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Internet forums are disappearing because now it's all Reddit and Discord. And that's worrying.
  • That's the way a lot of hobbies have gone. I know for a fact that I can find a dozen motorcycle rides near me for tomorrow if I went on facebook, while the statewide forum I follow has less than 5 little groups that mostly just meet for a lunch or dinner.

    I don't want to point the finger at any age group, but people 50+ seem to be successfully captured by facebook, Millennials are a mixed bag, and Z is definitely on tiktok and instagram. They all look at me like I'm crazy if I mention a dedicated forum.

  • You rules
  • My hearing is already going, so there can't be too much to target. Besides, internal hair (betting a lot of cysts being caused) sounds like a good target for all the wizards who have perfected the mend spell on organic matter.

  • Not Likeable
  • Did they sabotage him?

    I don't know, mate. You can say that all the rules and such were followed, but just like any rigged system, playing by the rules doesn't mean that things are appropriate. The idea of superdelegates is fucked up. The way we let certain states 'spoil' the results and create inertia by voting at different times is fucked up. First past the post voting is fucked up.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I still waffle on elden ring. I love it, but man do I hate certain parts when I'm trying out different 'ideas' I have. My second character used the holy wrist blades thing, and boy was


    the final boss a removed until I figured out what I was doing wrong.

  • Cops Released a Car’s Travel History to a Total Stranger
  • red light and speed cameras are illegal in my state

    License plate readers are not covered by those two bans. Trust me, they are everywhere in the states, and the technology/software to set them up is so easy, that a private citizen who was bored was able to build one. The various governments have much nicer setups.

  • Bought a new pack of a hair product which now uses 6% less natural ingredients and is no longer vegan
  • Show me a gel/spray that isn't. They are all going to be some form of 'sticky,' which means some form bonding, likely protein or carbohydrate based. Either of those will take oil from your hair when removed/washed off, and are obviously interacting with the keratin itself to create all the stickiness between hair strands.

  • Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • Also people speaking to the same god being given a different set of rules sounds stupid, so at least most religions must be fake.

    Ao is going to put you on the wall, my poor man. You better believe in something!


    It's a forgotten realms reference, don't worry about it.

  • Ruletai
  • Didn't they add the option to make games private because people made this complaint? The issue now is on family accounts and not seeing it, because there you still can. I don't need to know what my family is into, thank you very much.

  • Texas asks people to avoid using their cars
  • If I remember correctly, the way texas operates in metro areas is that a 'community' has influence on the roads. I can't remember what they call it, but it's something like a district road authority. Austin, for example, is not well served by expanding roads indefinitely, but the other cities that are around austin are benefited by expanding austin's roads so their citizens can commute into austin. The other communities collectively have more of an influence/vote on the authority's directives, and thus, the roads in austin get increased.

    There was a really good video from a youtube channel that talks about why I-35 should be buried underground and shrunk, but it won't happen because of the government structure around road building.