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The word "phonetic" is not spelled phonetically.
  • I mean, aren't we using mostly Latin letters and sounds to spell non-Latin words?

    There's a phonetic English alphabet out there. Some Scottish poet commissioned it years ago.

    It is named after him. But I am an uncultured swine and can't remember who it is at the moment.

  • NSFW
    Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Waking, 1944 - Salvador Dalí (1904 - 1989)
  • This album is where I learned that sleep paralysis is a thing, and that other people also experience it.

    I was a very stoned high-schooler in the back of someone's shit car when they put this album on and I immediately thought my "night terrors" were suddenly happening in the middle of the day now. The joy when I realized it was the music blew my tiny little mind.

    LOVED this album. Enjoyed the one after it. And then they kind of fell off, as a band.

  • What is something that was explained to you wrong such that you could never understand it, and you received a clarifying explanation that finally made sense?
  • When doing a convolution of two curves in time, you flip one of them backwards.

    Our shit statistics teacher made it so complicated.

    And then one day, next semester, in a lab for signals class, the TA casually said "flip one, so they both start at zero seconds" and half the class started convulsing as an entire semester worth of misunderstood math magically snapped into place.

    Lots of engineering teachers, have no business being teachers.

  • If you had the funding from a major company and total creative freedom, what video game would you get made?
  • Open world mystery-solving rpg that's set in early colonial New England.

    All the different townships are religiously secular and xenophobic. So you have to travel from place to place earning people's trust, while simultaneously working on different parts of different crimes/mysteries.

    It sounds... Complicated. But this is all hypothetical.

    I wouldn't be interested in some stance on religion. Just the point of that's how it was in some places.

    The game could have an occult/magic type vibe. Or not.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • We have this little rechargeable night light that shaped like a slug. I think it's for little kids, but we use it on the bathroom at night so you don't have to turn the main light on, but you can still hit the toilet.

    It's a dumb little thing. But it works so well and keeps a charge FOREVER. We got it on Amazon for like $15.

    Plus you turn it on/off by clacking the eyes together.

  • Dirtywave M8 Case Battery Update High Quality Dirtywave M8 TNTOR Battery Case - Etsy

    This Synthesizers item by othernotherone has 32 favorites from Etsy shoppers. Ships from Ellicott City, MD. Listed on Apr 18, 2023

    High Quality Dirtywave M8 TNTOR Battery Case - Etsy

    I was looking for a case for my soon-to-be-here tracker, when etsy showed me the one that a lot of people have that's compatible with the TNTOR battery pack.

    Unfortunately those packs are no longer easy to come by and I had asked this dude if the new version fits. He didn't know, so he took some measurements and said it wasn't compatible. Then he decided to find one that would be, and he's updating the design to fit the new battery pack.

    Guy went above and beyond for me so I wanted to share the love. He asked me to pass on anyone who might be in the market for a M8 case, so I figured I would try here. As I don't currently have any IRL friends into synths/trackers.