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The Ex-IDF Students Who Assaulted Pro-Palestinian Protestors with Skunk are Identified but Still No Arrests
  • No, the IDF weapon Skunk spray is not like fart spray. Skunk spray is a malodorant weapon that produces an extremely foul, sewage-like odor, but it is not the same as a simple fart spray.

    The key differences are:

    1. Composition: Skunk spray is a complex liquid blend of organic and non-toxic ingredients, not just a simple fart-like smell. It is designed to create an overpowering, nauseating odor.[1][2]

    2. Potency: The Skunk spray odor has been described as much more intense and persistent than a typical fart smell. It has been likened to "rotting meat, old socks, and open sewers".[1][2][4]

    3. Purpose: Skunk spray is a crowd control weapon used by the IDF, whereas fart spray is typically a prank item without a serious military/law enforcement application.[1][2]

    4. Removal: Skunk spray is very difficult to remove, with the smell potentially lasting for days or even years on clothing. Special soap is required to neutralize the odor.[1][2]

    In summary, while both involve unpleasant smells, Skunk spray is a much more sophisticated and potent malodorant weapon, not simply a fart-like spray. The IDF developed it specifically for crowd control, unlike a typical fart spray.[1][2]

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