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Character posters for "Borderlands"
  • I've said it before, I'll say it again, this is going to be hot garbage on an August afternoon. I'm convinced this is going to be as closely related to the source material as the Wanted movie was.

  • Helldivers 2 went from one of the most beloved Steam games to one of the most hated pretty quickly
  • I watched a few gameplay videos, but nothing educational. I was just looking for a demo to see what it played like and figured the game would guide me the rest of the way. I'm being completely honest, I never figured out how to play with anyone else. I went to the main room, picked my mission, shot down by myself and died repeatedly. I never thought to try the quick play option. I promise I'm not trolling or trying to yuck anyone else's yum, I just don't think I'm made for the game or the game is made for me.

    I definitely appreciate the info you gave me. If I ever do decide to give it another shot, I'll keep that information in mind, but I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon. I've got plenty of other games in my library to keep me busy without this weird learning curve

  • Helldivers 2 went from one of the most beloved Steam games to one of the most hated pretty quickly
  • I'm bummed I missed my window to return it through steam. I downloaded it, gave it a couple tries and just couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing or when the fun was supposed to start. I couldn't figure out how to play with other people or what guns I was supposed to use against whatever enemy. None of it made sense and seemed like it was all just hype with no substance. It's still in my library, but I don't think it'll ever get a reinstall. I wish I could just gift it to someone else

  • Windows 10 reaches 70% market share as Windows 11 keeps declining
  • I think there's an argument to be made for a decrease in computer ownership. In my line of work, over the past ~10 years, there has been an increasing number of people who only interact with our services through just their smartphone and just don't own a laptop or PC.

    I know my folks have switched to Chromebooks primarily. Both my older brother and younger brother in law do not own laptops or PCs. One of my younger sisters has a laptop, and the other a gaming PC. I personally own a pc and laptop. Computers are in a weird place right now.

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • Lol anytime my dude! There's plenty of options out there for you. I personally use vim for journalling and some other light text stuff, but that's a fairly minimal terminal tool. You can go that route, or you can grab Libre Office (Microsoft office alternative), or whatever else best fits your wants and needs. Like I said, my DMs are open if you have questions, but I do want to reiterate that I am not a professional, I'm just some dude who learned about this junk in highschool and has been using it as your average everyday computer nerd. I hope you not only learn a few things, but I hope you have fun exploring. If it doesn't work out, oh well, nuke it and go back to what works best for you. It's your computer, use it how you want to, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

    One last recommendation before I hop off my soapbox, assuming you give Ubuntu a shot, I'd recommend checking out some of their different "flavors". They all work the same under the hood, but give you a different UI to work within. You can swap whenever, or run all of them, it's your call. I prefer Gnome (the G is not silent), it's Ubuntu's default, but there's Mate (pronounced like the tea, mah-tay), Kde (short for Kool desktop environment, no I'm not joking), xfce, unity, and more. Other than that, have fun!

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • that's a fair point. I just think the Linux community does itself a disservice by making things seem way more complicated and techy when it's really not that crazy at all. It can be, sure, but that's entirely up to the user

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • Those are great questions! Dualsense is supported through drivers provided by PlayStation and to my best recollection, most features work out of the box. Last I recall, the adaptive triggers weren't functional outside of normal trigger activity and the audio jack doesn't audio. Proton is a tool that Steam/Valve made to make most windows games work within Linux without needing a lot of tinkering. I've had mostly success with it, however some games still won't work, usually due to anti cheat software. There's a website called that can be used to check the compatibility of most games and it usually offers tips for getting the best performance depending on the game.

    As for the GUI vs CLI question, you'll still have full access to the terminal or command line through the terminal emulator. Think of it like the cmd prompt in Windows. You sacrifice nothing by using a graphical interface and can still do all your terminal work without a GUI if you'd prefer, that's entirely up to your preference. For example, with Ubuntu, you have your software center, which is essentially an app store that you can use to download different programs and/or utilities. You can use that, or you can open a terminal emulator and type in something like "sudo apt install Firefox" and it will do the same thing.

    Linux can be as complicated or simple as you want to make it, as the owner of the computer, everything is entirely up to you. You can rely entirely on GUI based applications and never run into a problem. I do a little of both, but I've also got several years of experience tinkering around with things.

    I don't know what your current level of proficiency is outside of webdev, but if you're familiar with virtual machines, like VMware, you can spin up a virtual environment and test drive Linux without having to modify your existing computer at all. With this being a shared computer, you could always dualboot it. That's when you have two different operating systems installed at the same time. When you power on your PC, you'll get a menu to pick windows or Linux and can switch by restarting your PC to get back to that menu. Windows files will be accessible in Linux, however Linux files are usually not accessible in Windows.

    Drivers are pretty easy, most are already built into the Linux kernel. For Nvidia drivers, you have open source drivers, or proprietary drivers. The open source ones are readily available in almost every distro, and the propriety (better performing) drivers are a few clicks away. Most times, you'll be asked if you want the proprietary drivers during your installation and won't have to mess with them ever again.

    I know I hit you with a full essay and a half, and it may seem like a lot, but I promise you it's really not as complicated as people like to make it seem. My elderly mother ran Linux on a laptop I gave her years ago without even noticing for years. If you have questions, there's a million and a half different places to ask, including my DMs. Feel free to shoot me a question, and I'll do a little digging to see what I can teach you.

  • Windows 11 will record all of your activity 24/7
  • I'm gonna be honest with you, Linux is so much more simple than people make it out to be. If it's your first time dipping into that world, you can grab Ubuntu, KDE neon, or Linux Mint, all of which are very stable and beginner friendly. Ubuntu has a more unique look to it, and neon/mint looks more like windows. You can run and manage both without ever having to open a terminal or dive into any code, just use it like a normal computer and you'll be fine. I've been using Linux since about '08, I'm not a sysadmin or coder or anything like that. I play most of my games in Linux with no problem

  • ReBoot on YTV with commercials (My Old VHS Tapes)
  • This show feels like a fever dream. I remember being the only person that knew of it at the time in my area. I remember watching it on toonami after school, and I remember it escalating quickly at one point. I'm pretty sure the show doesn't actually end though. It got cancelled or something before the ending so it more or less just stops abruptly.

  • Demand ad companies take security seriously first and maybe we'll talk.
  • It's a real shame that we can't just tell those sites what we want to see, or not see for that matter. Instead were victims of AI/THE ALMIGHTY ALGORITHM. I think that's part of the plan though, keep us on their site searching for content we actually want instead of finding it and being done. I'm dying for a YouTube replacement to come about. I'll enjoy that until the inevitable enshittification comes about.

  • Demand ad companies take security seriously first and maybe we'll talk.
  • As dumb as this is probably going to sound, you're most likely getting those recommendations because you reported them. YouTube sees that as an interaction and that's what they're chasing after. Same for giving videos a thumbs down.