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Why does nobody here ever recommend Fedora to noobs?
  • Yeah totally, I think to use Arch successfully you need an opinion about what your system needs, and that takes experience with using Linux.

    Installation is pretty trivial these days with the install script

  • Why does nobody here ever recommend Fedora to noobs?
  • Ironically this is how I feel about Arch, for me it's worked flawlessly for years.

    I don't bother getting in 'discussions' about using it, because if other people have problems I'm not going to convince them that I don't.

  • As a first time Linux user pretty much what should I use for gaming.
  • In general, pick big well supported distros.

    Smaller more specific distros like Nebara may sound good, but if there are issues, you will have to wait a long time for a small team to fix them, or work it out yourself.

    All standard distros can be used for gaming, you may need to find a way to pull in the latest kernel/drivers/packages if you want thr most optimises experience though.

  • Last Epoch 1.0 is out!
  • I tried Void Knight and had quite a bit of fun with multihit, javelins, smyte and void smash, it wasn't totally optimal but got me to end game quite nicely and if I found/crafted better gear could probably have kept going.

  • Last Epoch 1.0 Patch Notes
  • How much have you played the game?

    It's in a very good state, even with the bug you describe which is very low priority and I haven't even noticed myself, the majority of people play online.

    They have made a game that is objectively better than D4 in some areas, I think that's pretty good for a small studio and saying they are incompetent and thoughtless just sounds like back seat driving to me.

  • Titan Quest II reveal trailer


    Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr season 7 out now

    On the 28th the Season of Malediction started, anyone here playing this game?


    Prograis Vs Zorilla close fight or terrible fight

    It's something that has been mentioned a few times this year with the high profile fights that have been so close, but judges have ruined - thinking of Haney Vs Lomachenko, but that certainly wasn't a terrible fight by any stretch of the imagination.

    I keep seeing one of two reviews for the Prograis fight though, it's either a terrible fight or a close fight.'

    Well... Which is it?