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Tech support workers, what are your favorite stories from your time in the industry?
  • Many years ago I worked for a small company who'd just hired a new CEO - and the guy hated me for some reason. He used every chance to make inappropriate remarks, and at times he'd just get angry and start yelling at me because his MacBook wasn't doing something the way he wanted it. Keeping in mind, I didn't do support for endpoints, my specialty was servers and network. I'd just let him go off because he wasn't local, and would only come to the office for a day about once a month.

    One day he called into the office and asked for me (again there are other support people who could easily help him with his macbook issues). He states he's on a train, and can't send or receive e-mails. Assuming he's done basic troubleshooting, and not wanting to piss him off further, I go through normal troubleshooting steps. After several minutes he gets angry again, and starts yelling at me, so did what anyone would do - I put him on speaker phone so everyone else in the office could hear his rant. We all had a good chuckle.

    Once he'd gotten it out of his system, I suggested he give me his remote access info (we'd installed remote access software on his macbook for this very reason) so I could remote into his system and see for myself what was going on. He states the software won't display the one-time access I asked him if he was connected to the WiFi, there was a pause, and then and the phone went dead, he just hung up on me. Magically his email started working after that

  • iiiiiiitttttttttttt Boris_NotTooBadinoff

    Working support, some days it rings true

    I think we've all been there 😂