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Signal under fire for storing encryption keys in plaintext on desktop app
  • What other red flags do you have in mind?

  • Mélenchon explique pourquoi une partie de la gauche est en train de trahir
  • pourquoi on se passerait du mec qui a fait 22% aux présidentielles

    Ça m'a toujours semblé nimpossible d'interpréter ce qui se passe aux urnes avec notre système de vote, mais perso j'avais voté de façon purement utilitaire. Mon contre argument à ça c'est que Glucksman est sorti en tête de la gauche aux européennes et qu'on laisse la droite centrer le debat à propos de NFP sur LFI, alors que pour le coup on a une expression des électeurs.

    La gauche sans Mélenchon et LFI elle a gouverné il n'y a pas longtemps, c'était un désastre.

    Ça pour moi c'est le même argument que "de toutes façon c'est toujours la merde, au moins le RN on a jamais essayé". Alors j'ai pas spécialement d'argument appuyant que chonchon serait un mauvais dirigeant, mais ça c'en est pas un non plus. En plus ça découpe la gauche de façon très bizarre : Mélenchon et les autres.

  • Mélenchon explique pourquoi une partie de la gauche est en train de trahir
  • Je trouve que la gauche s'en sort pas mal sans lui non ? N'avait t'il pas dit lui même "faites mieux" après la dernière présidentielle ?

  • I'm Not a Programmer, but Here’s Why Linux Is My Daily Driver
  • Maybe with zRAM and a bit of swap it could run quite ok 🤷

  • What do you think of this prediction?
  • Steam, my Steam library and Proton could disappear. But at least it will have supported a big traction in the ecosystem : Wine, DXVK, Lutris, Heroic Launcher, Bazzite, etc... are all open source projects (so they can't really disappear) that have never moved as fast as they are today.

  • YouTube looks to be testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers
  • You could still go for a premium subscription, but I don't trust Google with my money either.

    I hope this would make some quality content creators to move to another platform, but I don't really believe in this.

  • Ne considérez pas que 1/3 des français sont pour le RN.
  • Heuuu, si tu considère que le bulletin est simplement interpretable tu peux seulement affirmer que AU MOINS 1/9 des français sont pour le RN.

    Ça ressemble un peu à du dénis comme post, quand j'étais étudiant on avait une variante de ça où tous le monde se convainquait que seul les vieux votaient pour (l'extrême) droite et donc qu'il fallait juste attendre que notre génération vieillisse.

  • Patrick Breyer and Pirate Party lose EU Parliament seats
  • But at least France is holding its hand this time! 🙃

  • EU approval for chat control
  • I'm relieved that the group I wanted to vote was against. I'm frightened that it was the only one against in France 😱

  • Discours d'un cuistre bien connu
  • Ah oui ? J'aurai dit qu'aux européennes comme on vote à la proportionnelle ça invite plus à faire un choix personnel ?

  • Russia Says It's Assembled a Lithography Machine, Will Make 350nm Chips Soon
  • Plus I would guess that few country could also rebuild the whole manufacturing process in a few years?

  • Uncanny Valley
  • That makes a lot of sense👍

  • Do you play non-steam games?
  • I play Dofus, both in desktop and gaming mode. The fact that a tactical turn-by-turn RPG optimized only for keyboard an mouse is playable on gaming mode feels so empowering, it certainly took some time to configure bindings though 😅

  • GitHub - uszie/firefox-breeze-theme: A Breeze theme for Firefox🔥
  • I'm not a KDE user but thinks looks very relevant!

  • Google Search Is Now a Giant Hallucination
  • I think it's been a long time since digital companies tried to solve actual problems.

  • Mozilla Corporation Org Changes to Accelerate our Path to the Future | The Mozilla Blog
  • But the future is inevitable, isn't it better to be less pessimistic and attempt to be prepared for it instead of just waiting?

  • De-Google Your Life - Part 1 (Linus Tech Tips)
  • It's not like I hate it but it felt like a review target for a specific audience and with little journalistic work. I was a bit disappointed because he is often refered to be one of the most serious and unbiaised tech reviewers on the internet.

    But yeah, that was a first impression indeed.

  • De-Google Your Life - Part 1 (Linus Tech Tips)
  • I think there was some ethical drama in his company a while ago, which might have been recently answered 🤷‍♂️

    I personally didn't like the very few videos I saw of him, it looked like g@mer consumerist obsessions. The latest I saw was about the last Fairphone release and he was very critical about what I'd call very reasonable design choices, like capping the screen to 60Hz instead of max 90 by default, or having to turn the phone off to swap SD card. This video felt like it was not an honest criticism or intended to a very niche audience (eg. hot swapping SD cards might be critical in the eyes of someone producing video content).

  • Steam Deck game library now 29% larger than that of Nintendo Switch
  • They just talk about Steam games that were verified by Valve's process. So yeah, as you said, it's much larger for people who are willing to do a tiny bit of tinkering 👍

  • Anyone knows how to remove this top border border from Firefox 121+?

    Hi !

    I'm using Firefox Developer edition on sway, and since version 121 it shows a small border on top. I have the option hide_edge_borders both enabled, so this border is displayed by Firefox, not Sway (cf. the terminal on the right end of the screenshot).

    Does someone else have this issue? Do you have an idea for a workaround? Is this a bug I should report to Firefox?

    PS: I've seen this issue on Arch, NixOS and Firefox 122