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Comfortably #Black. Escaped the South, currently enduring the #PNW. Just out here chillin trying to be a little less dumb every day

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Game Thread: Buffalo Bills (0-0) at New York Jets (0-0)
  • @BaskinRobbins
    More like DejaVu. Same guy 3 times

  • BlackPeopleTwitter Ang Black


    @BlackPeopleTwitter Don't see any activity here, maybe we could get some use of it. Yall feel like ruminating/unloading you feelings about your old flame, Ms Twitter, she a different person these days..

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    ( June 30 2023

    \#BlackFriday June 30 2023

    Last friday of #PrideMonth Boost, highlight, connect our #LGBTQ community Reintroduce yourself Shout out somebody Celebrate each other Tell your stories Get On The Floor and Dance!

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    What is the most WRONG thing a teacher, professor, or school book told you?
  • @GhostedIC
    Very broad strokes are true, yes. Some detail has been suspiciously omitted