the designer died there decades after he died in Florida. They couldn't name it after a gun that is produced there? Are they are so obsessed with identifiable firearms that they can't give their own designers any spotlight?

  • The debate gets interesting sometimes
  • I have never heard of this and it sounds insane. You wouldn't kill everyone or no one, you'd probably kill everyone and the people on the train too. When I look up purposeful derailment the only incident I find is that crazy guy who crashed two trains into each other for fun killing some spectators.

    Edit: hey more googling. You could argue it happened once and calling it a "trolley problem " is generous. The incident I'm finding was a runaway train in Australia. A runaway train is a lot different and usually they don't try to fix them like that, but by applying the brakes. It's also worth mentioning it was a "controlled" derailment and not just some guy flipping on Deja Vu as he sees if he can emulate initial D. There was no one in the area. Also in general I feel the trolley analogy has long fallen apart at this point.

  • ‘We’re in 1938 now’: Putin’s war in Ukraine and lessons from history
  • I've played that hoi4 scenario as Czechcoslovakia and the only reason it's winnable is because it's a game and the ai makes huge mistakes.

    I've been comparing this invasion of ukraine to Czechcoslovakia since almost the start, but there are differences. Not really between the justification or the foreign policy that the Russian government is using. Between the relative strength of Czechcoslovakia v nazi Germany and ukraine v russia. Also between ukraine's negotiated treaties. Ukraine appears stronger than Czechcoslovakia but never obtained a defensive pact with a single other country. The Czechoslovaks had a defensive pact, but it was quickly abandoned. I still see letting them fall as akin to appeasement, some vying for leadership positions have suggested that abandoning defense pacts is justified sometimes. If it's justified sometimes you may try to find a hole to make it justified all the time. All ukraine had been promised was weapons and we may be in a position where we tell ourselves we did our part even if we didn't do enough.

  • Trump claims mobs of 500 people are raiding stores to steal air conditioners
  • That's fair, and I'm sure many of those politicians in both parties have committed it as well. However the subject of the article has committed vast amounts of it. I think that's worth mentioning. He's the subject of the article after all.

  • International law
  • Ha why not. In fact I'll go further. I just donated 200 dollars to humanitarian aid in gaza. I half thought about making it on the condition of him signing this bill, but then I thought it would be cruel for them to never receive it. It helps more than denying the reality of any differences between parties. After all of we can accept that reality why would they try to go any further?