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lighter rule
  • This was essentially me once, but for real. I was running as exercise and discovered that if i slowed down i didn't get nearly as tired and could run much further! I thought i had just had an absolutely genius thought and was really proud of myself. It wasn't until later that i realised that no, i was just being really fucking dumb, as usual.

  • Trump tells rally-goers not to die in Vegas heat: ‘I don’t care about you’
  • As his supporters laughed, Trump then went on to say that reporters attending the rally would take his words out of context and tell viewers that the ex-president had said a “horrible” thing onstage.

    Title is literally that

  • Capitalistic Hellscapes Do Not Rule
  • Except that you don't just use it for whole hours. 12.01 is clearly post meridian, so it has to be PM if you wanna keep the meaning. With your example 12 am and 12.01 pm would either be one minute apart or you'd have to drop the whole meaning of am and pm, which would just make it an entirely arbitrary construct that's even more difficult to understand.

    On the other hand, as a European I'm quite happy with 24h time keeping. This whole am-pm system is quite unnecessary.

  • Name & shame. :)
  • Proofreading involves more than just checking grammar, and AIs aren't perfect. I would never put my name on something to get published publicly like this without reading it through at least once myself.

  • Dr. Joshua Butt, gastroenterologist (butt doctor)
  • he has a broad range of general gastroenterological interests

    what does that entail exactly? what possible "interests" are there that involve the digestive system? Unless they mean eating or assfucking, in which case that hardly seems relevant lol.