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If you knew in advance about being laid off, how would you YOLO the exit interview?
  • But if you quit then you can leave them a few clues as to why you’re leaving and how they might avoid losing more staff.

    The reason I'm quitting is because they didn't pick up the clues that I was looking to leave, and I don't want to help them avoid losing more staff because of it. The people I left behind should take the hint if they were smart.

  • The r/FluentinFinance subreddit, a regular on the front page, may be a massive influence campaign
  • I think the scarier thing is the part where a user has 66 comments, 77 comment karma, and 109,000 post karma. How are comments not upvoted more when post karma is that high? If you made a good post, the comments you make in that post should be upvoted relatively the same. Why is no one getting comment upvotes when it "appears" to be popular?

  • Not My Castle, Not My Monkeys.
  • She literally had just came out of a house that was thrown far away from her home town by a tornado. She was likely traumatized, in shock, and didn't know what was going on. She's surrounded by a bunch of little people following a weirdo shoe looter that hands her shoes, which she needs as she has none because hers were taken by a tornado. I think any judge would understand the circumstances and let her off.

  • Not My Castle, Not My Monkeys.
  • I wouldn't exactly call being trapped in a house that was lifted by a tornado and dropped on someone's head "murder" in the classical sense. And it's not like the witch was going to need those shoes anymore. Besides, Dorothy didn't steal the shoes, the "Good" Witch Of The North looted them off the dead body and gave them to Dorothy. Are you going to turn down shoes from some weirdo that just pulled them off a dead body like it wasn't the first time that's happened?

  • Happens once per thread
  • I also understand that the advantage of encountering a bear is that they would know to immediately run the fuck away.

    You've completely missed the point of picking the bear. It has nothing to do with the bear. Have a nice day.

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  • Individual men were hurt by feeling classified as more dangerous to a random woman than a bear in the woods when their lived experiences place them well below that threat

    It's quite obvious which side you've picked. You talk about men's lived experiences while complaining that women talking about their lived experiences "trampled over a lot of innocent men."

    There's no point in debating this. If you're really just a spectator, then you wouldn't be actively arguing about it. But I don't have to play along with this. That's my choice...

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  • It's one thing to say that you feel hurt by the idea that a woman would choose a bear over you. It's another to argue that they are wrong to make that choice and that women are just being irrational. You have every right to feel hurt and to express that you feel hurt. You don't have the right to tell anyone else what choice to make. That's the line that was crossed. That's where they were no longer innocent men. Of course you're not going to win an argument when you try to control other people's choices. The entire reason women choose the bear is because of men trying to control them. You don't have to like that choice, but you do have to accept it because it's not your choice to make.

    That's the real winning move...accepting women's choices, no matter how "wrong" you think it is.

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  • The choice may have been controversial, but the number of men telling women they are being stupid and irrational for picking the bear was unnecessary. Not to mention that it totally explained why women pick the bear.

  • Happens once per thread
  • You'd think, but after that man vs bear thing I realized this place can be just as bad. Some instances are tolerant, but other seem to be more combative and less tolerant. The only benefit here is that I can block the less tolerant instances and people more easily.

  • Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price
  • Honestly, nothing yet. I've only been playing with it for a few weeks. I just use the web interface on my phone to test the voice control. I've been looking at the esp32 devices that people have been building, but a lot of them admit that they can't come anywhere close to the reliability of the microphone array used in the Alexa.

  • Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price
  • And this is exact the reason I'm building a Home Assistant instance with local voice processing. Right now it takes a few seconds to process a request and take action on my crappy 1.8ghz laptop with only 4gb of RAM, but it basically does everything I use Alexa for. This announcement is just encouraging me to build a better server with an esp32 satellite.

  • Account suspended
  • I saw this coming as soon as they killed the old mobile site. I generated a new gmail address to placate Reddit's requirements, just in case I needed to modify old comments. Of course I unfortunately realized they were backing up and restoring old comments anyways, and that most of it was likely sold before the API debacle. But I can still get back in whenever I want, not that I really want to. Just like Digg. And Fark.