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EverQuest provided so much pain but I still love it
  • EQ is still going pretty strong, releasing new DLC every year and adding the DLC from 3 years prior to the free to play list. Theres 23 years of free content to play, though it may feel baron at times due to being top heavy

  • Trump gag order partially lifted in hush money case
  • Someone help make sense of this. Why would you lift the gag order off jurors but not yourself?

    My guess? Give trump a little wiggle room to give yourself room to regag him if he steps out of line also also give more credence to locking him up? Not really worth letting jurors get harassed but these judges are also out of touch with reality

  • Harry potter and the sorcerers stoned


    Wizard of Legends 2 Triple iii Trailer


    Wizard of Legends 2 Triple iii trailer


    Character Trailer - Lee Chaolan


    3 hours after going out on a long road trip and telling my parents I dont need to use the restroom before we leave

    Bikini Bottom Twitter bbbbbbbbbbb

    Food is always available


    Ertz cleared for full activities

    Zach Ertz is back and ready for action.

    According to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, the Arizona Cardinals tight end has been cleared for full football activity and is on track to start Week 1, just nine months after tearing the ACL and MCL in his left knee. He has yet to practice at training camp, but will likely take the field in the coming week.

    Ertz, 32, injured his knee in Week 10, and it was a tough break. The 2022 season was supposed to be his first full season with his new team after being traded from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. Through 10 games, he'd made 47 catches for 406 yards and four touchdowns.

    Barring any setbacks, Ertz will reportedly be ready to start Week 1 when the Cardinals face the Washington Commanders. Getting a solid 10-year veteran back in the mix can only help the Cards, who are getting ready to embark on what could charitably be called a transitional season.

    Bikini Bottom Twitter bbbbbbbbbbb

    When youre a younger kid growing up with new Spongebob episodes and didnt have the chance to see the earlier seasons in their glory

    Cencorship sucks