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Tucker Time: Fri 1 Mar 2024.
  • Spicy dan dan noodles.


    Honestly a regular go to meal. If you make a large batch of the mince and sauce to keep in the fridge, you can have a meal down in like 5 mins.

    Reheat the sauce, mince and stock in the microwave. Add the greens when you boil the noodles and you're done.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • When the story ended, the lead talked to the audience giving a QR code to buy tickets for other people to come and see the message of 'hope'.

    That might be their new MO to inflate numbers cause it worked for The Sound of Freedom. Just because you buy people tickets doesn't mean people will see it. But I guess they make their money so they don't care/mind.

  • my boy
  • Gorgeous! I might be biased because he looks like my dog but with slightly different colouring.

    A good photo too, looks like you caught him in a moment of calm, but I can imagine the chaos once the ball is thrown.

  • Running - General Chat
  • My new shoes arrived today - Asic kayano 30s. I'll get to break them on Sat, hopefully they'll make running further easier.

    I think my current shoes wore down too much, I was starting to get weird aches and pains.

  • Light-hearted romance novels for my mother.
  • Maybe just the first couple of books, the second to last book deals with domestic abuse (father to son). I think they allude to off screen in the earlier books as background details.

    Sorry, I remembered more of the series as I was scrolling through my read books.

    Oh, there's Kate Clayborn's Beginners Luck. Contemporary with a little home reno thrown in. That was very sweet, no violence.