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World's first wooden satellite built by Japan researchers
  • The new Japanese Lacquer Box satellite.

  • Yes that'll do it.
  • Somehow that pose reminds me of:


  • But My Leftovers
  • Could it be Mr House's dog?

  • The Internet Archive is under a DDoS attack
  • Yeah it still seemed slow today.

  • when google bought datasets from reddit
  • Editing grub.cfg from an emergency console, or running grub-update from a chroot is a close second.

    Adding the right Modeline to xorg.conf seemed more like magic when it worked. 🧙🏼

  • Good price too
  • They are a bit itchy.

  • It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer • The Register
  • I thought Xen and OpenVZ etc. became obsolete with KVM? But it's probably for the best that Xen is still used.

  • Yippee ki-yay
  • The cat is so fast that even if it gets hit 8 times it will still defeat the octopus before it can shoot again...

  • It's a molé
  • The mole with a mole informed me that the mad scientist is trying to create a mole of moles, you have 48 hours to complete your mission Double-o-Mole!

  • Grocery shopping
  • Is Black Friday happening on the other side of that isle?

  • An alternative chess platform
  • Was thinking the same, use unicode or emojis for chess pieces.

  • Does anyone really need a 1,000 Hz gaming display?
  • 1 kHz is mid tier, real gamers use 1 MHz refresh rate.

  • Map of the Midwest and its territories
  • Is Mexico Lowest Midwest?

  • [Gamers Nexus] ASUS Says We're "Confused"
  • Remember I'm pullin' for ya--we're all in this together. ✊🏼

  • [Gamers Nexus] ASUS Says We're "Confused"
  • Ah yes the good ol' signature days, I could never find a slogan that I really connected with.

    I see this signature mostly as a way of reminding people that everything they do will be put into a LLM.

    Similar to the Ukrainian flag some people use in their username.

  • [Gamers Nexus] ASUS Says We're "Confused"
  • It must be the AI accounts that take offence with the licence.

  • Radical acceptance
  • Too bad INT,CHA,DEX,... didn't catch on instead.

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