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Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • I've made a comment before in the past when dealing with game publishing. All of the things Steam provides, including worldwide distribution to a lot of regions EGS, MS store, etc don't sell in because of a variety of laws, Steam just does better.

    You pay less because you get less. I'm selling a product. The last thing I'm going to cheap out in is sales. I'm not going to see great sales from the EGS because A)Nobody uses it and B) the shopping experience is terrible. I don't have access to the same makers and (hearsay) the actual process of getting your game distributed is a pain. I wouldn't know, I don't sell on EGS.

    Further, we were having a conversation about a problem that doesn't exist. You're more than welcome to use Steam and other storefronts.

    Hell, you can handle all of the sales yourself AND put it on steam. Most people will buy it on steam simply because that's where all of the customers are.

    Asking Steam to lower their prices because that's where you'd make the most money is a mind bender.

    It's like trying to sell your hand made Combs. The gas station on the corner is happy to take only 20% of the profit. They're all over the place and accessible. But you really want to sell it at the boutique shops because they have more comb-seeking customers. But then when they ask for 30% of sales, you balk and tell them that's too high and they should lower their cut to that of the gas station.

  • Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • That you're like, 12 years old? Or at least have the fundamental world view of a 12 year old.

    Fukkin lmao "steam is a necessity they owe me to make it cheaper"

    Get the fuck back to reddit child. Enjoy your block.

  • Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs
  • This thread contains a lot of great bangers. But let's play devil's advocate for just a minute.

    Let me know when you build a global distribution platform with 5-9 uptime, credit card processing, full compliance with all of the various laws in all the countries you serve and also provide a cdn for my game for free.

    I'll be waiting. You better pull through on this, you owe the community your labor

  • Not only is "Seinfeld" vastly overrated, any claim that it pioneered the concept of "a show about nothing" is ridiculous and imbecilic.
  • I also quickly stopped reading.

    I never really watched Seinfeld. If it was on I saw a few minutes of it.

    My problem is saying "you like this thing? Well you're WRONG."

    You sound like a narcissistic child who can't fathom the idea that some people like things you don't like. Also this isn't an unpopular opinion. Like, Seinfeld was a huge show 30 years ago. I would imagine a lot of people disliked it for whatever reasons you're ranting about.

  • In 2018 a group of Valve staff tried to figure out just how efficient they were being—and found they were making more money per head than Apple, Facebook, and nearly every tech giant out there
  • Valve's 30% is high, sure. But you're not seeing the total cost of selling a game.

    And yes, I've done this before.

    Besides the user count, besides all other factors. Digital sales are kinda hard.

    You need to offer the actual game. If you're selling an indie game that's a few hundred megs, well you get to go sign up for a service to deliver it. Could be as simple as a google drive link, but because this is business use you get to pay business prices.

    Are they charging a flat rate per month, per gig? Per download? Some combinations?

    Now there's updates and patches that need to be delivered. Same deal as before, but also now you need to handle the actual patching. Do you ship one big patch that checks for previous patches? Small individual patches that your users have to figure out what one they need?

    Does your game have multiplayer? Well damn have fun with that.

    What about support and refunds and GDPR stuff? Gotta factor all of that in too.

    Now we get to do payment processing. You get to pay a company to accept payments on your behalf because you are NOT doing that yourself you WILL get stuck on inane and silly laws.

    That's part of it. Paying steam 3 bucks on my 10 dollar game to handle ALL of that? Yeah that's fair. Could it be cheaper? Sure. a lot of things could. I don't spend months on a game and then cheap out on the most important part: sales.

    My time is valuable and worth 30%

  • What is a tip, fact, or piece of information that you want to share?
  • Always anchor heavy, tall or easy to climb furniture to a wall. Use either a stud or a drywall anchor. Even if you rent.

    The holes are tiny and easy to spackle fill and could save your child, pet or elderly persons life.

    Don't be fucking lazy, anchor that dresser.

  • SAG-AFTRA Defends Alec Baldwin: ‘An Actor’s Job Is Not to Be a Firearms Expert’
  • Sure. But it doesn't take an expert to know that you don't point a firearm at someone and pull the trigger as a joke.

    "I thought it was empty!"

    "I Thought it was loaded with blanks!"

    "I only looked at my phone for a second and didn't see the cyclist!"

    Same excuses.

  • Palworld Cost One Billion Yen [$6.75 million] To Make
  • Jesus Christ, I can smell your fedora from here.

    "consumers are stupid". So I guess you and everyone else is stupid? Calling people who like things you don't like stupid means you have the mind of a toddler and probably act like one.

    But you're right. People don't want new things. It's why movies like Oppenheimer bombed and only made almost a billion. It's why "Everything, everywhere all at once" bombed and nobody watched it nor talks about it ever.

    People like things that they like. Crazy.

    Yeah a lot of people grew up with superheroes, so they watch their favorite franchises. Less so now since we can see some decline with people getting sick of it all.

    People like sports, so they buy sports games. EA has a strangle on licensing rights for the players. People want to play as their favorite players. Fucking wild right? If a competitor came in, had the license rights and made a decent game, guess what, people would probably buy it.

    I started off in MUDs. When WoW was new, the class synergy and the contexts in which they worked was new, exciting and fun. Yeah people wanted to see that outside of WoW because back then it was new.

    You sound like a grognard loser who likes the smell of their own farts and tries to establish their milquetoast opinion as fact

    Inb4 "you're a marvel watcher" I don't watch them because I'm not interested in superheros. Inb4 "FIFA slave" nope don't care about sports ball.

    Your reply is going to be some nonsense about how you're right because you're just...right! Don't bother, I won't read it.

  • American Debt: Auto Loan Balances Hit Record $1.6 Trillion in Q3 2023
  • "I choose to do this so everyone who doesn't has a small dick!"

    Sorry you have the internal resolution of a toddler. Enjoy your car, I guess.

    And by the way: I drive a beater. so don't go thinking about my dick size, please. I don't consent.

  • What is an average person living in the US supposed to do about corporations raising prices?
  • Do me a solid. Just go get on a plane to any one of those places. Just step off the plane and just live there. No visas or any other nonsense. You're the smart one and know better. Only 300 bucks to fly! These guys are just dumb.

    Go grab a job and just live there.

    Have fun, smart guy!

  • Ranked: 30 Movies You Can Claim Are Christmas Movies Instead of Developing a Personality
  • "No, the only Christmas movies are movies I SAY are Christmas movies!" ~ Dan Rice / Chat GPT

    Imagine caring what other people consider a holiday movie? Dan sounds like a miserable person who will go through your movie collection and call them all horse shit and demand you and your group watch a 4 hour movie about a woman brushing a horse and proclaiming It to be true art.

    I stopped reading at his banal prologue. Don't invite Dan over for movie night, for he is armed with a Chat Bot and a thesaurus.

  • Any good resources for GM tactics?
  • Run them naturally. How should they act?

    Having a set plan for creatures can work fine. But think about how a fight will naturally progress.

    Let's take your Goblin encounter as an example.

    Against 4 1st level PCs. A fighter, a Cleric, a rogue and a Wizard. classic party. Let's make it a Moderate encounter. So let's have 4 goblin warriors.

    First. What's the location and what triggered the encounter? Did the players sneak up on the goblins? We're the goblins waiting and sprung an ambush? Did both parties collide accidentally and it's a mad scramble?

    Let's use the goblin ambush. They set a trap and caught the party off guard.

    So the first round will be that, say, the Fighter in the front of the party triggered a bear trap that was hiding just under the sandy road. The goblins, after hearing the trap go off, spring up and start lobbing rocks, maybe a alchemist fire they stole off the last mark.

    Now the PCs are going to do their thing. At this point, put yourself in the mind of the goblins. They're going to deal with the biggest threat first. Maybe the fighter escaped from the trap and is currently marching his way up to their hiding spot and they're going to surround and beat him down?

    Maybe he didn't escape and the wizard is tossing painful spells? What about the Cleric? Is he healing the fighter? And where did the rogue get off to?

    With most intelligent enemies, they don't fight to the death. Everyone probably would rather run away and live to fight another day. But if they think there's no way out. Maybe they surrender? Or perhaps your party is effectively or brutally killing allies, so they have no choice but to go all out and use all of their resources.

    I guess the way I do it is flip it. The enemies are your characters. Play them thematically and if possible, intelligently. Hell, maybe the PCs obliterate half of your guys in mere seconds and you just high tail it out of there.