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What is the difference between a regular app and a web app? Does iOS have WebApps or is just an Android thing?
  • Although that is changing slowly. PWAs are starting to get more and more support for APIs on the devices. For example if you install te Microsoft teams app, afaik it’s also just a web app, but bundled with all the rest so that it seems like a normal app.

    PWA’s can even have hardware GPU support nowadays.

  • What are the cybersecurity weaknesses of the Fediverse?
  • The way Reddit did this was by just giving out a token, that could be done in the same way here on lemmy, I think that would solve the issue.

    Now it’s true that you will be redirected to the site (here lemmy) but that’s the same on all services, as a user one needs to check the host name and certificate of the site they’re directed to.

  • BAMF: Die Asyl-Blockchain wird immer länger
  • “Das BAMF hat also offenbar einen hohen Aufwand betrieben, um ein Konstrukt zu finden, mit dem sich die Eigenheiten einer Blockchain so umgehen lassen, dass sie zu geltenden Datenschutzbestimmungen passen” Tja Also bis heute verstehe ich diesen Hype um blockchain immer noch nicht so ganz

  • Has anyone used the book The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa?
  • Well put. i guess you're right. I know that Shinzen Young is trying to do some of that kind of research. But in general the only thing I've heard of are studies in the direction of mindfulness. And afaik there's a bunch of studies showing positive benefits to that. And in a way most meditation techniques, while not focusing on mindfulness, do require it to work. At least in one way or another. But you're right. For me at least I know it is a good thing and that's enough for me.

  • Has anyone used the book The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa?
  • I have read the whole book and have meditated accordingly for a year or so. I agree that it's not that science based. But I still found it super cool that it is a very analytical or 'scientific' approach in that it is very algorithmic and clear what you do when. There are some parts that are a bit unclear, but all in all I really enjoyed the "if you are there, do that" kind of approach.

    Do you have any other book recommendations that are more science based?

  • How tastes change over the years
  • I'm kinda similar to that. I used to read a lot of fantasy but now often I find the characters kind of lacking. Maybe I'm remembering wrongly but that's why I really loved the earthsea saga. It had all of the fantasy elements, but I remember reading it and feeling it had more depth than a lot of other fantasy.

  • Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....
  • Hmm well then :D I'll continue and hopefully finish in time. But it is really long haha

    But I just love the worldbuilding there and how it plays with disinformation. You can understand why everyone does the things they do, but sometimes you're just like NOOOOO, don't do that, they're on your side xD

  • Humans Aren’t Mentally Ready for an AI-Saturated ‘Post-Truth World’
  • I mean you’re right, but I think there will be some time before everything becomes so integrated that we really do t have to learn anymore. Right now for example we have good translation, but learning a language is still immensely helpful when you’re trying to communicate in another country. I think there will be things like that for quite a while.

  • Post up your favorite aeropress recipes!
  • I don’t do inverted. I just add coffee and fill up the aeropress with boiling water. Then I put in the plunger to keep the water from dripping. After a minute or so I’ll do one swirl to get the grounds to sink to the bottom. The I way for like five to ten minutes and press slowly.

    I use one filter and usually go for a light roast. I also tried stirring with a spoon but I seem to prefer the swirl