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Microsoft really wants Local accounts gone after it erases its guide on how to create them
  • As cool as it would be to see a big shift to Linux, I think you underestimate how deeply entrenched companies are with Microsoft, so unwilling to change, the lack of support for proprietary software, and probably most importantly, the lack of IT support to manage a Linux environment.

    I've been full Arch since December in my personal stuff and have been a Sys Admin+ for 9+ years. I would not say I currently have the skills to effectively administer a Linux environment. I could get there, and there is a lot of overlapping knowledge, like the network stack didn't change, but I don't think I'm an outlier.

    I recently switched from being the sole IT guy at a small/medium company so a place with about 2k employees. I have maybe met a couple of people within the company IT that I think could make the switch relatively well, and 70% of others that just don't got it.

    Long term it would probably be fine, but that's not how companies work in most cases. I just don't think most places are willing to bite the bullet now to benefit later.

  • Why not serve fried chicken on Juneteenth? How is it different from serving corned beef on St. Patrick’s day?
  • I was a child of the 90s when I feel this humor was more prevalent. Until now, I always thought of it as a common stereotype, like white guys in khakis, old white women and wine, or country folk and cheap beer. Something that does poke fun of a group, but generally in a light way. Now I know there's a more significant back story. I figured it was just culturally something that developed in black communities.

  • Who lives in a Pineapple in the Algorithms Library for C? SpongeBob BinaryTreePants!
  • The max size of required pants stretch will be the standard size for the right picture, since each leg already wraps half of the tree. That confirms viability at least, so now I think it's down to comfort, and does the stretch retract in a restful position, or does stay all loose and cumbersome?

  • Percentages - Pearls Before Swine
  • Knowing the significance of the Gettysburg Address and remembering who read it are two different things. I can't recite the first amendment, but I know in summary it's free speech. I could probably guess but not say definitively who signed it, and for the most part, it doesn't matter. If I need to know that, I'll look it up, but the contents of the document itself it what matters. I have an okay general view of history, which is enough to not repeat it. I don't need to remember the specifics and neither do most people.

  • Sinclair floods local news websites with hundreds of deceptive articles about Biden's mental fitness
  • I noticed an uptick in anti Biden articles across my feeds today. I thought maybe there was an event, but just before I clicked a link, I saw it was Fox News and noped the fuck out. Now I've at least got confirmation it's been a targeted attack.

  • Repeat after me "this problem isn't bothering me". There! fixed it
  • I went from the sole IT person at a small/medium business for 9+ years to a new role at a big company with divisions and shit. In my previous position, depending on the day, I fell in every category, but usually chaotic good on good days. Now I'm pretty much neutral to lawful good. I'll dabble in the neutral evil as I see fit, because PEBCAK and ID10t issues have no bounds.

  • Israel reportedly used fake social media accounts to influence US lawmakers
  • This article just says Jeffries was targeted. Idk his history other than you saying he has received the most Israel money previously, but this particular article doesn't even suggest that it was effective campaign, just that it was targeted.

  • Microsoft to test “new features and more” for aging, stubbornly popular Windows 10
  • Some multiplayer, but not all. Not that that makes it perfect, but I've had minimal issues with multiplayer games. I do not play popular FPS games where anti cheat software is prevalent, so that's mostly why. I did get Ghost of Tsushima the other day, and that is not compatible for online play, but I think that's because of Sony.

  • Windows Recall demands an extraordinary level of trust that Microsoft hasn’t earned | Op-ed: The risks to Recall are way too high for security to be secondary
  • The most popular stable Linux distros are no more difficult to understand than Windows to the average and below average user. If your dad still doesn't understand XP, then he never will. Also, it means he is not a power user and can be shown where the internet button is on any OS.