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How many email addresses do you have?
  • 3 mailboxes

    • Work
    • Personal (general use)
    • Personal (Important personal stuff)

    That last email is for things I don’t want to risk reading in public. It’s the one I give to my doctor, financial advisor, insurance, tax authority, etc.

  • This will surely stop people making fun of HR
  • Depends on where you live. Unless you explicitly specify something else in the employment contract, the notice period here (the Netherlands) is 1 month for the employee and 2 months for the employer. If you do specify it in the contract, the notice period for the employer has to be at least twice that of the employee.

  • They don't want you to know
  • ‘Just hot air’ is a bit of an understatement. Mine goes to 500°C during a cleaning cycle. It physically locks the door so you can’t open it when it does this. My dishwasher I can open at any time.

  • Autism could be diagnosed with stool sample, scientists say
  • Only some. I’m autistic and don’t have any problems with hypersensitivity to food.

    However, GI issues are a very common in autistic people. Differences in microbiome may very well be one of the causes of autism.

  • Direct3D 8 Support "D8VK" Merged Into DXVK
  • No, the terminology sounds right to me. The term front-end and back-end are used in other contexts than building websites.

    For example, the term is used in compilers, where the front-end takes code in a programming language and translates it to an intermediate representation (IR), and the back-end takes the IR and translates that into machine code for a specific architecture. A compiler like LLVM has many front-ends and back-ends to support different languages and architectures.

    The term applies to many things where there is a multi-layered architecture.

  • How programmers comment their code
  • Good code is self-explanatory. You should only comment your code if it does something unexpectedly complicated.

    The code shows what is being done. The comments should explain the why.

  • Eat it
  • An RC aircraft is basically a guided missile with a meat grinder at the front. The electric ones are surprisingly more dangerous than the nitro ones. A nitro engine can stall if something gets in the prop. An electric motor just keeps going.

    Go talk to some old geezers at your local RC club, they’ll undoubtedly have some nice tall stories about what happens when props get in contact with body parts.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • 5-10 sandwiches a week is a lot of bread to you? When I was in high school as a growing teen-aged boy I would eat that in a day. Most families with kids will go through 1 or 2 loafs of bread each day.

    Is this a personal thing or do Americans in general just eat very little bread?

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • Get up at normal time, walk or cycle to nearest bakery (3 minutes), buy bread, cycle to work (5 minutes), have delicious bread for breakfast and lunch at work, cycle home.

    You have time to live 45 minutes away from work (WTF) but not 5 minutes to pick up bread?

  • I ordered my daughter a pizza, something I don't usually do. I got Domino's smallest size with two toppings. I got her cheese sticks and two sauces and tipped the driver 20%. $31.07.
  • Assuming we had proper bike infrastructure(which we don't); you'd be hard pressed to top the speed a car can go, and you would still have to stop frequently at lights, just like a car

    Here it’s the exact opposite. There is no way a car can keep up with a bike in the city. Let’s say I wanted to go to the city center by car, which is about 2 kilometers. I would encounter 5 traffic lights just in that short drive. On a working day it would be slow, on a Saturday? Forget it. It would probably be faster to walk. Alternatively, I could go by bike and encounter exactly zero traffic lights. I would ride from my house to the bicycle highway (few hundred meters), and from there it’s an uninterrupted route to the city center. It’s a completely separate path and there are bridges crossing all major roads. Near the city center it turns into a shared space where bicycles have priority over cars. The city center isn’t accessible by car at all, so if you go by car you have to park your car at the edge of the city center (paid) and walk the rest. By contrast, I can cycle right up to any store and park my bicycle right in front of it.

  • Lemmy Support BorgDrone

    The "run a server" link on returns a 404

    Hope this is the right place to report this, as this community is mentioned on the contact page of

    If you go to and click on 'run a server', this results in a 404. This is a shame as it puts up a roadblock for those wanting to create their own Lemmy instances.


    Unable to subscribe to any external community

    I'm trying to subscribe to some of the communities linked here.

    When I click on any of them, there is no working subscribe button. There is a 'subscribe' text, but it's not clickable. (see attached screenshot) The button does show up on local communities, but not on federated ones.

    Tested on Safari iPadOS 16.5.1 and macOS 13.4.1