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When you finally get to watch Discovery and realize it isn't actually an enormous pile of mugato dung
  • I've been a Star Wars fan for almost three decades and I think almost all Disney Star Wars is "fine" at worst. Even most of the things I didn't like had some sort of redeeming qualities, or I could recognize that I wasn't the target audience. The only thing I truly hated was Rise of the Skywalker, which is quite possibly my least favourite Star Wars thing ever.

    I realize this puts me in the very small minority among Star Wars fans, and it's the reason I tend to avoid fan discussions these days - the relentless negativity is exhausting and leaves little room for discussing the things about Disney Star Wars I find good and/or interesting.

  • Anyone remembers this one? (The Incredible Machine)
  • I played a lot of the second game. I borrowed it from the library on a whim and it captured my imagination like very few other things did. I remember always checking the CD-ROMS in every visit after that to see if it was available again, and snatching it to every time it was.

  • In groundbreaking move, Poilievre campaigns among evangelical Christians - National |
  • It might have been 22 Minutes instead of Air Farce, and it might have been Stockwell Day instead of Preston Manning. I couldn't find a video clip using any combination of show and politician.

    As I said, it's deep memory from long ago. I mostly remember it for personal reasons and not the actual joke. But, you've reassured me that it wasn't just a hallucination on my part.

  • In groundbreaking move, Poilievre campaigns among evangelical Christians - National |
  • Somewhere deep in my memories there is a Royal Canadian Air Farce skit about Preston Manning (I think) and how he "didn't campaign on Sundays." The joke is that him highlighting his supposed piety of respecting the Sabbath was, in and of itself, an act of campaigning. I did a quick search for the skit and couldn't find it, unfortunately.

    Now, decades later, we have a party leader not just campaigning on Sunday, but making political speeches from the pulpit. I can't help but think this is a step backwards.

  • A cool guide to birth commonality
  • Other users have pointed it out: this data set likely includes induced births and c-sections, neither of which would be scheduled on a holiday.

    You can also see a dip around 4 July, so this data is probably from the USA

  • The entire Dragon Age series is only $10 on steam until June 27th.
  • I'll point out that you can use Dragon Age Keep to plan out key choices in the narratives of the first two games, and even create a world state for import into Inquisition. Helpful if you want to play Inquisition and want a refresher and/or don't want to replay the earlier games

  • 8,000 seat TX church attendance after lead pastor (Trump's spiritual advisor) busted for pedophilia
  • Different denominations have different traditions. Christianity is not a monolith and has split many, many, many times.

    My experience is that the more separated the church is from the oldest denominations, the less likely the priest or pastor is to wear "traditional" garb. The church in the picture is some flavour of southern evangelical, and so is pretty far removed from Roman Catholicism.

    I grew up in a reformed Calvinist tradition and the pastors always wore suits. In later years, younger pastors would even ditch the jacket in the summer.

  • Bravely Default 3DS
  • The story seems generic at first, but it goes places later.

    One feature I really liked about this game was that you can adjust the encounter rate, even down to 0%. No in-game consumables or equipment needed, just an option in the menu. If you want to gain a few levels, you can crank it up. If you just want to revisit an old location because you missed an item, you can turn it off.

  • Legend says he’s still down there
  • The hardest part of the Water Temple is that one of the keys is hidden way better than the others, and if you start opening doors in the wrong direction you will run out of keys without it. Combine that with the clunkiness of swapping to/from the Iron Boots and raising/lowering the water level, and the place quickly grew tedious and frustrating.

    The 3DS remake added an extra camera sweep and some decor highlighting the hidden passage where that key is found.

  • Customer service
  • I will never again buy a Samsung product after they refused to honour the warranty claim on my dishwasher. It had a legitimate design defect, I alerted them well within the warranty period, and I provided all the appropriate receipts. They just plain ignored my complaint while putting on a contrite facade in every interaction.