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Jon Stewart Tackles The Trump Conviction Fallout and Puts The Media on Trial
  • And risks reversing it all for the sake of “both sides”-ing the discourse.

    There’s a grievance liberals have that is being exploited for the sake of balance and it doesn’t help John’s past work to pretend democracy isn’t literally in the ballot.

    He’s great provided the decade isn’t current. Right now I don’t see any humor in ridiculing Biden’s age and parroting GOP talking points.

  • He Won't Do Either. But Alito Needs to Resign, Not Just Recuse
  • Jimmy Carter gave up his peanut farm to avoid the appearance of conflict.

    Abe Fortas left the Supreme Court after serving only FOUR FUCKING YEARS to avoid the appearance of conflict.

    Compare these two people to the current justices or trump cutting hush money checks WHILE IN OFFICE…

    Basically there is no evidence in this country that being moral will keep you in power. There is no public incentive for the gov to do the right thing. Republican voters have now insured that’s not necessary. It’s pretty clear from now on the GOP approach is to outright steal what they want regardless of how bad it appears.

    Hence Supreme Court justices telling you to get fucked if you care about their independence, trump saying in a court house how the US is basically bullshit, and Fox News nodding their heads.

  • Embarrassing coal
  • Ignorance of the past isn’t really an excuse to keep being ignorant of the future.

    “It’s a museum” is a reason why people ignored the British outright stealing India’s cultural heritage.

    Sure it COULD be a monument to the ignorant usage of petroleum. But why are you so desperate to make it such?

  • Makes me laugh
  • You talk about dems shooting their foot off. I’m talking about conservatives shooting the face off the country. Libertarians don’t offer a better direction compared to “bomb bomb bomb Iran” they are Lee Atwater let off the chain. Libertarianism is just conservatism let loose there is a chain of rhetoric linking this all to terrible actions.

  • Makes me laugh
  • I can dig it. But you’re talking about party and I’m talking about policy.

    The dems have a habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. But that’s separate from lying the country into multiple wars. It’s separate from the history of conservatism that existed for decades. It’s separate from the “tea party” and all the dirty money that ever gave libertarians air time in the first place.

    Libertarianism is an argument begging for validity without any actual civil accomplishments it can point to. Dems can point to the civil rights movement and conservatism point against it. So where do you point? You can keep saying how shitty dems are at getting elected. My response is how shitty libertarians are when they’re in office.

  • Hero
    After mice drink raw H5N1 milk, bird flu virus riddles their organs
  • “Minor risks” being whole families dying or key family members getting poisoned as we transitioned to a society where most folks don’t own their own cow/source of milk.

    It’s dangerous to assume all those years of use were a utopia. We used leaded gas for how long and are only just now getting to understand the ramifications?

    By your mindset poisoning a future generation with lead is a “minor risk” we dealt with back then…