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After a particularly annoying update today
  • Exactly. After reading through some forums it sounds like BitLocker may have been enabled at the factory initially but I had never noticed and since I didn't set it up myself I had no key. So anyone reading this and running windows: right click your C: drive and see if BitLocker is enabled. If it's enabled and you didn't enable it or don't have the key then disable the encryption. You can re-enable it afterwords and safely backup your new key so you never find yourself in this situation.

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    what is the most stable standing desk?
  • I love my standing/sitting desk. I use an uplift from thehumansolution. I've been using it for about 8 years now. I bought one of their frames only and removed the desktop from my old desk to mount on top. I'm not sure if they sell just the base anymore, but I see they have a lot of options. I also use a lifespan brand walking treadmill under mine that I've been using just as long. I highly recommend both. It has done wonders for my back issues that kept getting worse after prolonged sitting.

    It is not wobbly, and I have my entire desktop and triple monitors with heavyduty tri-monitor base on top of it.

  • How do you fight the temptation to not look at your phone or other electronic devices after going to bed?
  • Yes, the no phone in bed rule is a good one. I also try not to look at my phone first thing in the morning aside from turning off my alarm. Then I get up and start my day before checking the phone. Don't let your phone dictate your day, start it yourself with intention first.

  • In your opinion, how would the perfect online social media platform be like?
  • I saw something that resonated with me the other day talking about social media vs social networking that resonated with me.

    It stated something along the lines of Social Media being just that published media. Always having a spin to it or doing it for the likes.

    Social Networking on the other hand would be more about connecting with people over similar interests.

    That's why I only used reddit before and now have hopped to Lemmy. I'm interested in finding out more about the fediverse because it sounds like it has a lot of potential solutions to things that kept me away from Facebook and Twitter.

  • it's raining

    It's raining. That's all.