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Mike Johnson flies same Christian nationalist flag outside his office that Samuel Alito flew at vacation home
  • My s/o has a couple from military. He’s def not right leaning. I think they’re more like memorabilia.

  • Windows 10 is EOL in October 2025
  • I’ve decided I’m gonna have one crapbox prebuilt just for the windows things and nothing important or personal, but my work laptop and pc will most certainly not be windows going forward. I have a lot to learn but I’m over it with the ads and the privacy stuff is a genuine concern for work related items.

  • Would you support a mandatory retirement age of 75 for US House, US Senate & US Supreme Court Justices and if not why?
  • Yes, because of the risk of elder abuse. And just being absolutely out of touch with the general population.

  • Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • It was not interesting to see how different cohorts responded to the topic. It certainly landed the hardest in this one. More discussion to be had I guess.

  • A bit late
  • This topic keeps coming up because people keep talking past each other. There is a real, measured, evidence backed problem. The victims are saying “I feel this way, and it causes me to behave this way” and those who are neither victims nor perpetrators are upset about the way they are choosing to express that in a general sense. Now this meme itself is not more helpful than the bear, it didn’t give any new information. But it’s a good expression of that general frustration when no one listens. At least on Lemmy, there is a certain defensive response rather than an understanding empathetic one on this topic. This meme in particular seems harsh, but it’s driven by decades of talking about this, or not being able to talk about this, because the response is always so negative. Everything from “why did you dress that way” to “you should have know before you married them” to “not only women” (yes but that’s the topic at hand so). I would hope that some can come to understand this sentiment. I hope that this community improves.


  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • Yeah no kidding. When women don’t talk about the shit that happens to them with their male counterparts—this is a good example of the kinds of reactions we can get... On the other hand, on different platforms, this is not the general response. Lemmy has been far more negative, which is unfortunate.

  • Either ya understand why most women pick the 🐻 or you are the 🐻.
  • We don’t need to hear the stories, unfortunately. Almost all of us have a SA story in the least. Most of it starts right around puberty. If you take the reaction to this thought experiment into consideration, you can imagine why many don’t share these things with their male relatives and friends openly.

  • hole
  • Who made this comic? It’s so uncomfortable, I want to see more.

  • Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps
  • Thanks, I liked this reply. There is a lot of nuance here.

  • Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps
  • Something like this could be career ending for me. Because of the way people react. “Oh did you see Mrs. Bee on the internet?” Would have to change my name and move three towns over or something. That’s not even considering the emotional damage of having people download you. Knowledge that “you” are dehumanized in this way. It almost takes the concept of consent and throws it completely out the window. We all know people have lewd thoughts from time to time, but I think having a metric on that…it would be so twisted for the self-image of the victim. A marketplace for intrusive thoughts where anyone can be commodified. Not even celebrities, just average individuals trying to mind their own business.

  • research
  • Im ashamed to say I get a visceral reaction from people misusing this word

  • Emergency rooms refused to treat pregnant women, leaving one to miscarry in a lobby restroom
  • In some states you have to be in the process of “life at risk” before treatment now, or the doctor could be jailed. Lots of articles about this, women nearly dying, losing their reproductive organs, etc. It’s all very dehumanizing.

  • I think the original name was "dysaesthesia aethiopica."
  • I remember getting the email letting us know we should arrive early and be ready. I just keep walking in at my exact scheduled time because that’s when I start getting paid. I will bill a single minute of drive time. This is what you get for a .75 annual raise.

  • Does anyone else notice an uptick of extreme troll accounts?
  • Some threads have a handful of interactions that seem less than genuine, yes. Usually political and derailing and spoil the thread.

  • it works! only 99.99$!
  • Psyhub is pretty useful for most articles behind a paywall.

  • Biden Will Try Again to Wipe Out Student Loan Debt for Millions of Borrowers
  • I will maybe purchase a home before I’m dead. I don’t have a useless degree. In fact, it’s an in-demand field and the salary was considered respectable when I began. Cost of living increases have eaten away at that. But my other choice was to continue to be an assistant at poverty wage. So when the higher salaries and specialties are gatekept by a huge monetary sum you either get a bunch of people with some debt or only the privileged may access knowledge and a brighter future. We have to decide as a society which one we want and stop loathing our neighbors for the system they didn’t create.

  • Women Should Just Be Honest
  • I would say you want them to be prepared for people that won’t take no for an answer in a variety of situations. Understanding boundaries and when people will push and manipulate them, this is a real good skill to have in life in general as well. It doesn’t hurt to have a repertoire in self-defense. But yeah, it happens fairly often if you aren’t assertive and often enough even if you are.

  • To those with 2+ monitors on your machine: What's your use case, and how much does it actually boost your productivity?
  • Data on one side, assessment write up on the other. Extremely convenient. Not sure if I’m more productive or if I’m just happier.