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Another World is Possible
  • The problem is that this time we've likely got a few decades at the most to form a movement before a huge chunk of the world becomes uninhabitable and society crumbles under the weight of war and famine.

    Looking at how things are going, I have little hope that the majority of people are willing to let go of the status quo.

  • Or we could do metric time
  • Three months and one week still seems like a clean quarter to me.

    Alternatively, if we really want to stick to the three-month quarter then we could call the extra week of each quarter an off-week or save it all for the 13th month of the year since nothing really gets done during that time anyway.

  • Mansplaining vs ND Over-clarifying
  • My dad does the opposite of mansplaining, he explains things using terminology and concepts that are way above my level of understanding and gets frustrated when I ask too many clarifying questions or when I struggle to catch on.

    It fucked with me pretty bad growing up and in an effort not to put other people through that I tend to assume people know little about esoteric subjects I'm talking about and try to explain things in a way the general layperson would understand. If they let on that they seem familiar with the subject then I adjust but I do often worry I'm coming off as being condescending :⁠-⁠\

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