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Russia says US support for Ukraine will end as ‘humiliating fiasco’ like ‘Vietnam and Afghanistan’
  • I mean, they've gotten way better at it, but most of their equipment and doctrine are still targeted at utterly destroying a near peer level threat. The f-22 wasn't designed to fight insurgents, nor is it suited to that task.

    I would think that the USAF would happily establish and easily enforce a no fly zone over Ukraine and could probably pull it off within a few days of getting the order conservatively.

    There was the story a few years ago when a well equipped and trained Wagner battalion "accidentally" picked a flight with a US army unit or base in Syria and got immediately demolished.

    Writing this out definitely feels like braggadocio and it likely is. But I would think the Russians don't want to find out why we don't have universal healthcare first hand.

  • Biden administration finalizes controversial minimum staffing mandate at nursing homes
  • No, that's not how associations tend to work in the US. Very likely he came from an association in an adjacent field and is essentially the conduit to Leadership and in charge of executing their strategic plan and such. He is not paid by the companies is individuals directly he is paid by the association. If they don't do well collectively he is probably out and would be working somewhere else potentially entirely unrelated.

    In associations longtime professionals tend to work with the same sorts of groups, but very often their jobs and those of the Members are entirely unrelated and the specialization is more due to connections and being able to say you understand how to work with those sorts of people.

    For example I have been working mostly with research scientists most of my career at at this point. I have no background in science, but I have a lot of contacts with people who work for scientific associations and I can say that I an very used to their personalities and have a record of success I can point at. That doesn't mean I couldn't go do a fine job for realtors or something since the jobs would be basically the same, but that I landed here and it's the easiest fit at this point. K

  • Russia says US support for Ukraine will end as ‘humiliating fiasco’ like ‘Vietnam and Afghanistan’
  • At the risk of being jingoistic, this type of opponent is exactly what our military is designed to utterly destroy. If the US was an active participant it would have very quickly wiped the floor with the Russian army and would be dealng with Russian backed insurgents in the east.

    Ukraine has been beating them with the stuff we routinely throw away (when the Republicans don't get in the way), I am convinced they have no non nuclear answer to our actual military.

  • Biden is marking Earth Day by announcing $7 billion in federal solar power grants
  • This is undeniably good and I would like to see more. I would really like to see the federal government seriously look at the issues with power transmission and storage as those are the main hold ups in green energy right now and a lot of that is regulatory hurdles.

    We could pretty easily hit all of our renewable goals in 5 years if power transmission projects didn't constantly get bogged down in NIMBY lawsuits.

    I am not saying that the apparatus of government should be used to run roughshod over people with concerns about this, but we cannot let individuals stop vital infrastructure projects.

  • Don’t wanna bash on Discovery … but is there notable disengagement around the final season?
  • I like that SNW at least is genuinely trying to live in and explore it's era, it always felt like disco was just using that setting carelessly.

    Picard felt very pandering, I couldn't get past the first season.

    Lost Decks is the best one though, you can tell there's a genuine affection for the setting and it's quirks.

  • The Sega Dreamcast
  • Dreamcast also had fairly poor 3rd party support aside from Namco as I recall. I agree they could have made hay in the West, but that was an uphill battle without EA and I think Activision really bringing anything to the table.

    In hindsight they should have done a twin stick controller too. I liked their controller, but the Xbox controller was that that should have been.

  • What's something you'll never get the store brand/generic of?
  • I don't think anyone is suggesting getting soy sauce made by someone with a handlebar mustache. Just that other brands tend to be way better than the Kikkoman you would find in a grocery store.

    Lee Kum Kee for example is often in grocery stores and is way better for about the same price. Kimlan is pretty good. Sempio is way way better if you can find it, which shouldn't be too hard if you live somewhere decent.

    No need to attack them.

  • What the Upper-Middle-Class Left Doesn’t Get About Inflation
  • The comment you are replying to was dickish, but this is a porous argument. In general the price of materials per cookie is going to be very low and an equivalent batch to what you would get in a box is still going to probably be around 15-20% of what you would pay at the store. Most cookie ingredients are shelf stable, most of them are very cheap, and you generally don't need a lot of them with the vivid that you will already be ahead material wise for the next batch.

  • Chicago Gang Rise Up
  • Agreed, APA is the most sensible and straightforward generally.

    I will always have a soft spot for Turrabian though since it was what my undergraduate history dept used and I lived it when I was writing my thesis.

  • Star Trek: Lower Decks to Conclude with Fifth and Final Season
  • I would give it a bit longer, but in fairness I liked it from the start so it might just not be for you.

    I like that it's properly an ensemble show and it does a much better job of living in the established universe than disco does in my opinion.

  • When you think about it, was Palpatine's plan kind of dumb?

    From a long term perspective, what did he gain from all of the oppression and over centralization of power other than fostering rebellion and instability? Once he was chancellor he could have dialed back the overt machinations continued to exist in the shadows to weaken the Jedi and grow his own power.

    Hell, he could have become a sympathetic father figure to the Republic after Order 66 had he just remained as Supreme Chancellor, or even put himself in a position where he could step back and install a puppet successor and maintain the illusion of democracy while controlling the levers of government. Why create an unstable power base for himself when it seemed like he was mainly interested in doing SIth magic stuff in seclusion? Was he just bored?

    Pathfinder 2e General Discussion BigilusDickilus

    What are some good "sticky" monsters/npc's to use as frontliners?

    I have a group that is very mobile and I want to start challenging them more/give the enemy caster a turn or two to get cooking. What are some good enemy frontliners? I realize I could just have the frontliners they run past just do the same thing and go after the casters, but that feels a bit chaotics and I like me a nice setpiece now and then.