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The abs that shook the pillars of civilization
  • I do think there is some element of gender disillusionment if not dysphoria in very insecure men. I don't think calling them some stage of trans has the right implications though. They are men that want to stay men. But their internal views of men are constantly challenged by their culture and environment.

    Nothing says women can't have muscular bodies or else they must be men or being a woman wrong in some way. But that dissonance obviously irritates the type of guy that unironically wants to be an alpha gigachad. So they impose their own standards on others, unknowingly outing their insecurities.

    If I'm being really honest though even if I thought all of that was likely, it's way more likely that people on the Internet just love to start flame wars about anything if they're bored enough. Especially when the target is a woman.

  • Let's do micro service
  • I don't disagree with there being tradeoffs in terms of speed, like function vs network requests. But eventually your whole monolith gets so fuckin damn big that everything else slows down.

    The whole stack sits in a huge expensive VM, attached to maybe 3 or 4 large database instances, and dev changes take forever to merge in or back out.

    Every time a dev wants to locally test their build, they type a command and have to wait for 15-30 minutes. Then troubleshoot any conflicts. Then run over 1000 unit tests. Then check that they didn't break coverage requirements. Then make a PR. Which triggers the whole damn process all over again except it has to redownload the docker images, reinstall dependencies, rerun 1000+ unit tests, run 1000+ integration tests, rebuild the frontend, which has to happen before running end to end UI tests, pray nothing breaks, merge to main, do it ALL OVER AGAIN FOR THE STAGING ENVIRONMENT, QA has to plan for and execute hundreds of manual tests, and we're not even at prod yet. The whole way begging for approvals from whoever gets impacted by anything from a one line code change to thousands.

    When this process gets so large that any change takes hours to days, no matter how small the change is, then you're fucked. Because unfucking this once it gets too big becomes such a monstrous effort that it's equivalent to rebuilding the whole thing from scratch.

    I've done this song and dance so many times. If you want your shit to be speedy on request, great, just expect literally everything else to drag down. When companies were still releasing software like once a quarter this made sense. It doesn't anymore.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • Guys... This is not a complicated discussion. I'm a trans woman. I've been the man. And now I've been the woman. I'm telling you without question I'm picking the fucking bear. Men are scary motherfuckers. A sizeable number of you are cruel, calculating, and downright uncaring. If you're debating women about why they'd pick a potentially dangerous animal to be alone with in the woods instead of you, you have entirely missed the point.

    Go talk to every woman you know in your social circles and in your family, and ask them if they have been assaulted or sexually assaulted by men. The number of them that says yes to that question is going to be depressing. Some of them might even confide in you that they've been raped. My own sister didn't tell me until I asked her why she was so upset with my brother one time. She had recently been raped by a boyfriend and when men got angry around her she'd flip out. Those acts, when inflicted on you, poison your default view of your fellow man. If you can't imagine a man being more dangerous than a bear, then you've never had to.

    A bear can't break my trust. A bear can't gaslight me into thinking all the shitty things he does are because he loves me. And if I told someone I got attacked by a bear, at least they'd believe me. They wouldn't need to bring out a bear assault kit to prove it. The bear is predictable. Men are not.

  • Sexsomnia: An embarrassing sleep disorder no one wants to talk about
  • I get it. I have like, life ruining levels of insomnia, which is like 90% because I have extreme nightmares every time I fall asleep. They're so bad sometimes I wake up crying. Sometimes I don't fall asleep because I know what's waiting for me when I eventually lose consciousness. I'm so thankful when I have no dreams at all. I've talked to doctors and psychologists about it and they just shrug at me like, wow that sounds tough. Nobody has ever helped me with it. And really who would take it seriously? It's just nightmares right? What adult is afraid to go to sleep? To dream about loved ones dying in gruesome ways right before their eyes? Or getting murdered in horrible ways, tortured to death, trampled, eaten alive by insects, being responsible for killing my whole family in a car crash, falling to death and remembering what the impact felt like, having my eyeballs plucked from my head, my stomach torn open and my guts devoured while I'm still alive. I'm not even close to the end of the list of what I've experienced over half of my life. Yeah they're just nightmares. But I have to experience them. For the rest of my life.

    The only fighting chance I've been given is to move to a state where weed is legal because it basically prevents me from dreaming at all.

  • Like Taking Crazy Pills Every Day
  • I sincerely doubt you have much to add that is philosophical or thought provoking, if this (honestly tired old image) was enough to make you respond like anyone who criticizes Trump, or attacks bad takes about how both sides are bad, makes everyone here extremists. And now you must flee to a safe haven where nobody does that? Is that not... Seeking to participate in a different echo chamber? Do you not see how ridiculous that is?

  • Roleplaying evil characters
  • I don't know how seriously to take this kind of discussion sometimes. I can rationalize that a person can do awful things to people in a fictional setting and it's not a commentary of who they are as a person. On the other hand I cannot escape the feeling that I am replying to a genuine sadistic monster, based on everything you just said in this post. Forget all of that. Unnecessary commentary when there's a point I want to make.

    There's a crucial difference in video games vs more free-form varieties like TTRPGs: You're on The Rails. Video game RPGs are almost always on the rails. There's no real sandbox game anywhere. Like there are good attempts, but at the end of the day, any game has programmed expectations for your inputs and what it can output. Video games can't possibly fathom how deeply evil you could actually get. It would be a developmental and technological nightmare to try programming in all of your awful choices and how they could spiral the narrative. They have to do their best within the limitations of how much could possibly fit in a game. And I'm assuming the game companies also have to take into account the ratings system, and PR. Even if you could play the game any way you want, good AND bad choices, you're going to get odd looks from people if they know the game allows you to sexually abuse NPCs, or enslave people through extortion. You know what I'm getting at? The real limitation isn't the technology, even though that's already a big one. Even in virtual, completely fictional settings, being allowed to play that shit out is wholly monstrous. And I can't imagine the toll it would take on designers who would be tasked to write it.

    So if you really want all of that and accept the risks, make your own CRPG where you can go all out on Evil. Being critical of developers and designers for not being willing to go as far as your twisted mind can go in a video game is a wild take. Go play in an evil TTRPG campaign if you want to get those kicks. It's way easier.

  • Table of various levels of piracy
  • I'd say for myself it's a tit for tat situation.

    If the company I hypothetically pirate from is a total prick, mistreats their employees, donates a part of the money they earned from my purchase to lobby to my government to reduce the rights of minorities, I won't give a single fuck. I may even just never touch their product out of spite.

    Are they inoffensive and fairly neutral? I likely won't pirate if I have the means to buy it.

    Are they basically ConcernedApe? I will follow them to the ends of the earth showering them with praise and riches. Never pirate and would actively shame those who do

  • NSFW
  • We're at the "demonization of being left-handed" stage of understanding.

    Yes you appear to be left handed but couldn't you simply train to use your right hand? You and all the left handed people should work on that

  • College swimmers, volleyball players sue NCAA over transgender policies
  • Regardless of where anyone sits on this topic, I need you to realize something that none of you are even aware of. By accepting the premise of the argument as "men are generally stronger than women," you are immediately accepting that trans women are men. It doesn't matter how you land the rest of your opinion. The fascists got you to accept their presupposition that trans women are just men.

  • What's the deal with Docker?
  • I approve of this expanded answer. I may have been too ELI5 in my post.

    If the OP has read this far, I'm not telling you to use docker, but you could consider it if you want to store all of your services and their configurations in a backup somewhere on your network so if you have to set up a new raspberry pi for any reason, now it's a simple sequence of docker commands (or one docker-compose command) to get back up and running. You won't need to remember how to reinstall all of the dependencies.

  • What's the deal with Docker?
  • It's virtual machines but faster, more configurable with a considerably larger set of automation, and it consumes less computer resources than a traditional VM. Additionally, in software development it helps solve a problem summarized as "works on my machine." A lot of traditional server creation and management relied on systems that need to be set up perfectly identical every deployment to prevent dumb defects based on whose machine was used to write it on. With Docker, it's stupid easy to copy the automated configuration from "my machine" to "your machine." Now everyone, including the production systems, are running from "my machine." That's kind of a big deal, even if it could be done in other ways naturally on Linux operating systems. They don't have the ease of use or the same shareability.

    What you're doing is perfectly expected. That's a great way of getting around using Docker. You aren't forced into using it. It's just easier for most people

  • In the near future, it is projected that contrarians will gain self awareness.
  • The term AI being used by corporations isn't some protected and explicit categorization. Any software company alive today, selling what they call AI, isn't being honest about it. It's a marketing gimmick. The same shit we fall for all the time. "Grass fed" meat products aren't actually 100% grass fed at all. "Healthy: Fat Free!" foods just replace the fat with sugar and/or corn syrup. Women's dress sizes are universally inconsistent across all clothing brands in existence.

    If you trust a corporation to tell you that their product is exactly what they market it as, you're only gullible. It's forgivable. But calling something AI when it's clearly not, as if the term is so broad it can apply to any old if-else chain of logic, is proof that their marketing worked exactly as intended.

  • Gen Z is prioritizing living over working because they've seen 'the legacy of broken promises' in corporate America, a future-of-work expert says
  • It's the imbalance that's always been the problem. People want to work, but many have to work to survive. So every day is a struggle for survival. It's no wonder we're seeing a rise in anxiety disorders, depression, suicide, and general health decline across the board. Some day every late stage capitalist society will normalize the kind of work culture we see in China, South Korea, and Japan, where people are worked to death and have no time for themselves. No time and no safety net for starting families. And paid just enough to get by, not to thrive.

    I'm with the younger generations here. I'd rather amuse myself to death than work myself to death.

  • Could we please refrain from doing exactly what nearly got defederated?
  • As a trans person, I feel the need to say this for the cis so that y'all don't need to tiptoe around it or keep quiet:

    Trans people are not immune to being awful people. You may not know if someone is really trans or not. But you can tell with much greater certainty whether or not they're an asshole. So stick to that instead of getting baited into bigoted language.

    Asshole is gender neutral. 👏

  • Oddly consistent
  • Happened to me when I was 18. I had severe Sun Poisoning (extreme allergic reaction to moderate sunburn) and not only was I inconceivably itchy, the pain I experienced was indescribable. Waves of pain so bad THROUGH MY ENTIRE BODY I could only scream and cry. I was shaking and incoherent. My mom was with me the whole day, and was the one who brought me to the hospital. Of course, with my behavior as extreme as it was, the hospital staff let me suffer very loudly in the emergency waiting room because they thought I was a drug addict. My mom, who has worked as a nurse, spent about an hour chewing people out left and right about the situation. I eventually got treated but that was probably the most traumatic experience I've gone through my whole life

  • What's the oldest piece of tech you still have running?
  • SNES purchased by my parents in 1992.

    An old blade server I was able to take from my very first job, state of the art for the time it was made around 2002. It's still running and I've been using it as a media and hosting server for years despite how out of date the specs are now.

  • Not many people admit to being offended by something that someone said. When was a time you actually felt hurt and/or insulted by someone?
  • My mother told me that she hated me. After a really dumb argument we had, as adults. I still talk to her and play nice in front of our siblings but I haven't forgiven her and I don't think I ever will. I lost a lot of love for my mother in a single day and then nothing anyone has said to me since has ever matched or beaten that feeling. How do you trump your own mother hating you? She moved on like she never said it. No apologies. Never mentioned it. You can call me every name and slur and hang me for all my fuckups and oddities, but you can't hurt me. I'm already at 0 HP emotionally