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soft squishes provide cute dreams

Netflix enshittification will continue until morale improves
  • Yep. I used to share my account with my family before Netflix's password sharing crackdown. When they did it, I deleted my account day 1.

    My dad and my sister just resubscribed separately. Unfortunately, a net win for them. Efectively +1 user. Just one example, but I'm betting this worked for many more of their users.

  • Germany brought to its knees by train strikes and farmers’ road blocks
  • Socially left = they are pro LGBT, generally supportive of minorities, pro vaccine, pro abortion, don't care about religion etc and on many similar issues. They are in a coalition with SDP. Social democrats also believe in capitalism (with caveats) yet they are considered left. I don't get what you disagree with

  • Avocados on the house
  • I agree, but all I'm saying is we can shame people for nearly any partaking in modern western society. Unfortunately, we ourselves are have no other choice thanyo partake ourselves. And our individual choices make very little to change the system. Therefore, I just find it funny that people lecture others on things like avocados. There's a hundred worse things, but just because someone stole an avocado isn't going to affect our society. We might as well start with bigger culprits, if we even think that going that route is relevant.

    Either way this is a meme. No need to take it seriously.

  • What are some video games that made you a better gamer?
  • With all due respect, while I loved the setting if Dark Souls, after I played 50 hours, I got not a tiny bit better and still kept dying at any point and never being able to beat bosses. I had a friend who had 1000s of dark souls hours tell me hints but it didn't help . At the end I was so demotivated that I just quit playing.

    I still feel bad, I'd love to experience that game, but it was beyond frustrating to me.

  • Ukraine counter-offensive actions have begun, Zelensky says

    Ukraine's president refused to say which stage the counter-offensive against Russian forces was in.

    Ukraine counter-offensive actions have begun, Zelensky says